Fallout over viral video of police officer putting 8-year-old boy into back of cruiser

Legal analyst Terri Austin discusses potential legal repercussions after a Syracuse, New York, police officer put an 8-year-old accused of stealing a bag of chips into the back of a cruiser.


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44 thoughts on “Fallout over viral video of police officer putting 8-year-old boy into back of cruiser

  1. I'm suing because you told my son he was wrong for stealing and for bringing him home to me and for not putting him in handcuffs. I was put in a police car when I was 7 and I was scared but I didn't cry and I learned a valuable lesson, don't be bad.

  2. It's time to stop making excuses. Maybe this experience will help prevent him from becoming another statistic. Parents need to start raising kids to become Honest, hardworking, none vilant, thieving wastes of spaces.

  3. I love how is saying he is just a baby.But mean while these dirt bags are killing children in drive-bys get a ducking life. A 12 yr old black girl was just murdered in Binghamton by dirt bag gang members. Where is Blm now you p.o.s.

  4. As a black man it pains me when my people sympathize with criminal behavior. How come a child that is 8 years old does not know that stealing is wrong? It creates and supports a culture of crime within the black community. Generation after generation of piss poor parenting and lack of values. Then these woke reporters are complaining and sympathizing. Annoying!

  5. Typical liberal media bias trying to manipulate this story as millions outraged by the video, but the comments by the public are overwhelmingly positive and supportive of the police. Where is the moral outrage about this little thief and his father who should be outraged by the conduct of his son, not the police.

  6. Where was Kenneth Jackson when the boy stole a bike from a neighbor, and was given a appearance ticket.. He knocked a kid off his bike and stole it. This "little boy" needs a hard lesson. If not, he'll be headline news in a couple years.

  7. The cops did nothing wrong. The boy’s immigrant father is at fault! I’m black (for the race-obsessed Libs) and I say that the cops did a good job.

  8. Syracuse is a democrat crap hole. It’s nasty crime ridden and even with high taxes the infrastructure is collapsing with the bridges rusted and concrete failing, where did the money go to fix it? No one knows typical democrat haven of false dreams and stolen money.

  9. The outrage of trying to teach a child a valuable lesson. Horrors! What a cruel world we live in when parents enable their children or don't teach them the difference between right and wrong and the police have to step in to correct that behavior. An escort to the police car, to be placed in the back seat of a cruiser to be driven home to your parent's house is just so unbearable to watch. Wake up snowflakes. That one course of action by police officers in the past has changed the minds and actions of minor petty criminals to not do it again. Terri Austin – your comment makes absolutely no sense. No discipline is needed against these officers and this child sounds like he has issues. If you did your homework sweetheart, you would have read that this kid had committed petty crimes before. I would take the word of Steve Kardian and Grady Judd over yours any day. I am sure that they know that this video does not display police brutality. That argument would have been thrown out in any Polk County courtroom and that kid would have promptly been placed in a juvenile facility. The real disconnect in this world is that people are calling evil good and good evil. That is the real disconnect. Wake up world!

  10. In America we discipline the police officers trying to do whats right and teach a kid (who apparently had run ins with police before) a little bit of discipline. So that maybe 5 years from now hes not caught trying to steal a car with a gun and get shot by someone.

  11. At least on the positive side fwiw that little boy at least has a father. But just because kids have a father does not mean the father sets good examples for the kids just as in this case

  12. What the bleeding heart liberals want is for somebody like the father to put a gun in the eight-year-olds hand and tell him go shoot up people. That is what bleeding-heart liberals would like to see happen and make them happy. God forbid the father teaches his kid not to steal and if you think this was the first time this eight-year-old kid stole something you better think again

  13. This is disgusting pathetic and pitiful and a disgrace to manhood and mankind when you have grown men with guns who target and attack women children the elderly and disabled you have a force of cowardly people unlike anything on the planet not in Russia or china whose really the evil empire

  14. UPDATE: (According to NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse) Since this incident took place, the boy who was not charged or arrested in this incident, but was simply escorted home, is now facing criminal charges for a separate incident in which he allegedly stole a bike. I guess he didn't learn his lesson.

  15. The only Fallout should be that kids parents going to class to learn how to be parents and to tell their children do not touch one thing that's not theirs

  16. This is disgusting
    There is no children's and women's rights in USA
    Mental health on 8 years old is damaged
    Is there no women police officers who can be gentle

  17. This officer deserves an award!!!! He's doing his best to save this young black man from his own future. Becoming a useless scab of society and a street thug.

  18. Thank God i am not in US where my children can get arrested for stealing chips.. They are advising Indian about human rights.. first teach your police to respect your own people then think about teaching others.. Prayers for all mothers of boys and men who can get killed or arrested at whims and fancies of law enforcement officials..May creator of the World give justice for their tears and pain..

  19. I'm sorry, but what is the relationship between the parents & the child. That's what you should be asking. Come on now. Not everything is about race. It's about right & wrong

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