Hoarders: Julie Falsely Accuses Her Mother & Shannon Loves Mice | A&E

Dr. Zasio urges Julie to to clear personal items from her daughter’s bedroom. #Hoarders

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Hoarders not only captures the drama as experts work to put each hoarder on the road to recovery but also highlights the individual’s inner challenges and triumphs. Although cleaning marks the first step of tackling this disorder, success is not definite. At the end of each episode we’ll find out who has been able to keep their hoarding behavior under control and who has fallen into the deep end of this painful disease.

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47 thoughts on “Hoarders: Julie Falsely Accuses Her Mother & Shannon Loves Mice | A&E

  1. Watched a rerun Julie was a whole drama queen with a ton of excuses, what woman with 4 kids who are suffering can constantly make up excuses on not to clean? Like ma’am you have 4 kids that’s exactly why you clean!! And who lives in a city as beautiful as Scottsdale, Arizona in a beautiful neighborhood with a pool in your backyard and not make sure your children live beautifully and comfortably!? This episode aired in 2009 pretty sure her children are all grown up and hopefully leaving well and better than what they had to endure!

  2. I think this woman is a drama queen … I feel sympathetic toward many of these people … for some reason… not this one.

  3. I just watched the full episode and is it just me or Julie is a narc calling her daughter an embarrassment and cutting her off by guilt tripping her? Maybe she's controlling because of her anxiety but maybe she's also just controlling, anxiety or not?

  4. Anyone know where I can watch full episode of this? Plus I'm hunting for the episode where the woman said there's demons in her home and they call in a man to do a exorcism.

  5. Julie is an out and out liar! She said she hadn't been to the mall in 6 years and her daughter says she goes shopping as soon as she gets her monthly $ then freaks out when there's no money for bills. Dang, girl! I feel sorry for your kids living with your insanity!

  6. i really hope that julie is ok? i felt so sorry for her, she is a pretty lady and seems so kind , she has had alot of bad things happen to her and this has clearly affected her in the way she lives and acts, i hope she is better and can get on with her life and be happy . take care x. the batman.

  7. Mice are adorable in the wild, but horrifying in my house! If I know there's a mouse in my home I want to burn the place to the ground.

  8. I had some baby mice living in my desk. They were adorable!! They would pop'd theyre little heads out and look at me. Felt kinda bad killing them all.

  9. I used to raise gerbils so mice don't bother me much.

    Only time I saw mice in my apartment was when they were remodeling the complex and jacked up the foundation. Saw a gray one scamper across the living room.

  10. I don't understand after you remove the garbage that you don't need to remodel. How do you ever get a room clean after it's been festering under a ton of garbage for years

  11. I HATE Julie more than any other hoarder. Clearly a liar, manipulator Narcissist & Histrionic Personality Disorder with excuse after excuse & lies. ME ME ME – I don't believe she was even abused; abused women don't bring it up 15 times the first time they meet someone; in fact, it's usually something they don't wanna talk about.

  12. Julie, get over it! You are not the only one that has made it through sexual abuse! Stop feeling sorry for yourself! Get off your ass, and stop using it as an excuse!! You disgust me!

  13. Yikes! There I am! I just brought one home from an office where I found one that had ingested some rodent pellets. ( poison ) He was just sluggish. I brought him home and had to bury him. Looked like a gerbil at first. It was a woodland mouse. OK!!! My point. I love mice, too. But they belong outside. And to humanely trap them and release then far away enough so that they don't "home.' Yeah….they are cute! But you can get caught up in it. aka back to childhood.

  14. I hope the dogs they removed from her house are all living happy, normal lives now. That lady shouldn't be allowed to have any type of animals, let alone 4 kids.

  15. to the family commenting, i would not comment that you are a part of this, to strong people you seem like the biggest losers that ever walked this earth, sitting there running your hillbilly mouths, stop talking and start cleaning, some people are truly pathetic

  16. Alot of people here slaggin her off, but you dont notice the fact that shes accepting the help. and so what its a mouse? they live everywhere, like it or not but theres probs mice and things living in your houses too.

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