Hoarders: Deleted Scenes from Patty’s House | A&E

“See some extra hoarded items that the show didn’t cover. #Hoarders

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“”Hoarders”” profiles adults who suffer from extreme hoarding, a mental disorder marked by an obsessive need to collect things, even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary. Whether facing eviction, the loss of their children, or divorce, all are desperately in need of help as they embark on the biggest emotional transformations of their lives.

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43 thoughts on “Hoarders: Deleted Scenes from Patty’s House | A&E

  1. I work at a thrift store and can easily tell when soemone is hoarding. First, they usually get lots of stuff in their cart, especialy ones that are discounted. When they check out they usually go back out to get more stuff. One time, a frequent shopper at my place I work at came in and bought 90 dollars worth of stuff. She couldn't pay for it so we had it on hold. So she came back to pick it up, BUT SHE BOUGHT MORE AND MORE STUFF!!!! 5 trips total in one day, each time filling her cart. It was just sad to see knowing that she was struggling

  2. I just re-watched this episode and for years I've been curious about where she is now 12 years later. The end of the episode gave us a little insight however I guess after seeing how different and more helpful the show comes across for me I wouldn't mind if they show would revisit her and if the hoard has returned help her again.

  3. Does anyone have an update for this show? It's an old one now. I wonder what happened after the show was over. Did she ever really get help, etc.

  4. When i use to work at costco she always comes in and one day she ask me if u believe in god. I say yes. She ask me what church i go to. I told her the name and where it was because she keeps asking me detail about my my church. The point was woman i go to church. Just to find out later she was on this show. Just so she know materialistic stuff cant be taken to heaven.

  5. because they are incapable of cleaning any of the stuff themselves. as soon as the people leave they start doing it again. sometimes when i see these people creating these huge family conflicts and saying terrible things over a heap of trash i think that they should just be left to rot with their junk.

  6. @Skullking356890
    OMG! I do the same thing!!
    Only, I start looking around the house and think to myself, why am I keeping THAT? I get a garbage bag and start throwing things away! My weakness is rubbermaid and all kinds of plastic food storage containers, I can't help myself, we never had anything to put leftovers in when I was growing up and my parents wouldnt buy them. My entire lazy susan is stuffed full of plastic food storage containers, all neatly arranged but stuffed nonetheless.

  7. @paleobc65
    Like, it makes him WANT to throw up if he watches it. He can't stand seeing people living in their own wastes and just sitting there making excuses for why it got that bad. He says he doesn't understand why they are functional enough to work, functional enough to hide the cess pool they live in but then say, oh, we are too mentally ill to clean this place up. He thinks they get a lot of mileage out of using mental illness as an excuse to get other people to clean up THEIR mess.

  8. @lironess
    Well said, I might feel the same way too. These people really ought to take a look at the flylady website, she offers organization and cleaning tips along with all kinds of tips tricks and advice and its all for free. She even lets you download free work agendas, grocery lists and all kinds of stuff. She makes tons of sense.

  9. Defending these people only makes them worse. Some people are just lazy slobs. Of course they are gonna have a million excuses as to why they did it. They don't wanna take the blame themselves. They wanna blame others for their problems.

  10. There's a car on my street full of newspapers, from floor to roof. The only space is the drivers seat. Sometimes at night there's a woman sitting in it reading them. Bitch is crazy.

  11. Really the way that they cleaned this was that they didn't get rid of most of the stuff, they really just took it all boxed it up and put it in storage of in their garage of basement. So of course that didn't solve the problem it would just lead to more shopping to replace things she can't find or pay more money on storing all her crap.

  12. @cindernation12 , while it's true that hoarders haunt QVC and Target, you can hoard cheaply or without spending a dime. Thrift stores have regulars that are there every week – or several times weekly – and we all know people who can't resist ''curb shopping", "Dumpster Diving", or taking anything anyone else doesn't want.

    Although money woes have certainly curtailed my second-hand haunts, I'm glad we moved to a smaller place and I had to sell most of the junk to fund the move. Never again !

  13. @cindernation12 I disagree. Every day in big cities I see homeless people pushing chopping carts who are also hoarders. They are not buying the things that fill their carts. One man I saw last week had 5 shopping carts tied together in a train he pulled around, all packed with meaningless junk, well… meaningless to me anyway.

  14. Im noticing 98% of the people on these hoarding shows are white, where are all the racist comments that occur on just about every other youtube video blog?I

  15. @Deke101 The show gives them money for "aftercare", which is continuing therapy and the help of a professional organizer. Yes, the channel makes a show, but these people are sick and would not be able to get help were it not for the show. Just like "intervention" that someone mentioned; the families call the show because they have been unable or unwilling to get the subjects the help they need. OCD is a proven medical psychiatric disorder. If you don't "believe" in it, that's up 2 you.

  16. @Deke101 A man who is in love with a woman that is ill. I can't believe there are this many ignorant and pschopathological people who have no love or empathy for their fellow man! What is wrong with YOU I wonder????

  17. @Colorful71 Ok ok she can give all her money to Jesus, there is always a church out there that needs funds to raise up another f#%king prayer army. Anything is better than a life inundated with dollar store garbage. The best part about giving to Jesus is that it is self limiting, he only wants 10% of your gross, and fills an emotional need.

  18. You know, I wonder why none of these people ever help in cleaning up their own mess? It seems to me that if they had to help with the clean up, they would be a bit more reluctant to throw that candy wrapper or pop can on the floor then next time knowing they would have to be the ones to pick it up. My husband is SO disgusted by the filth these folks live in, he can't bring himself to watch the show. It makes him physically sick.

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