Audio clip shows Kevin McCarthy planned to ask Trump to resign after Jan. 6 attack I GMA

The House Minority Leader was caught on tape days after the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection, telling other Republicans he was going to urge the former president to resign.

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45 thoughts on “Audio clip shows Kevin McCarthy planned to ask Trump to resign after Jan. 6 attack I GMA

  1. January 6th last year to this January 6th this year we haven't heard of how many African-American children were murdered in Washington or people of color or Latinos or Asians or Mexicans is there a committee investigating the confidence of Washington cities Police department the mayor and the justice system why are there so many crimes against African-Americans occurring why are there so many death of African American children being shot by gangers where's the community to investigate the corruption of Washington cities government the police department and the mayor is there a community that cares at all from January last year 6 th to January of this year 6 I guess they only care if you're just the white Democrat

  2. Oh by the way mcarthy when the queen of england can see your orfice falure from.afar.

    Earl.of orfice

    Well the least i could do is inform you with two lumps os sugar you dipshit…. Thats whats how that works… Earl.of orfice… And when i have motiing to gsin by my words… You could have at least let rowen adkins handle the job and he would have ateast left MI5 like MI4 and 7/8ths would have been able to handle the rest without even touching their gray of tea for the day you putshcs….. Some people's kiss 💋 already…

  3. Jail McCarthy and Greene until their memory of Jan 6 returns.

    Thank God, every country on Earth except America have NOT become followers of the Fox TV/Facebook religion.


  4. I don’t understand why Liz Cheney would release the tape? Identical to a word used below by someone ‘sabotage’; Did he lie? I can hear he openly was concerned about a resignation topic with Trump but it’s not a big deal. I saw where Democratics “tore into” McCarthy, smh we have far more things to worry about in 2022 going forward.

  5. McCarthy continues to prove that he is the archetype of a Trump sycophant. He's spineless, two-faced, is willing to compromise his ethics, and has a penchant for lying. People who don't have these qualities are a threat to the ex-Corruptor-in-chief and he has no use for them. Way to go McCarthy! You have all of the qualifications to be a select member of the GOTP(Guild of Obedient Trump Puppets) and kiss the ring of your master!!

  6. The Republican National Party has been gutted by Putin directed anti-Americans who wants to destroy America’s Democracy.

    I wish the talking will cease and that these traitors be all arrested.

  7. Why do you INSIST on TELLING me whats on the recording instead of just SHOWING me? You literally cut the man off after 2 words to tell me yourself what he said. As if you're who I came to hear speak. 🤦🏽‍♂️ could've sworn journalism 101 was 'Tell the story don't be the story'? 😒🤡

  8. This whole thing doesn’t even make sense lol because Trump left office exactly 2 weeks after January 6, and I don’t trust any Democrat main stream media like this ABC 123 let’s all Count to 10 ha ha! Anyhow Democrats are going to be severely extremely monster crushed in November lol happy day!

  9. Every person in the Republican Party and at Fox News know Trump is a devout liar and he incited and sanctioned the January 6th insurrectionists!

  10. MY advice to commie mcarthy is RESIGN…we are done with you,mc connell and grahm,you are no better that the rest of the swamp creatures like pelosi,schumer and A[hole]OC…

  11. McCarthy said Trump isn't mad at him. How sweet! Two professional liars who are sweet on each other. Just who we need to run this country. Losers…

  12. He's a snake! Liz Cheney is the rat that set it up!!! My God people, don't you see how they manipulate? The Dems are about to witness a blood bath in the midterms. Strange how this is just now coming out????

  13. Why do we tolerate such a stupid man as McCarthy? How many votes does it take to elect a congressman? Imagine, if we could apply our votes to whichever one we wanted, and it they didn't come up with the needed figure they were out. When they get the needed figure, they are in, and excess votes go to the next person still wanting. We'd eliminate the dead wood every election.

  14. it's a simple concept basic logic if life is not free why the hell would death be any cheaper it's not. So the question one may wonder is the spiritual cost to one's own soul and spirit for having lived and died to the lowest standards of quality for so many years now global pollution has diminished the quality of life to the point where today's people are living, dying and yielding the worst spiritual kickback that has ever been manifested since the beginning of life only getting worse. The polar opposite extreme to that is today's people should be living and dying to the highest standards of quality which would make each and every moment physically, mentally, financially and spiritually beneficial. S.R.F.

  15. Trump must have serious dirt on these Republicans. No other reason for being a traitor and even allowing an unfit person to run for office. We MUST pass legislation that requires any candidate running for office to pass a security clearance prior to declaring their candidacy.

  16. The Second Amendment, ratified in 1791, was proposed by James Madison to allow the creation of civilian forces that can counteract a tyrannical federal government.

  17. "Look, there are two sides to every story. One of them is what you heard on the audiotape, and the other is me lying my balls off."
    — Kevin McCarthy's next thought

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  19. This is exactly who the Republicans are. No if or buts about it. (Pun intended). This is only a reflection 🪞 of the Qnon, Conspiracy theory and Right Wing voters representatives. Democrats have similar issues. Both parties are not in the best interests of constituents.

  20. Big Story……….Little Views
    Let’s talk about why shall we?
    Because we know how hard you media elites have it for Trump. It’s the only thing your dwindling viewership can grasp.
    But here’s the pinch that always gets you. He did a better job then the last 5 Presidents. Thus you can’t touch him. You can only hate him.

  21. This country will look like Ukraine by 2025. The Supreme Court is basically useless now. Trump's Fake Russian Propaganda worked great because of Putin's genius!!! Our country is dead in the water and being threatened by Trump's (BFF) best buddies in China, North Korea, Iran, Egypt and Russia. Prepare yourselves for what the Godam Republican NAZI'S will do if put back in the White House huhTrumpy Doodle Puss Sore. They will imprison all the Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, and Indians and also anyone who had anything bad to say about Trump! They have already checked all the names in the voters registers in all states during the recounts by Trump lawyers. Democrates wili be sent to a special detention center for torture and burning in ovens just like Hitler did huh you fckin gun frogs…Wonderful to know we are so fckin united huh Tuckqeer? An Asteroid hit is looking better and better every day in every way! Woot.

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