NBC News Fact Checks Trump’s False Election Fraud Claims As Battleground Vote Counts Continue

NBC News interrupts President Trump’s speech to fact check claims he made about voter fraud and election projections.
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NBC News Fact Checks Trump’s False Election Fraud Claims As Battleground Vote Counts Continue


Author: phillyfinestnews


23 thoughts on “NBC News Fact Checks Trump’s False Election Fraud Claims As Battleground Vote Counts Continue

  1. The American people don't see how outrageous and unprecedented it is for 'the news ' reporters to step in and step of the words of the President of the United States, cutting him off midsentence, acting as censors LIVE ON TELEVISION!…a virtual coup d'état — Bloodless but a coup against the sitting president nonetheless. 4/17/2022.

  2. I posting as much as can. BIDEN CHEATED
    How do I know this. Data
    I've asked everyone I meet as I've traveled the last yr the USA for my job. I'm a semiconductor engineer
    I meet people everywhere Airports, Hotels, Factories. Places to eat. Everywhere I go. 80 percent claim they voted for Trump, why does this data speak to me. Well I've determined that either ashamed to say they voted for Biden or they didn't. This is me asking the general public. I'm a nice guy and people generally feel comfortable around me.im not left or right. You can no longer convince me otherwise.
    There was a big lie alright

  3. ballot drop boxes in unauthorized Democrat districts, universal mail-in voting by state executive order, social distancing being forced on poll watchers, and courts overturning voter ID laws is not election fraud? Show me the law that allows any of this to happen.

  4. Lololol
    Whatever you want to believe at this point ,..
    If you don't want to look at the evidence,or listen to the witnesses,
    that's the choice that judges choose…

  5. Trump’s False Claims of Voter Fraud Test Republican Candidates: Brain 🧠 dead ☠️ people are hopping for a criminal savior in Trump, trust me people it’s all about the money 💵 he will get your money because he knows your poorly edgamacated and that’s why he likes you. He is like a three armed clown 🤡 while your watching his two hands 🙌 his third hand ✋ will be in your pockets he knows that, but you want see a thing at least that’s what he is thinking 🧐 😂🤣😂🤣😂 that’s his plan.

  6. that was really shameful, all the major news networks made an effort to confuse, obfuscate, and cover-up any doubts regarding the legitimacy of the 2020 election.
    there is no morality left in these power-play games, just power. Joe Biden, who was implicated taking bribes, via a Quid Pro Quo boast, a hard drive belonging to Hunter Biden, and a business associate that spoke on video, all attest to the illegitimacy of the 2020 election. and then, there's the 1/3 Twitter following Biden had vs. Trump. Biden should not even have been the Democrat nominee! – he was less favored than Warren and Sanders. corruption politics in the USA…

  7. I can't believe people still believe the communist propaganda that is pushed by NBC News and the other bogus news networks. Everyone knows that the TRUE President of the United States is President Trump

  8. Just shows how corrupt the media is. There is actual physical proof of fraud with fake addresses & they still won't retract their fake "fact check"

  9. There was fraud it’s there fact so ashamed of the media that I followed for 50 years where is the truth. There are states that have had the same and even stronger that have rules for voting. How do you feel when you read the amount of suicides and the number of people seeking help for depression. Look at yourselves for the first time an see what the truth looks like! Will never believe anything that comes from you or this an the rest of the stations.

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