Hoarders: Janet’s Daughter Gives Her Opinion & Christina Breaks Down | A&E

“Janet’s life crumbled when her husband died while waiting for a heart transplant. #Hoarders

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Hoarders not only captures the drama as experts work to put each hoarder on the road to recovery but also highlights the individual’s inner challenges and triumphs. Although cleaning marks the first step of tackling this disorder, success is not definite. At the end of each episode we’ll find out who has been able to keep their hoarding behavior under control and who has fallen into the deep end of this painful disease.

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23 thoughts on “Hoarders: Janet’s Daughter Gives Her Opinion & Christina Breaks Down | A&E

  1. I think Christina is not as physically ill as she says, but she is depressed. Something happened in Germany to get her fired, and it was pretty serious. There’s more to it, but her nutty ex bf thinks it’s paranormal. Also, where is this girl’s father?

  2. How in gods name can anyone live like this. Living in your own urine and feces is disgusting I don't know how you can not vomit. Plus all the expired food piling up junk dust things that have been there for over 20 years all piled up is just mind boggling how anyone can live like this.

  3. Am I the only one who caught the lady throwing away a wii controller in her haste? Check out the full episode around the 30 minute mark!

  4. Janet: So cute seeing another Mormon! Really helpful knowing we have problems too! Christina: Your hypnotist is way off. The little boy is symbolic! The boy represents an issue of yours, and yelling 'ghost!' at him symbolically is like telling *you* the issue is 'bad'. What the hypnotist should have done is ask the boy what he wants.It's symbolic from something from your past. That boy could have been cleared in one session doing it the right way.

  5. Would it be bad if a person was a hoarder, but instead of stashing trash all over their house, they stashed a ton of cash? I saw on the news of this man who liked to "collect" pennies. He had a bedroom full of pennies. He said he would throw pennies in there every day for like the past 20-30 years. It was estimated that there were millions of pennies in that bedroom, yet he did not want to take them to a bank. No bank would accept that many anyways.

  6. @kolonial72 I didn't say hoarding affects your loved ones.It's a neurosis, but there is an unconscious component,in my view, a reaction to the 'it's-old-throw-it-out''gotta get a new one' motto,- it's largely an American phenomenon, and USA is the world Mecca conspicuous consumption – I don't think most of Africa's got a hoarding problem. People can B disposable for example -U got less than zero job stability, unless you got your own your Bizz, 'Pet hoarders' suffer from Mother Thresa syndrom.

  7. @egyptianminor – This isnt the same thing. If it was they would hoard people, too,not just stuff. The people who are their loved ones generally arent listened to by the hoarder even when it gets in the way of having a loving, close relationship with those loved ones. Animal hoarders collect animals like they collect stuff. they say animals are their children/babies-but, animals have no voices to speak up/say: "I am sick from living in a dirty environment or overcrowded conditions".

  8. Have you noticed something?Compulsive Hording is a behavior that acts as the exact opposite – a reaction- to what is expected from 'normal' people in the capitalist society: Everything/everyone is disposable, nothing is made to last for too long- people and sneakers end up w/ the same fate: your shoes or wife not looking so good anymore? throw it out and but a new one!

  9. @tiffy91605 It has nothing to do with being lazy about cleaning. Hoarding and being lazy about cleaning are 2 completely different things. Its a mental thing, sort of like OCD. They keep things whether they need them or not. They get emotionally attached to every thing they own and are afraid to throw it away. It gets to the point where the stuff piles up ad they can't get get rid of any of it because they either have an emotional attachment or think, 'Well what if I need it later?"

  10. i feel disgust watching hoarders, i dont understand how people can give up so easily and live like pigs. i clean my home everyday, pick up my things and keep myself clean. i think laziness becomes depression and they just stop caring.

  11. @310BPM You have no idea what has happened to these people for it to be okay to treat themselves as a piece of trash or feces. Babying these people plays into their depressive psychosis. It could take years for them to begin to have perspective on how far they have let themselves go. Compassion will not help them.

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