Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force: Lenny DePaul Character Profile | A&E

Lenny tells us a little bit about what it takes to be in charge of the US Marshals Fugitive Task Force for NY/NJ.

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The elite agents of the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force freely cross jurisdictional boundaries as they track down a different (and very dangerous) felon in each episode.

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41 thoughts on “Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force: Lenny DePaul Character Profile | A&E

  1. Je regarde en ce moment sur la chaîne crime district très intéressant j'aime beaucoup cette émission je suis de France Reims pays du champagne 🍾🥂💐

  2. I’m a fan of Ice Agent Dennis Carroll! He’s very HANDSOME and I love his New York accent!! I miss this show! I watch it on CIN (Crime Investigative Network) on Sunday.

  3. I miss this song back in high school in the 10th grade my teacher use to always log into Netflix or YouTube and just play us the video use to watch every episodes

  4. Keep up the good work Lenny with the us Marshalls fugitive task force team please be safe out there on the streets during the weekends I hope the us US Marshals task force office has a good working relationship Whidbey law enforcement agencies around the world I hope you stay safe out there on the weekend I do you watch TV shows on the justice network I do you watch the show on Saturday night @ 10.00 o clock PM I like watching the TV shows on the weekend on the justice network channel i have been in side the law law enforcement stats 2007 I am a big time fan of the TV shows on the justice network work Channel to Lenny please you and the team please stay safe out there on the streets during the tonight and during the weekends on the streets when you go out on the hunt for the fugitive task force team you will have to Hunt down on the streets during the next Saturday night show next weekends your number one fan of the show Timmy west I will be watching the TV show on next weekends on Saturday night @10.00 o'clock on the justice network on ever Saturday night @10.00clock PM I be watching the TV shows on Saturday night I will be set down and watch show on TV on the justice network next Saturday night @10.00o clock PM on the next weekends😀😀

  5. I am housewife who is totally involved into my family and kids lives. BUT, then my family leaves every mornings, I watch Manhunters and I find it fascinatate! Is not so bad of me to say that Lenny is so hot and attractive to every woman in the world, including women from the "enemies" countries. What can we do? Lenny and his team are too irresistible for us , the housewives around the world. We love you guys!!!

  6. Dog &. Beth do a better job than your office does. Too bad their not on federal pay as well. Lenny ur a scary cat. U call urself a Commander? Typical character of a squid!

  7. hola que tal porque no lo dan mas siempre lo mirava¡¡ eso no se hace no pueden sacar de la pantalla algo tan real como manhunters les pido que lo pongan de nuevo¡¡ es lo unico que mirava a la mañana¡¡ gracias¡¡

  8. esto es lo mas¡¡¡ es lo que miro todos los dias¡¡ amo al jefe y realmente estoy mui enamorada de ese hombre jaja¡¡ desde que miro estos capitulos no miro mas peliculas policiales ¡¡¡ besos¡¡

  9. Are there any bad white guys on this show, I've been watching this show for over an hour all i see is a bunch of good white guy's busting a bunch of bad black guy's. I bet George Zimmerman love this show. Now i know why everyone look at me weird when i walk into a store. Thanks t.v.

  10. @justmom66
    umm i begg to differ 4 different reasons, the marshals and police for that matter are the reasons that we are in an envirement that we can safely do the things we want. and the fact that these Marshals are showing the public just what its like is a very good concept in my opeion. u disagree well hey state your reason.

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