McCarthy recording from Jan. 6 released l WNT

Audio recordings reveal that GOP leader Kevin McCarthy told colleagues that he would urge former President Donald Trump to resign following the Jan. 6 attack.


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44 thoughts on “McCarthy recording from Jan. 6 released l WNT

  1. People of America, it is with great sadness as to what is going on with the French election. The cartel is far to powerful for us to fight. These people are corrupt, evil and dishonest.

  2. WE ALL remember what Kevin McCarthy said on JAN 6
    then he voted against impeachment and against the best interests of this Nation 👎❗❗

  3. The recording doesn’t even refer to Trump specifically. Who knows when this recording is even from or if it’s even McCarthy speaking. People just assume the press has to be honest and not partisan hacks but they are not honest and they are very openly partisan.

  4. "'When Donald Trump is indicted,' Kirschner said, the prosecutor will use the testimony from the Capitol rioters to 'prove to a jury—with witness after witness after witness—that Donald Trump is the reason these people marched on the Capitol and tried to stop the certification of [President] Joe Biden's win.'"

  5. It's game over, a wrap for the republikan GOP traitors and their unpatriotic supporters.
    The republikan GOP senators and their unpatriotic supporters gave trump the key to the party and trump minions know it.
    Trump will cut them off before he lets them go, GUARANTEED.
    The republikan GOP traitors and their unpatriotic supporters deserve everything they got, TRUTH.
    The republikan GOP senators and their unpatriotic supporters are in the toilet bowl, and that's where turds belong, LMFAO,ha,ha,ha.

  6. I don’t even know why we bother listening to these republicans…they lie constantly and in fact lie more than they tell the truth, yet the evangelical hypocrites still support them! I’ve promptly discarded al of my religious friends for this very reason! Their double standards just do not hold up…and their gods see this also!

  7. McCarthy (R) wants to save his own career by releasing this data. I'm sure McCarthy never did talk to Trump. He was just throwing something out there now to save himself.

  8. McCarthy, when ABC news is displaying your dirty laundry, you are just done. Trump doesn’t turn on RINOs they are already traitors to the party. Ran right to his party, the dems. Hammer him ABC, anything to get rid of a rotten Republican only empowers MAGA country, so thank you, thank you, thank you.

  9. How is it that all the voter fraud has been with Republicans? No wonder they have been claiming voter fraud, they’ve been cheating and I am sure we have only found the tip of it. We should not have to be governed by this Rep. party, they are not a party that wants democracy

  10. Jail McCarthy and Greene until their memory of Jan 6 returns.

    Thank God, every country on Earth except America have NOT become followers of the Fox TV/Facebook religion.


  11. Another russian trump oligarchs bites the dust. Trump is a russian putin loyalist & criminal coup fraudster & Republicans are fully aware of it.

  12. Come on guys everybody know Kevin McCarthy is a damn liar. This is no shock but this is about the supporters of Kevin McCarthy this is what you want to present to the world as leadership and leaders and people who you have voted to put in office and the Republican party this is who represents you. This is what you're teaching your children to represent in the Republican party you talk about what's being taught in schools. But yet you support grown ass lying ass men and women in the Republican party to sit and seats of power and present this bull crap to the world. Thank God Joe Biden is in office because none of the world leaders could have trusted the on July and the rest of the line Republican party to support Ukraine or bring the world leaders together as Joe Biden did to help them survive from their president who is murdering his own people. Do you think these line Republican leaders and Donald Trump would have done that this is what you support. You're supporting a double himself and his servants. Because for you Evangelical Christians some way I read Satan is the father of lies and the truth ain't in it. An inconvenience it said Satan can transform into an angel of light and his ministers appear to be righteous that represents the Republican party right there. This is a damn shame and an embarrassment to the United States in front of the world that you support such liars as this this is evil this is demonic and this is inhumane that grown ass men and women are lying to the world and to the people they supposed to serve for one orange dumbass who still lying about election and the sad part is none of you have enough humanity and self-respecting you to say show us evidence of a stolen election and show us the kraken , and where's the pillow guy when you need all the evidence to present. And this live one as far as the supreme Court House clearance negro Thomas. The house negro on the supreme Court willing to participate in this and willing to Lynch the voting rights of people who marched and died for the right to vote so that his dumbass could be voted on the supreme Court

  13. Don’t you people wonder why during orange man’s presidency it was perfectly fine for a whole bunch of people to take over an entire block in Washington state which actually included the Capitol for over 30 days? It was deemed the “summer of love” even. Or what about when people set the church in DC on fire, tried to breech the WH barrier, injured over 60 secret service and the potus had to be taken to a safe location yet the press as well as dem reps mocked him and called him “bunker boy”. Yet the press screamed it was “mostly peaceful protest”, didn’t think the people who literally attacked the federal courthouse in Portland needed to be held accountable and has convinced people it was “mostly peaceful” which it is a flat out lie. The amount in property damage alone shows it was far from peaceful. They set off large fireworks, used lasers to blind police (some of which are permanently blind now.) and more. There wasn’t a manhunt for single person who was involved in those events, no fbi wanting help to catch anyone, no screaming it was an insurrection.
    The press is full of this type of blatant double standards, they clearly have a “side” therefore how do people trust them? They are playing the Jan 6 obsessively yet not one person has been charged with “insurrection”. I have seen so many videos that show people were let inside, the doors were being held open, otherwise people really buy the day in which all the reps as well as the VP were in the building that unarmed people were able to actually gain entry with little effort. If that were really the case then we have bigger problems. I have seen more then enough real video from people who were there that I have no doubt the press as well as many others are flat out lying.

  14. "Audio recordings reveal that GOP leader Kevin McCarthy told colleagues that he would urge former President Donald Trump to resign following the Jan. 6 attack" thereby reminding us, yet again, that #Jan621 Insurrectionist #HangryDJT is "utterly incompetent" as per the words of both his own Federal Judge elder-sister Maryanne Trump Barry and his own Clinical Psychologist niece Dr. Mary Trump. May #Imp2POTUS45 always hear "You're fired" via the unwavering reality of election results that reject him who is the cause of #MourningInAmerica.

  15. Still can’t believe that these old guys don’t get it! Anyone with a cellphone HAS an OPEN MICROPHONE OR IF YOU ARE ON THE PHONE YOU MAY BE RECORDED.

  16. We knew about this when it happened. So nobody remembers them playing the call and trump was mad at mc carthy after.. ABC has the dumbest topics to speak on when we have crazy problems in America now to handle. FCK "ABC"

  17. Send all of those that supported, encouraged and/or facilitated the failed attempted insurrection of our country and its Constitution, to prison for a minimum of 20 years. Or put them all up against their big beautiful wall and be done with it.

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