Apple touts its environmental credentials

The company says nearly 20% of all materials used in its products last year were recycled.


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  1. This coming from a company that won't let you share an Android charger with an Apple charger, it's like their phones are just so elitist they can't take a peon charger from an Android. Then they have planned obsolescence so that you have to throw your phone away with its research with your cheap not very powerful battery that can't be replaced. Apple is not environmentally anything except for a drain. If their carbon neutral it's only with offsets, and that's just a money throwing around game that's not actually doing anything. But I guess it's all worth it to have an underperforming super expensive phone that looks just like everybody's else's,

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  3. Apple & Meta are engaging in what I call "the responsible company" PR, or alternatively, the "giving back to the community" PR campaign. The idea is to apply a subtle form of PR campaign, which allows the company to "enhance its image", which in turn, could lead to increased sales or business prospects — the ultimate endgame. It is no different from how celebrities and the ultra-rich use philanthropy to enhance their public appeal, while managing to also financially benefit from it, either through more "ticket" sales or corporate sponsorships and/or when their incomes are placed under charity or non-profit causes, and are, therefore, protected from taxation.

  4. Whatever apple. It was a bad decision to cast a woman for salvor Hardin in Asimov’s Foundation to push the #woke ideology.

    Hope they learn from what’s happening to Netflix. 😁

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