Watch Susan Collins Declare Victory In Maine Senate Race | NBC News NOW

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, claims victory over Democrat Sara Gideon the day after Election Day.
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Watch Susan Collins Declare Victory In Maine Senate Race | NBC News NOW


Author: phillyfinestnews


32 thoughts on “Watch Susan Collins Declare Victory In Maine Senate Race | NBC News NOW

  1. She's just another shaking Nasty Pelosi! Republican? NOT SO FAST! She votes with the far-left democrats, that's how republican she isn't. Get her out! Honor my backside… an honor to keep making more millions of dirty dollars is more like it.

  2. She should enjoy her position while it lasts. She will never be elected again. She's a RINO, tax stealing, corrupt, Pelosi boot licker. Buh BYE Collins! No more senate for you. You're even starting to sound as drunk as Pelosi during speeches. Stop speaking!

  3. The greatest flip flop politics in Maine's history, voted in Nov 3 2020, term ends 2027. Just another Millionaire who doesn't know what a pound of beef or a loaf of bread costs. I guess Kennebunkport Maine is the new capital Hill. What a joke 🤑🤮 you are what you eat…

  4. She should get on her knees and thank Trump for this win. She won't of course. Then she goes and votes to impeach Trump for the Jan; 6th ordeal and now we find those who broke in had no weapons. The police officer who died and the leftists who said it was from being beaten by a fire extinguisher were found to have lied about that too. The impeachment was rushed while the lies were still fresh and all who voted for it followed the lies right down the rathole. Those Republicans who voted for his impeachment, rather than wait for the facts, went right along with every one of those deceitful Democrats and voted to impeach. Now we find out the Capital Policemen did not die at all the way that they pushed the narrative, he had a heart attack. Trump did not initial what happened Jan. 6th. If the truth be completely known I would say the people who drove that riot were the same people from last summer who were rioting in many of our big cities.

  5. Dont you just hate it when a democrap pretends to be Republican?
    Tell her to go back to her democrap friends while in Maine they start a petition to have this criminal removed due to her defrauding her citizens into thinking she is republican and illeglly ran on the republican ticket (evidence plus) .

  6. Susan, You are so smart, and write such eloquent speeches for the protection of life and others, but you are off track with where we need to take this country. The DNC, Big Tech, Hollywood, the Media (and even China) have banded together to spread HATRED for Donald Trump since the day he was elected. His policies have been amazing, and the speed to make change for the common worker have changed the landscape of our beautiful country. We are now seeing the evil forces at play with rewriting the Equality Act, Covid Relief for the wrong reasons and people, that will destroy the fabric of our beautiful constitution. Does China have something so big on the Democrats that we just can't see? From China, to Russian, to the Ukraine have all gotten in bed with both Joe and Hunter Biden for millions if not billions of dollars. How is it that no-one will uncover the obvious and fight for our freedom? Communism, Socialism, Marxism, and Liberalism are now being placed at the forefront to destroy our Judeo-Christian beliefs and American dream. You need to fight for US to stop the Treason going on in the White House. PAX. Jim

  7. Oh my god. Miss Collins. If you could see what Ms. Tandem said about you. She said out of all of them, you were the worst. That's not very nice. Ask Ted Cruz. He knows what she said about you and he'll prove it.

  8. I voted for you, Susan Collins, this past November, in order to maintain Republican presence in Maine. I put up your signs that were being knocked down. I should have left them there.

    You have been an utter disappointment. You have committed political suicide. We patriot Americans are fed up with your tepid to antagonistic role as Senator of Maine. You will not ever again get a vote from me, and we are many who feel the same.

    President Trump won this election by receiving 80% of the vote. Biden cheated in grand style. Judges averted their eyes from the evidence. Republican leaders as yourself did not support the President in finding the truth. The Vice-president betrayed us all. The military is the only resource left, and God knows what's happening there.

    The tide is turning. The people side with Trump, and we are unswervingly focused on making you and your corrupt element history. The truth always prevails.

    Trump is the true president of this constitutional Republic. Biden is a traitor and a thief, like you and your ilk. You're comeuppance is coming! Count on it!

    Michael Quintal
    Portland, Maine

  9. When a democrat wins “ INCUMBENT DEFEATED, IN HISTORIC WIN!!” when a republican wins “ claims victory”. Am I not the only one seeing the amount of bias in NBC?

  10. Can one "travel"!!!!!!!! through Maine or in Maine?
    I mean a good baseball player could hit the ball from one end to the other.
    My grandma could walk through Maine in 5 minutes.

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