Inside the White House’s plans to fight climate change l ABCNL

President Joe Biden signed an executive order to protect more of the nation’s forests on Earth Day. White House national climate adviser Gina McCarthy explains Biden’s larger climate goals.

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25 thoughts on “Inside the White House’s plans to fight climate change l ABCNL

  1. What a colossal fraudulent campaign of fear and extortion orchestrated by Obama-Gore! The Powers That Be have known since FOREVER that this generation — this year — would see a climate crescendo event triggering the next ice age, due by 2040 … see the Dresden Codex. (Image of the corn goddess Sun hanging herself.) Whatever we're doing to "save the planet" from the current solar cycle will be detrimental to society as we hit global cooling. I wonder. Is politics the realm of the possible to accomplish something meaningful? Or is it the land of a corrupt self-licking ice cream cone dedicating to creating the next horrible crisis?

  2. This is the problem. If THEY spout nonsense long enough, we eventually start pretending their nonsense to be fact.

    THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT THE CLIMATE IS AFFECTED BY MANKIND…NONE…zero…nada. The Libtards love Climate Claims for one reason: so that they can pretend they have an argument for themselves when conservatives create a solid economy, while pretending that THEIR piss poor economies are "for our own good."

    ONE, SINGLE volcanic eruption emits more flourocarbons than mankind has in our entire existence. MARS…heats up and cools down at the same rates and times as earth.

    CLIMATE CLAIMS ARE NONSENSE. Stop ceding ground to nonsense!

  3. Renewable Energy ♻️🌎 Energy Revolution
    1 Wind energy 2 Hydropower
    3 Solar energy 4 Geothermal Energy
    5 Ocean tide energy (Tidal power/wave🌊)
    6 Gravitational “Potential energy”

    By the way
    “Geothermal energy” is “24 hours” Reliable energy

    Lower carbon / Lower Methane
    Lower pollution (Environmental Justice)

    Energy transition to Green Energy ♻️
    Clean and Safe

    transition to Electric drive system.

    At least is cleaner than fossil fuels burning
    (Air pollution)
    ex “Geothermal energy” is cleaner (and safe)
    (Environment-Friendly)(connection with Nature)

    We need Energy Revolution.
    Tackle Climate Change

    “Reduce pollution”
    Environmental Protection 💛

    Use Recyclable materials ♻️
    =Reduce garbage (solve garbage problem)
    =Reduce the waste of resources🌎💛

    The way we treat the Environment(the Earth/Nature)🌎
    Will have the consequence(impact) in the future👶

  4. Earth day, yay.
    More celebrities and rich people telling us lowly people that we need to go without, buy unaffordable electric cars and do without.
    All while they are jetting across "Earth" in Fossil fuel guzzling jets, cruising around in huge yachts, and living in mansions so big that ten families could live there.
    Hypocrisy all around.

  5. I hate science, evidently, because I’m woke to the manifest truth about what the leftist elite currently calls “climate change." It is the second most staggering fraud ever perpetrated upon the American people after the media’s promotion of the unstoppable candidacy of Beto (who is a furry). Like some suckers still do, I once believed that “science” was a rigorous process where you tested theories and revised those theories in response to objective evidence. But in today’s shabby practice, “science” is just a package of self-serving lies buttressing the transnational liberal elite’s preferred narrative. Our alleged betters hope that labeling their propaganda “science” will science-shame you into silence about what everyone knows is a scam.

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  7. Mandate! Electric public transportation. Ban engine powered lawn care. Introduce bixi bikes like in Montreal. Solar on roof tops. Roof top gardens. Plant trees. Create reserve lanes for electric vehicles. This is what I expected to hear!

  8. Search for "failed climate predictions" to find decades worth of hyped climate predictions, none of which have come true. Why is the focus always on America and not on the much bigger offender filthy China? Because climate change is about transferring money from American petroleum to China renewable energy products. China has 1000 filthy coal plants. ALSO, mining solar panel and EV battery minerals is a filthy environmentally devastating process. ALSO, Why don't you see climate protests in much more filthy China? Because filthy socialist China arrests activists who criticize them (some activists are never heard from again). Climate change is the tool used by liberal leaders and their useful idiots to kill petroleum and cripple the American working and middle class. ALSO, American petroleum and automobiles have improved significantly in recent years and are much more efficient and cleaner.

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  10. One of the best ways to fight climate change is to have Brandon demand that Zelensky surrender to Putin in the name of climate change because their war is causing setbacks in the fight against climate change. 😉

  11. I research the impacts of Climate Change. GLOBAL deforestation is rampant. Why? part of it is caused by organized crime paying off timber loggers in this example the Amazon Rain forest. It is CRITICAL to stop the illegal practice of Deforestation. Global forest absorb much of the co2 that would other wise end up in the worlds oceans. But co2 is now being absorbed at a rapid rate by the Atmosphere and the worlds oceans. I wish you-tube could show the image ancient climate change mass extinction and present day Climate Change. I communicate with NASA from time to time and death the impacts on earth. since 1955, the worlds oceans has absorbed 377 Zeta Joules heat energy. That is 377 times 21 zeros!! Right now it is absorbing on a yearly bases 17 x 10^22 Joules heat energy and that is equivalents of 5 thermal nuclear bombs per second. That is causing more rapid increase in droughts and increasing in flooding and heat waves. If nothing is done Heat stroke WILL be the number one form of death in the United States.

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  13. This is nice! Finally something is being done it sucks people are still ignorant and don't believe in climate change because they are so bombarded with stupid thoughts

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