Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit To Halt Vote Counting In MI Until Given ‘Meaningful Access’ | NBC News

The Trump campaign has released a statement that they are filing a lawsuit to halt the counting of votes in Michigan until they are given “meaningful access” to observe ballots. NBC News’ Peter Alexander reports from the White House.
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Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit To Halt Vote Counting In MI Until Given ‘Meaningful Access’ | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


47 thoughts on “Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit To Halt Vote Counting In MI Until Given ‘Meaningful Access’ | NBC News

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  2. voters in these states where trump is suing should sue him for trying to disenfranchise their votes. Voters need to tie him up in the courts like he is trying to do. This will overwhelm him and his legal team and force him to face reality

  3. thats why trump pushed all his voter to vite early and not send it by mail. Plan was end the ellection early and blah blah. Good plan though.

  4. I am impatient to present to the court the evidence on the Canadian company Dominion that provided counting machines at countless vote counting centers.
    This is the company that set up machines in Venezuela and forged votes for Hugo Chavez.
    This is a company that forged elections here as well.
    A company funded by Venezuela, Cuba and China!
    So if you want to talk about foreign interference in the election, then here it is …
    We have insane statistical analyzes on non-planning in the count.
    We have inside evidence in the counting process including company briefings.
    The cheating process began at the end of the count.
    We have evidence of the economic interests of governors and secretaries of states who have hired the company's services.
    Some people have pocketed a lot of money for company services or election results and we will present the evidence.
    (* In Texas they were thrown off the stairs in a tender due to extreme unreliability)
    From the data before Trump won in every country (swinging) by hundreds of thousands of votes! They were stupid enough to do the scam and we will expose it.
    A comprehensive criminal investigation is required and the total forgery reaches millions of votes.
    The machines underwent software updates on Election Day and also after Election Day. (Under no circumstances should machines be touched from beginning to end of the election).
    We have sworn evidence on the subject. (** Anyone who testifies under oath is liable to imprisonment if it turns out he lied)
    Even in the past, senators and #Democratic congressmen have complained about this society and done nothing.
    Those in charge of public safety at the Ministry of Homeland Security, should have been fired # yesterday!
    The FBI instead of investigating the crime, sent anti-Trump investigators to threaten our witness for 4 hours to get him to testify.
    It is a coup attempt including from federal arms. There are federal offenses here that must be investigated. And we must now fight with everyone who cares that we remain a free nation.
    This company Dominion was created to castrate the free will of people all over the world.

    Sydney Powell is a former federal prosecutor, Attorney General Flynn's attorney, and currently one of the attorneys who enlisted in the Republican and Trump legal teams.

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  6. Even in losing Trump continues to play to his base about the election being  fraudulent. If anything is fraudulent, it's Trump. He's divided our country an open up the door to white supremist across America that are becoming very dangerous. He wants a civil war that he's creating because the little boy hates to lose. He can't stand it. He's grown mentally ill as this happens. He'll create violence through his militia armies of supporters. Those people should be declared homegrown terrorist. They carry weapons, they attack people when in large numbers and they threaten anyone whose not with them like Trump. We may not ever recover from the damage that Trump has done to our nation. We fly the United States flag while white supremist either fly the rebel or Russian flag. May God be with us all. The two-bit dictator is still living his TV reality show and not real life. Filing lawsuits shows how desparate Trump is.

  7. In most states, election officials could start the arduous process that goes into counting mail votes many days before Election Day, but in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, officials had their hands tied by state laws(Republican) that did not allow for such preparation – NPR. Trump knew these states could flip. Vicious trick man, Trump. No wonder Trump got so mad when Biden insist to count all votes LOL


    Trump: 2,4r8,454
    Biden: 2,449,371
    Jo: 61,380

    Total: 4,959.205

    Senate Race

    Perdue(R): 2,449,468
    Ossfot (D): 2,350,852
    Hacel (L) 113,776

    Total: 4,914,086

    First: There is 45,110 ballots for President than for Senate
    Second: The Republican Senator got more votes than President Trump; does that make any sense????
    Third: For the already voting numbers that don't add up would also require that the 45,386 voters who didn't vote for the Libertarian Party candidate Jo, would have to have all voted for Biden: there is no way this happened!!!!!!!!!!

  9. President's "orders":
    Pennsylvania stop that M*ther F**k counting
    Arizona count that M*ther F**k to the death
    Wisconsin count that M*ther F**k twice.

  10. If biden wins the election, it proves that the American people do not love the country, just biden wins the election 2 years later, the country will lose the country, more and more have get gays same his son, a unstable society, poor people. and bureaucrats are spoiled for smothering the state budget from the great works of China. America will be like Laos and Cambodia now.

  11. Donald Dump:
    "The Election is rigged… unless I win. The News is fake… unless it's flattering. Everything is a Hoax… unless I tweet it. Nepotism is bad… unless it's my family. I'm rich… but you can't see my taxes. I'm smart… but you can't see my grades. I'm a Patriot… but I dodged the draft. I'm successful…but my businesses fail. My staff are the best… 'til I fire them. I'm innocent… but I refuse to testify."

  12. If you can't observe the mailed in ballots, then those ballots count are automatically illegitimate because they have been counted against the regulation of the law. It's over, dummy.
    When this goes to court, you cry babies will keep on crying, we'll keep on walking. The number of evidence is overwhelming.

  13. This reminds me a bit of Kaiserreich: when an election in the game produces…well, any result, the opposers will throw a hissy fit, declaring the elections illegitimate, and when that happened…well, Civil War #2 for those who haven't played the game.

  14. Let me put this on a level trump can understand – liar liar pants on fire!!!! ( love Mr.Joe Biden!)

  15. As always, Trump refuses to lose. He already planted the seeds that the elections will be rigged even before election started. He said it on his campaign. Of course his followers would believe that.
    He is a very dangerous man.
    If he cheated…it’s ok. If others are winning…they are cheating…therefore they should be sued. WTF???
    If that’s not a prime example of paranoia and mental instability…what else is?

  16. Just wait until my prosecutors get their hands on your tax return my man. Voting counts wont matter then

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