Police recover gun in Brooklyn subway shooting

Plus, council member Alexa Avilés discusses New York City and American gun violence, and ABC News’ Aaron Katersky reports on the weapon used in Tuesday’s shooting.


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46 thoughts on “Police recover gun in Brooklyn subway shooting

  1. I call this the Jessie Smollett effect also known as a distraction. This is all fake and the "system" is also fake.

  2. Hmm just a little to convenient that the shooting happens the day after Biden declares his war on guns, and the cameras were not working in that one location. I hear the gunman is going to declare he's a member of the taliban so Biden will let him go. Lets not forget Biden was VP during fast and furious scandal. Where hundreds of guns were given to drug cartels. Biden doesn't care about gun violence. He just cares that law abiding citizens have them and wants to disarm them.

  3. exactly what does she think is going to address with more gun control laws. He already had an illegal gun with with extended magazines which are also illegal in Newyork. This person would have used another tool if they didn't have a gun. I think it's just a little to convenient this shooting took place the day after Biden talked about gun control. No law that stupid twat could pass would do anything to stop this. you want to stop gun manufactures. fine people will just 3d print one. want to stop guns all together. Fine then bombings will skyrocket. They don't want to admit the real issue was the person and that this took place in a "gun free" zone. How many of these events happen in Texas or other states with high levels of concealed carry.

  4. Politicians get an armed security unit. But the politicians you voted for don't want you to carry a gun to protect your lives and the lives of your loved ones. If if only several people were responsible enough to carry a firearm in that train car this man would have never left that car. Do not vote for a Democrat at any level of government in November. Find out which conservatives are pro second amendment and preferably constitutional carry in every state. Talk to your representatives and make sure their pro second amendment. Get rid of those judges and prosecutors who aren't holding criminals responsible in prison. Do not vote for a Democrat at any level of government for at least two generations. Help save this country.

  5. The shooter must’ve been one of those white supremacist that the Biden administration has been looking for since they took office.

  6. When will the people realize it is not the guns it is the person pulling the trigger ? Knives, hammers, just about any garden tool. and of course vehicles can be used to kill someone! It is time to make the punishment severe enough to instill in a potential perpertator "Is this crime worth the punishment" , take a moment and check the records and see how many are repeat offenders! A few public excuetions will do wonders for lowering the crime rate !

  7. Guy posted on Facebook to kill white people is a BLM supporter imagine that. Black violence is a National security threat

  8. This is what you get when you are soft on crime. Time to do away with the democrat government. There are no excuses for cuddling criminals of any kind. Quality of life infractions must be enforced.

  9. I don't hear the talking heads calling Frank James a Black Supremacist! He's not mentally ill or any other reason the left like to say. He's just a bad guy who doesn't care about your NYC gun laws. Imagine that, a bad guy who doesn't follow the law. Allow your citizens the ability to arm themselves and you don't have this kind of situation because someone can shoot back and stop him from killing people. Killing a bad guy who's doing bad things to good people isn't a bad thing, it's a good thing. Idiots!

  10. so not a ghost gun, not an AR, and they say extended round magazine. do they mean a standard 15 -17 round mag or a legit extended 30 round mag? when pistols do most of the killing, it makes you wonder why the push on the others with pretty much zero mention of the ones most likely to be used in a crime.

  11. NY Lt. Governor Brian Benjamin resigns after arrest in alleged campaign donation scheme
    Just hours before the shooting… False flag? First Cuomo, then this dirtbag.🤫

  12. In fact, there may not be a snatch incident. If everyone had cannons in their hands, there would be far fewer shooting incidents. The United States should reflect on this wave.

  13. No thanks I’m gonna keep my guns. To many nuts in the world. If you don’t want to exercise your 2nd amendment rights that’s fine. Keep your hands off mine, thanks.

  14. The United States is the most dangerous country in the world, you walk on the road, on the subway, in the home are at any time the risk of being robbed, shot! Why is America such a dangerous country?

  15. I guess this may sound alien to you but has anyone here ever been to England and noticed how we do not have guns here and that we feel totally ok with that. In fact we feel more safer with out them.

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