Biden fast-tracking Ukrainian refugees into US | ABC News

The president also announced an additional $800M security assistance package for Ukraine.

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32 thoughts on “Biden fast-tracking Ukrainian refugees into US | ABC News

  1. Good! I hope we Americans take even more Ukrainians than the 100,000. I hope we take quarter of a million people, these folks are EXACTLY the kind of citizens America needs!

  2. Our country is sinking 😢 we have 31 million illegals on our soil now and millions more coming over our open borders and with the coming food famine coming America is going to be in very bad shape they are bleeding our country dry! Stop voting socialist Marxist democrats into power or we will lose it all 😞 nothing but liars and thieves who have broken their oaths.😢

  3. Lmao considering he is the one who gave Putin the green light to invade I would think Biden would be doing a lot more. But nope. America and Biden are just becoming international jokes.

  4. The message Biden sent to Putin is he is scared to back Ukraine and attack Russia … if he attacked Russia Ukraine wouldn’t be in rubble. The world will run a muck while scared Biden is in. All Biden keeps saying is everything good for Ukraine is because of America yet America could have stopped this because they are the world police but are doing nothing. All Biden went on about is how good America is pfft. The world is laughing at Biden and because of Biden Russia and China will do what ever they like while they laugh at America. The world needs to get ready for China to be the new world power because America is handing it to China.

  5. The United States stole a nuclear weapon from Ukraine!!! for the war with Russia, we are now being given some kind of ancient types of weapons. if it weren’t for you, the Americans, the Ukrainians would not have died. no one would have climbed on us. thank you for the fact that children are dying from you !!

  6. “What blood has been shed! What heads have been hung up! Thousands of persons have been slain; thousands of women and children have become wanderers or captives; many are the buildings, which have been ruined; and how many noble races and families have become headless and homeless! ; no remedy has been discovered for this ill, nor any easy salve for this wound. [To insure] freedom of conscience and tranquility of heart and soul is one of the duties and functions of government, and is in all ages the cause of progress in development and ascendancy. Other civilized countries acquired not this preeminence, nor attained unto these high degrees of influence and power, till such time as they put away the strife of sects out of their midst, and dealt with all classes according to one standard. All are one people, one nation, one species, one kind. The common interest is complete equality, Justice and equal dealing towards all peoples on the face of the earth are the means whereby progress is effected .”
    Abdu'l-Baha, A Traveler’s Narrative, p. 86)

    “O SON OF SPIRIT! I created thee rich, why dost thou bring thyself down to poverty? Noble I made thee, wherewith dost thou abase thyself? Out of the essence of knowledge I gave thee being, why seekest thou enlightenment from anyone beside Me? Out of the clay of love I molded thee, how dost thou busy thyself with another? Turn thy sight unto thyself, that thou mayest find Me standing within thee, mighty, powerful and self-subsisting.”
    — Bahá'u'lláh, Arabic Hidden Words # 13

    “Wealth is most commendable, provided the entire population is wealthy. If, however, a few have inordinate riches while the rest are impoverished, and no fruit or benefit accrues from that wealth, then it is only a liability to its possessor. If, on the other hand, it is expended for the promotion of knowledge, the founding of elementary and other schools, the encouragement of art and industry, the training of orphans and the poor—in brief, if it is dedicated to the welfare of society—its possessor will stand out before God and man as the most excellent of all who live on earth and will be accounted as one of the people of paradise.”
    – ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, The Secret of Divine Civilization 24-25

  7. Everyone is realizing that Zelensky is a puppet manipulated by the USA.

    The Ukrainian people do not want war and the USA sending weapons.

    USA sends weapons and UKRAINE puts the dead's [ Soldiers and civilians ] and battlefield [ Destroyed infrastructure and economy ].

    This war there is no way for Ukraine to win.

    Meanwhile Ukrainian soldiers and civilians dying, even many do not want to fight.

    If Ukraine dealt directly with Russia they would reach a peace agreement, as they were achieving a few days ago, but the USA does not want to, that is why it is manipulating Zelensky.

    Where does Zelensky get that with weapons they won the war?

    If one of the disadvantages is that he is fighting on his territory.

    Perhaps the only thing that would gain is that the war lasts a little longer, which would lead to greater loss of soldiers and more intense destruction of Ukraine.

    The truth does not make sense for Ukraine to continue to resist and it would be better for Ukraine and Russia to settle things directly.

    The USA is only harassing this war for its own political convenience and wants the world to look down on Russia.

    But I don't think it will work for it, because most of the world is already well informed and is aware of the intentions behind this harassment of the war by the USA.

    It is an extreme absurdity that the USA is sending weapons so that soldiers, mostly from Ukraine, are killed instead of trying to induce Ukraine and Russia to reach a peace agreement

    Love for Ukraine 💛💙💛💙💛

  8. Praise and thank God for your assistant towards Ukraine. God with Michael the Archangel defend and bring peace to Ukraine & and Russia unlawfully war.
    God bless You President Biden & your country of America for supporting Ukraine.
    The Lord will fulfil back all you contributed towards Ukraine in thousands folds.

  9. Putin International Continental missile ⚠️ ISAIAH 54: 16☢️🔥MALACHI 4:1 ☢️🔥2nd ESDRAS 16:13:15 ☢️🔥and people praying and they say they believe in GOD and this inside the Bible scriptures ISAIAH 45:7 ☢️🔥♟️🇺🇦♟️🇷🇺♟️🇨🇳♟️🇺🇸 REVELATION 18:8-10 ☢️🔥🗽 THE DOOMSDAY CLOCK IS TICKING ☢️😷💉🤪 God bless America and no place else 🇺🇸

  10. Lady most of the money is coming in military equipment aid
    Most of the weapons we are giving to
    Them especially ammo and is coming from training stockpile we have not touched our wartime stockpile

  11. Yet, we are 20+ Trillion dollars in debt, we are sending money to other countries while at home we have significant needs in terms of jobs, high housing prices, homelessness and rising inflation.
    We need to take care of our own issues before sending our money abroad.

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