ABC News Prime: Mask mandate debate, Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal tragedy, America’s fentanyl crisis

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49 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: Mask mandate debate, Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal tragedy, America’s fentanyl crisis

  1. Singapore has 87 percent 2nd vaccination and 69 percent vaccination but still mask for indoor, and no one protest it,

    my friend have a business trip to Singapore and my friend say even though outdoor mask is optional but most of people in Singapore is still wear mask outdoor, so if I look at USA I laugh to see most of USA people (I mean not all) protest for mask but USA vaccination booster is still less than 50 percent, for me Singapore is okay to remove mask anywhere with vaccination rate like that

    I'm from Indonesia, our 3rd vaccination is still less than 50 percent too, but Indonesia people still wear mask outdoor and indoor and no problem

    I hope when covid become endemic in future still wear mask for sick people, let's follow Japan, before pandemic, Japan people if they are sick they will wear a mask, they very respect to other, do not want to infect it to other, even though it is look small thing but flu can interfere your work and make your day uncomfortable

    yeah no wonder too hoax news and conspiracy are very easy to access in USA so the people like this

  2. The judge is right: the CDC is not a governing body; it can advise but it’s not allowed to mandate or enforce. The CDC is at fault for not going about this mask mandate the way the laws are written. The Biden administration knows that the CDC cannot govern; to appeal this illegal mandate by the CDC is a waste of time since it did not follow the laws.

  3. The government wont allow the free people access to legal, clean morphine… this is the result. morphine is very safe, when used as directed and you know what dosage youre taking.. Street drugs dont have labels and are not regulated for purity… you will always OVERdose when you dont even know the dosage.. but America isnt really free and your body really isnt yours.

  4. I believe the judge is only 35 years old has never tried a case properly actually doesn't even know how to work a gavel was appointed by Trump. You're allowing this Broad to decide the safety for our children and our elders? Stupid is as stupid does. Personally I would serve for breach of fiduciary duty. Not to mention I think I hang around the judges kids and cough all over them. If she has any children.. Even the American Bar Association said she was unqualified. Are we going to start going to real estate lawyers for a divorce, are we going to go to a divorce lawyer to buy real estate, are we going to go to Lung specialist for liver, are we going to go see a neurologist for a big toe? I thought education and experience is what leads people to their position and that's why people go to specialist. I think when people had AIDS and they went out and had sex with somebody else and knew they had AIDS they were charged with attempted murder. Why is it somebody that has a deadly disease of covid can go out and give it to somebody and they're not being charged with attempted murder?

  5. CDC has lied to the people about mask and vaccineMSM aided them in providing a stage for the CDC lies. I hope you all are proud as you literally aided false information while silencing people questioning these illegal mandates.

  6. Beware Democratic Senator is calling for sending US soldiers to fight in Ukraine. We must not get into another war because Democrats don’t want to lose their power.

  7. I look at this way drug dealers kill people with their pills! I get the first trip to heaven! Drug dealers will not make it to heaven because they are killers! One of The Ten Commandments: Thou Shall not Kill! Thou Shall Not Steal! Love your Neighbors as yourself! They broke all Three Commandments! Wow! Hell is not pretty! You can go to confession but you still have to pay the price because of your sins!

  8. I wish they'd stop focusing on hospitalizations and deaths, and give more information on how contagious these variants really are. Even if it's "just a flu", that would be especially miserable if you pick it up on the plane and then are sick away from home. What's the likelihood? That's what I need to know.

  9. 🙂मैंने पत्राचार माध्यम से कक्षा आठ तक पढ़ा है👗लुगाई का चेस्ट ढीला निचूंड़े निंबू जैसा होतो वो सुअर की चर्बी लेकर12बार दरूद बिस्मिल्लाह पढते हुए चूचीयों पर रगड़ें इंसाल्ला तत्काल बूंदें कठोर होंगी👙

  10. 🙂मैंने पत्राचार माध्यम से कक्षा आठ तक पढ़ा है👗लुगाई का चेस्ट ढीला निचूंड़े निंबू जैसा होतो वो सुअर की चर्बी लेकर12बार दरूद बिस्मिल्लाह पढते हुए चूचीयों पर रगड़ें इंसाल्ला तत्काल बूंदें कठोर होंगी👙

  11. The irony is quite thick here. The ones who continue defending our border policy are ABC, NBC, and CNN viewers. 78% of America's supply of Fentanyl is crossing our southern borders and this is rural areas of the Border, ie; southeastern Cali, most of the border Arizona, and parts of New Mexico. The powers-that-be on the left seem to be looking the other way on purpose because nothing is being done about it! So all of you who voted this irritable, grumpy old man in office, who can barely complete a sentence… those who are in support of this border policy… this fentanyl crisis is on your hands.

  12. Hey Democrats, if you want to wear a mask, wear one. Why push your politicsl beliefs on me? Wear one, wear 2. What's the problem? You are protected with your mask on, right? Right? Or are you afraid your mask doesn't work? Do they work? See, everyone will be exposed to coronavirus. Most already have been. The mask is just a democrat version of the trump maga hat. So, if vaccines work, get one… If your mask works, wear 1. What others do won't matter to you, because you are protected, right?? Or do your masks and vaccines not protect you??

  13. Where are these drugs coming from ? CCC?. In the US 55000 citizens died in 2020 from Fentanyl.
    They say 385000 from Covid in 2020. One of those was my uncle who actually died from his cancer which he couldnt get treatment for a year. When he went back, he caught covid from the hospital when he started getting treatments again. They added him to that stat.

  14. A mask prevents you from contracting Covid-19. There is no debate about it. It is not a choice.
    A vaccination up to date prevents you from dying. Again there is no debate. It is not a choice.
    Neither is 100% guaranteed. But each is close to it.
    Up to date 2 jabs and minimum of one booster depending are your situation. Mask needs to be n95.
    If you take a deep breath and the mask is not trying to collapse your fit is not adequate.
    That is the science. Being “tired” is not an excuse. It is an unintelligent choice to get sick to spread to perhaps kill yourself and others perhaps your own young children.
    Save a life your own and others mask and. Vaccinate!

  15. And what’s sadder is people with true pain like cancers of the blood and bone have to beg for pain meds to treat their pain bc of the so called war on RX drugs

    Best advice that can be given is to purchase a drug testing kit and give it to your family members so that they can test the pills and drugs it’s only $10 and it works to prove that they are buying real drugs
    Also keep narcan on hand at all times

  16. 4822 Foreign mercenaries in Ukraine, out of which 500 are holed up in Avoz steel plant, 1000 killed & an Equal number fled Ukraine — Russia MOD , the only reliable war news outlet.

  17. You don't get to do the news anymore. Remind us how "everything" is Trump's fault! Russian Operative. You lost all credibility, and we are watching you FAIL. You would triple your viewership if you did real news like investigate lying cheating Hillary. Russian Operative. You didn't give the man a chance and said horrific and TRAITORIST lies. We won't just blow this off. Now Hunters Laptop$$$WTF$$$

  18. I find it pretty stupid to be arguing over a mask on an airplane when social Security workers are still sitting at home not taking people who need important things to make sure that they're not homeless after covid they don't even give you an appointment you wait on the phone for an hour and then they say they'll call you back and never do if you finally get through after several times calling

  19. Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that the plowman shall overtake the reaper, and the treader of grapes him that soweth seed; and the mountains shall drop sweet wine, and all the hills shall melt

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