Russian offensive on the horizon in Ukraine l GMA

A look at the mines and traps in Kyiv as the war begins to shift east.

Russia-Ukraine live updates:

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33 thoughts on “Russian offensive on the horizon in Ukraine l GMA

  1. Initially, in the Donbas, the army of Ukraine and the security service of Ukraine brutally tortured and killed ordinary people who did not agree with the coup d'état of 2014, when Bandera's neo-fascists came to power in Ukraine. For eight years, these ordinary people defended their homes, wives, children, land, and their they continued to kill, shooting with artillery and multiple launch rocket systems. For eight years, the West did nothing with these Ukrainian fascists, only tried to drag Russia into this war. .

  2. General Mark Milley said the war between Ukraine and Russia will last years but not certain it will last a decade with that being possible. How can the Biden administration allow this to be so drawn out. Either give Ukraine all the conventional weapons and support they need immediately or give Ukraine nothing so the war comes to an end ASAP which will result in less deaths from a long draw out war. When the US was in WWII there was no military doctrine to allow such incompetence. The Biden administration and his military advisors are incompetent if they foresee this war lasting years and not doing anything about it

  3. America wants to sell weapons.His military weapons industry is fuelling this conflict.
    Serious efforts for peace must be done to save human lives.

  4. russia can i fight the war with you .. we from islamic countries are always behind you .. plastine people have been suffering for 74 years but no one sees and listens .. we malaysian and indonesian people always support you.. RUSSIA YOU ARE HERO🇲🇨🇲🇾🇷🇸

  5. 2014 coup and half of Ukraine contested the Government take over by American government push, but the Minks agreements were signed in 2014-15 to protect the breakaway provinces against any military action from the Ukrainian army! They broke that treaty just after 8 years of aattacks against them.

    14 thousand killed so far and Russia had enough of NATO's expansion that threatens Russia's security. America wants to control the wealth and resources just like any other coup attempts in the past around the world, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Tywon, south China sea, and interventions in south America for the same reasons, etc The list goes on since after ww2. America is losing control after weaponizing the dollar to hurt other countries who don't lick the imperial boots of Washington DC. in retrospect, the dollor is being dropped by small and big countries all around the world and American purchasing power for foreign goods in dwindling little by little as they only can affect 26% of Russia's economy. Russia only trades with that percentage and will not hurt them in the long run.

  6. U s a. And western countries Is not in a position…..
    To talked on war crimes……
    FiRst they should see themselves and see ,what they are …….
    The most,terrorise country,u s.a. and british, talkinG abouT war crime……

  7. why can't the Ukraine "rent" a few bombers and attack the 8-mile-long line of tanks. it could and would save so many lives. Make sure there is an Ukraine solider in the plane

  8. 1/3 sản phẩm Trung Quốc cung cấp cho thế giới. Nga cung cấp 1/3 năng lượng dầu khí, lương thực cho thế giới. Ấn Độ cung cấp 1/3 nhân lực phần mềm, …. Đồng đô la, Bảng Anh, EU sắp bị mất ngôi. Chiến tranh Ukraina-Nga, zero covid19 ở Trung Quốc kết thúc khi Mỹ, Anh,EU chấp nhận đồng tiền của Nga, Trung Quốc là đồng tiền trao đổi trong hệ thống tài chính toàn cầu.

  9. Russians won’t give up, ask the nazis. The Russians ended WW2 by capturing Berlin first, ALONE. THE RUSSIAN WAVE 🌊 IS COMING. MARK MY WORDS IN STONE, RUSSIA WILL WIN THIS WAR. 5/5/22 is only the beginning. Ukraine will lose land to Russia.

  10. in Hollywood cartoons it is possible that the impossible becomes possible, but the reality in Ukraine is quite the opposite. First, 60% of Ukrainians are not interested in war, they are married to Russians, 20% are Ukrainians in Nazi troops, and 20% are in the regular army, which gladly surrenders to Russians. The hysteria of Western propaganda against the Russians and Putin is understandable because before the elections in Western countries, attention should be drawn to the COVID19 tyranny in the last 2 years that the population of those countries has suffered and governments have made trillions of dollars in deficits. The UK, USA and Australia are like states facing bankruptcy, and they love what Mr. Putin is doing. NO COVID19, only PUTIN!

  11. I call on all civilized countries to equate the russian national flag (tricolor) with fascist symbols, and prohibit its use on the territory of the country.

  12. This war is Normal only? Biggest war is Indo Pacific North korea, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, hongkong, Malaysia, Philippines , India, Pakistan, vs Japan, Australia, Thailand, vs japan, South Korea, Australia, US, British and IThink this were begin in Solomon Islands, Not China and Taiwan,

  13. Пока живут на свете хвастуны,
    Мы прославлять судьбу свою должны (В.В.Путин)

  14. You can't say genocide to many Ukraine people crossed the border and if u blame anyone you blame the stupid Ukraine president for getting his people thrown out of there country it's 100 percent this is happing all his fault so quit blaming puttin you stupid motherfuc$ers your all stupid and there's no way Ukraine is gonna beat a super power so this is all in vain

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