Dog The Bounty Hunter: Beth’s Old House | A&E

Beth takes Dog and the guys to the house she lived in when she was a little girl, and shows them her special wishing well out back.

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Author: rafaelnieves72


49 thoughts on “Dog The Bounty Hunter: Beth’s Old House | A&E

  1. I am so sorry Dog 💔 I know your pain my husband of 28 years died in 2016 he was 53 years old from long battle with Diabetes ! He was great father hard working union construction for 30 years and loved him

  2. That was fun. My childhood home same and still only enough cars on street to learn how to ride a unicycle. Those were the days.

  3. You don't see that much love and respect in relationships and I feel Beth and Duene were made for each other and so many levels. My heart goes to Dog. I feel his pain. Beth is resting in peace. She was a good woman and great human being. She will be missed by me.

  4. I hate this show. They should call it off. Why will i care about all those children…..what do they eat…..this and that. Besides the show is so boring.

  5. I have been watching dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth and I just love the relationship they have they went through a lot to be together and then it was a lot to go to through life anyways I think. Dog the Bounty Hunter Ken be a strong man I watched a video that you shared on there and you have her earn and you are talking about stopping it in the car. It's not crazy that's just called morning you are missing her and wishing she is with you and just remember she is in spirit and in memory and that in time it will heal your wound and Jeremiah 29 it says that God has a plan for us not to harm us but to prosper us and to give us a New Hope and a future so you have to be strong I'm just sharing this with dog the Bounty Hunter and his family I am so sorry for your loss and my condolences to you and I pray you will get stronger and continue on your journey to help others and save others from going to jail prison or even getting hurt you have a blessed day

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss, I have been watching you guys yrs. And loved how you two were so in love together n passionate with your work. Prayers n hugs to you n kids

  7. Dog, I am so very sorry for your loss of Beth. I watch you every Monday, and have for a long time. I love you both, and what an awesome job you and Beth did together. I lost my husband of 30 years a few year's ago. I was 49 and he was 56. It is very hard to loose someone you love so much. Our first grandchild was 13 days old, and our son was 27. He had a very hard time with his dads passing. Please know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Hang on to the Lord, for I know He is the only one that got me through. I miss him everyday and always will, but I also know I will see him again one day. Much love and many prayers to all.
    Sincerely, Teresa Putnam

  8. They are the definition of True Love…if any1 ever questions whether Love exists just look back at Dog & Beth then u will become a believer again. And hopefully by witnessing thier Love u can find your own faith as well.
    Missing u already Beth…RIP

  9. Dog beth still here look into a mirror touch it. Thats how far away she is but as you can see there is another side but not till its your time then you will walk threw it. My brother past i touched his hand and. It was like a hand inside his hand reaching out for me but he was in a coma. Then a light at the bottom of his bed went off they said get a preist tell your family waiting to come see him. I said one more goodbye first. The same thinv happened but this time his hand in side his hand touched mine i felt the warmth i couldnt move his hand covered mine. He was with god. Now and said tell everyone im alright. I did this for him that day i stopped crying because i realized this miracle god gave to me to let me know he is real. They are so happy. I tingled all day from my hand to my elbow thats how far the warmth went up my arm. Are loved ones are truely still here standing by are side when we need them. Before i went to the hospital that day i heard him call my name. He wanted me there to feel this experience he was in tragic car accident. Please be happy their sole will shine threw the sun knowing this.her love will be with you 24 hrs a day. Thats why we have memories. But if you pay attention closely they leave reminders their still here watching over us could be song something that you know is from her. So much love for your family dog. Xoxo from my family. Continue your dreams are her dreams. For the family make her proud as usual. Hugs and kisses xoxo this life short while enjoy. You are still spending it with her. Not in flesh in spirit now.iam native i feel everything. Forever in my heart. May your pain go free.

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