Post-Election ‘Fatigue’ Daunts Nation As Battleground Ballots Continue To Be Counted | NBC News

Battleground states continue counting ballots in key counties as the nation grows fatigued from election coverage awaiting the final results.
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Post-Election ‘Fatigue’ Daunts Nation As Battleground Ballots Continue To Be Counted | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


41 thoughts on “Post-Election ‘Fatigue’ Daunts Nation As Battleground Ballots Continue To Be Counted | NBC News

  1. Biden honors the election process. Evidence or no evidence, ANY question of fraud or election intrerference should be investigated by law. Sanctity the election and the value of each voter is not being honored or dignified. Not about the candidates, but about the Constitutional and the Right for ALL people to have a fair and just election. Both parties should Honor and allow an investigation. If a pollster should jeopardize an American Citizen's Right to vote, that is a FELONY. Think for yourselves. #FREETHINKERSUNITE

    Demand an investigation if you feel your right could have been suppressed, call your Secretary Of State
    Michigan 888-767-6424
    Pennsylvania  717-787-5280
    Wisconsin 608-266-8888
    North Carolina 919-814-5400
    Georgia 470-240-5060
    Arizona 602-542-4285

  2. I voted for the first time, I voted for Biden, I want him to be the president, but people, prove me that he didn’t cheat and broke the rules of election. This is important to me and all other people who believes that we have a reliable commission of election. If not, and if you media don’t speak out about this irregularities then you are all fake!

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  4. There is a fraud through email box there is a great chance of unregistered non citizen voters will counted unlike if the election done in election poll precinct you will examine the true registered voters through identification card voters ID and his finger print. The request of the democrat by email box should be chance of cheating and stealing the vote counted for Trump and credited added to Biden

  5. He forgot to mention they were being counted unlawfully. Democrats are traitors and criminals and are yet to speak the truth. why should they start now.

  6. So why won’t they let registered democrat and republicans anywhere near the ballots to 30 to 100ft then? To even over see it

  7. Psalm 119:113- I hate those who are double-minded, . . .

    James 1:8- being a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.

    James 4:8- Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

    Proverbs 1:22– “How long, O naive ones, will you love being simple-minded? . . .

    Romans 12:2- And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, . . .

    Allow the Spirit of God to renew your spiritual mind

    Who is controlling your spiritual mind?

    Allow the Spirit of God to train your thoughts

    Who is making your decisions within your life?

    Don't allow Satan to control your thoughts

    Don't allow the social network and the Internet to control your mindset

  8. Many of the people who say All Lives Matter don't believe that All Voters Matter. Every vote should be counted. IMO My opinion is not biased because I didn't vote for either Trump or Biden. I can understand people not liking either of them but we need to respect the votes that still are being counted especially those of our military. Surely the votes of our brave military voters matter too along with the rest of Americans in this historic election. Support our Troops! Count their votes too!

  9. Do the American people really stop and think. We just elected a rich white guy who’s been in politics for 47 years and is clearly compromised by his family through his vice presidency making money from China and Russia. Also he is clearly in at least stage one of Alzheimer’s or dementia which you don’t get better from there it gets worse, and he is the President of the United States. My father had that disease and it’s pretty sad. Why couldn’t the Democrats run someone else? Biden2020

  10. And then i witnessed both towers collapse. One first then the second. Mainly due to structural failures because the fire was just to intense.

    Go back to bed America, the CCP have everything under control and all the right people have been compromised.

  11. Yes, those 'waiting' are understandably fatigued… I believe in some measure, because of our growing experience of so much in our society functioning more & more 'on demand'. … that requiring "patience" seems, in kind, an indication that 'something' isn't functioning …right.
    Imagine how exhausted those charged with hand counting hundreds of thousands of paper ballots must be right about now while a daunting task of (in some cases) hundreds of thousands more piled before them ????… (I wonder how many of us — waiting– have any kind of concept of literally hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper just to go through without any pressure for being responsible for any information on them, nor a congregation of persons demanding you to perform "faster", to their notion of how long it should take you, while demanding perfection in so doing??? That, alone is exhausting to contemplate!! (for me, at least … ???))
    Remember our "Heros" & why we came out & celebrated them early in our Covid experience???… (now, in light of its 'fatigue'.) I propose perhaps These who –in most all cases are 'volunteering' –for this nation-wide urgent, necessary, & essential TASK on Our behalf… could use a little of that Regard, Respect & gracious … forbearance for "the Process". Might you agree? I for one am deeply grateful, & do respectfully appreciate that they are continuing to Press On!! Thank You.

  12. I'm not tiered at all I feel great this is the best circus I've ever seen lol I can't stop laughing WHAT A SHOW 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋

  13. Has trump shown any compassion for covid sufferers or the 230000+ deaths, nope , just a lot of whining about how he's being defrauded of the presidency

  14. Man…Joe better have the white house fumegated, disinfected, searched, and cleaned before he steps in…who knows what that lunatic will leave behind…we all just want to go back to normal… this was a 4 year nightmare…

  15. Heads up People! The mean old Covid is just getting started. If we do not behave perfectly until a real vaccine is ready all the presumption about "getting back to normal" is a fantasy. Bonespurs and his enablers dithering is landing on our backs NOW. Masks, testing, tracing, embrace solitude. For the good of Personkind. Please. Give the Doctors 6 months of perfect behavior. Please.

  16. Prevalent in 2020s American Culture, there is a hyper active focus on events and then a 'burn out' or 'fatigue'; exampled by Corona Virus, and this Election. It is juvenile that we can not pace ourselves to the occasion and take pride in maintaining focus: Not giving up just before the finish line, not letting our guard down. A recipe for disaster !!
    Stay strong America. Have the where with all and the fortitude to Rise to the occasion, crush this horrific Virus, and begin mend this great divide at the inevitable conclusion of this Election.
    Peace and Love

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