NBC News Projects Trump Will Win Ohio | NBC News

NBC News has projected that President Trump will win the state of Ohio.
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NBC News Projects Trump Will Win Ohio | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


38 thoughts on “NBC News Projects Trump Will Win Ohio | NBC News

  1. I knew Trump was going to win Ohio. That's my state. I travel Ohio to Kentucky every weekend and southern Ohio was nothing but Trump signs.

  2. I was a first person in our world suggest use ❤️ emoticon to treat covid. And in my country , one of rare number countries control covid, apply my recommendation, success in control covid,

    I analyze covid has WOOD element.

    Biden’s Four Pillar Reading harmony with wood.

    When Trump have covid, wood increase. It’s produce benefits for Biden.

    Arizona is forest 🌳 state, Wood element, so Biden win this state.

    But I’m afraid if Biden win 2020 election, the bad effects of covid wil be stronger more than ever.

    Hence, I think Trump should win, although he has destiny not tune with me or harm for me.

    We should consider bad results of covid.

  3. My fellows Americans: you've had 4 years of that self-serving clown and his circus and still 50% of you haven't seen through this con-man!!!! I know, I know it's not gonna change much with Bidden, Big money will still be your all powerful " president"
    But do you think it's different with Trump? Don't you care about the destruction of your country brought about Trump to please his big money donors, do you still think money will trickle down to you from the GOP tax cut?
    I suppose it's quite easy with some of you: just shout" America first"!! or "he's a socialist" or " he's a communist"! or set up a Disneyland type of show from the white house with lots of American flags behind and a fat draft dodger crook tearing off his mask theatrically and you're sold!!!!
    But hey "you're the greatest country on earth" "the land of the free and of democracy"…in truth , you haven't had a functioning democracy in 50 years..
    …..Good luck now!

  4. Why this is so hard for those Democrats to respect people’s choice! The hard work?! How hard you need to buy more votes for you to win?! Stop split people, stop to steal the people’s choice!

  5. Early voting 100 million.
    Election day voting 50-60 million.

    Most early voting are for democrats.
    How on earth is Trump winning in the battleground states then?

    Machines are rigged.

  6. It is sickening to think of how badly tru,p will hurt millions of people if he is reelected. Of how his hateful rhetoric will get people killed. In 4 years he has allowed far right extremist terrorists to arise like ISIS, he praises violence and he demonises anyone who doesnt say nice things about him. This is not a leader but trump has done such a con job that Americans just dont see how dangerous trump is….

  7. Wow….the way its going seems like the majority of Americans love the spread of the virus..the number of deaths. They also love bigotry and injustice as well as plenty of chaos on a daily basis…good one America..you are worthy of your fate. The sad thing though is that the rest of Americans who didnt vote for Dump have to put up with his lack of competence, values and integrity for another 4 years as well as daily lying and tweeting and continued sowing of hatred and division. I dont even live in America but I feel for Americans who tried to do the right thing for their country and have been let down really badly by Dump followers who havent got half a brain cell between them and are ruled by their prejudices all under the guise of "religous beliefs".

  8. \ U.S. No 4 in COVID-19 World Health Order /// after Germany, Finland, NL; WHO-INDEX A, Nov 3: Germny 1.89 -NL 2.02 -Finlnd 2.16 -U.S. 2.46 -Frnce 2.55 -Spn 2.74 -Brzil 2.88 -Irlnd 3.05 -AU 3.29 -Cnd 4.23 -UK 4.40 -Swdn 5.44 -Chin 5.38 -Itly 5.19 -Iran 5.67 -Mxco 9.88; -WHO INDEX B: -Oman 1.1 -Astri 1.0 -Jrdn 1.1 -Cstrc 1.3 -Twan 1.2 -NZ 1.3 -Azrbjn 1.3 -Nrwy 1.3 -Mdgskr 1.3 -Armn 1.4 -Swtzrlnd 1.36 -Dnmrk 1.5 -Jpn 1.7 -Greece 1.5 -Srb 1.6 -HK 1.96; – WHO INDEX C: -Sngpr 0.05 -Crcao 0.1 -Qtar 0.2 -Iclnd 0.3 -Mldvs 0.3 -Dbai 0.3 -FrPlnz 0.4 -Slvk 0.4 -CmnIlnd 0.4 -Bahrn 0.4 -Mnco 0.5-Cyprs 0.6 -Isrl 0.8 -Arub 0.8 -Czch 0.9; -WHO B-C Reflect: Pninsla/Ilnd/Tght.Brdrs/Lndlckd/GDP/Nursing.Care/Frgn.Wrk.Areas/Low.Drg.Fd.Sugar.Co.domnance – I recuse myself, as scientist, from debating why MEDIA-DEM-CAMP, [MDC] -1) scares U.S. VOTERS by big COVID NUMBERS, which reflect its big population size, more detecting tech/methods & inflated numbers by hospitals [paid 4 each…? WITH or FROM COVID-19 %-FATALITIES -2) why MDC has, knowingly, violated election by-laws by deleting, even herein, key election info, like this -3) flooding media w low language and personal insults-curses, MDC forgets that pride goes before facing true themselves in election mirror. [google citations, 'IN', Amazon]…

  9. Sounds like NBC is in denial of a RED TSUNAMI .Learn to tread water , NBC ,because you are witnessing a HUGE RED TSUNAMI .YOU ARE SO FAKE NEWS !

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