Parking Wars: Lot of Stress | A&E

Highlights from some of the best lot scenes of season 2.

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40 thoughts on “Parking Wars: Lot of Stress | A&E

  1. PLEASE COME BACK PARKING WARS!! I swear this was one of my favorite shows of all time. I would make some popcorn and watch a marathon of Parking Wars and just LMAO at all those losers who were upset over something that was there own fault. 

  2. How is it all these people never pay their parking tickets only to have it towed? …..and I'll bet half the fines are less than $40….maybe just $20… If you got a ticket, pay it the same day so none of this would have happen. As for the blonde girl, your fault for parking illegally and not paying attention to your surroundings…….seriously…

  3. @qwandiddy I live and work in Chicago, just south of the loop. Too many folks parking illegally, parking in handicap zones, getting tickets, running red lights/stop signs, but want to get pissed off when they're busted and get a ticket. I see it everyday where I work. They only have themselves to blame.

  4. Anyplace the voters allow Dumbocrats to hold office will get you a Gestapo type Government who pulls stunts like this onto the people who flip the bills.
    Americans, have you had enough of this BS yet? or just happy to stay on that poverty plantation FDR and LBJ built for you. Nanny Status.

  5. I feel sorry for those people who cannot do anything without their car. It is like when you do not have your car you have no legs to get around. People must have some alternative and effective ways of transportation. If they cannot get to their work because their car is impounded they will lose their jobs. I can understand why these people are so upset. They feel helpless. Plus they have to pay so much money and these people do not make that much to start with. I am sorry for these people.

  6. People who don't live in Philly don't understand that the PPA is a racket. There's 20 executives at the PPA making more the 100k a year. The parking ticket quotas are absurdly high and enforcement has reached the point of repression. This agency is out of control and does not have the support of the residents of Philadelphia. It's bad for our economy and makes the city a less desirable place to live.The people that work at PPA are not nearly as likeable or friendly as the characters in the show.

  7. Simple, just avoid doing any business in down town cores of big cities. If you must go downtown, take the bus! I do all my shopping in outlying suburban areas that supply customer parking!

  8. @shavimusha Apologies if I sounded like its not the PPA's fault, I should have said don't blame the people who walk around and enforce the rules that the city and its parking authority have placed. They are doing their jobs and people get down right violent with them. If the parking is so horrible in that city then a strike may be in order….or spread the word that more parking lots are needed to open up some city area for your trucks to park in. Blame the people to designate the PPA zones.

  9. @shavimusha Don't blame the PPA….blame your delivery drivers who can't seem to follow the parking laws in Philidelphia. They just want to make their jobs easier by parking close to their delivery spot……no matter what safety hazards or inconvienances they may cause on the public.

  10. @c505941 It's sad that there has to be an application on your phone to warn you that your car may or may not be in danger of getting a ticket by one of the worst parking authorities in the world.

  11. Although this episode doesn't mention it, it seems some people are too lazy to park farther than the fire zone or handicapped spot (when they have no permit or borrow someone's elses permit since it seems they are just fine and dandy healthwise!) If these people could they would probably drive inside the grocery store or shopping mall not wanting to get off their lazy behind.

  12. Parking Tickets are Contracts…you have 72 hours to reject any contract under the federal fair debt collection practices act (Regulation Z). Watch my videos and I will explain.

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