Moderna’s new booster works better than original | GMA

Whit Johnson gives the latest on the promising new COVID shot from Moderna.

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43 thoughts on “Moderna’s new booster works better than original | GMA

  1. So much stupid comments in here. "No blood clots for me thank you". Do you need to demonstrate that you are medically illiterate and socially gullible?
    If you knew anything about anything, you would know that this is a very premature. I don't even think this was actually tested outside of a lab. Why the announcement? Money. Being at the forefront of the covid battle can only help to boost share values. This might be ready in the fall… but nothing says a new variant will not make this new vaccine obsolete.
    This was a financial announcement, not a medical one. So stop complaining about a new vaccine that doesn't even exist yet. That doesn't sound too rational…

  2. #####warning#####

    # China is like a hyena that looks cheeky, don't care about anything but Not afraid of the pressure from anything, decisive, grab every opportunity that benefits yourself.

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    # Russia is like a crocodile that looks not busy with anything else, Stay in your own area But when there is a threat, it will be dealt with immediately, to really do, not kidding, adapt to every problem.

    # Nato is like herd of foxes that looks total Smart thing group, cunning, control the power but Likes to mess around with other areas, Just wait for the benefits, not interfere with the problem, uped together for the hope of benefits. Don't clare with anything else if it's not about your own group.

    +Taiwan should look at Ukraine as an example. when you are not in the NATO group. What can you expect from the United States? You should start letting the USA decide for sure what to do with your country. should have a contract to guarantee.

    +Other countries that are in trouble and countries that are not in the NATO group should be able to plan, if there is a problem, what to do next.

    +USA should take the problem seriously because not every problem can be solved by peaceful means.

    +USAย  don't should think other countries have the same idea as your country. You're good doesn't mean they's good to come back.

    +USA should. rethink Leadership doesn't always have to be good, but it takes decisive action.

    +The United States should reflect upon itself as to why its own country developed until now, not out of generosity, compassion.

    ###I will continue to comment like this until USA and NATO will change new thinking###

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  3. I know absolutely no one that was said to have COVID that I know was any sicker than they would have been with a regular bout of flu. Your experience may be different. I haven't had a cold in 20 years so I don't feel the need for mankind's intervention when it's not needed. I also don't have fear about much of anything. God does not give his children a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. People don't understand the Mockingbird Media and it's manipulation so as to control your opinions and your life. :"This article is about the alleged CIA program to influence the press. For the CIA wire tapping operation, see Project Mockingbird. For an overview of CIA influence on the media, see CIA influence on public opinion." Many people are afraid to step out of the boat into the reality of the real world. Trust me, if the water is cold it may give you chills but even a simple dog paddle will keep you from drowning and then you can learn to float and swim. People need to start somewhere. Not everything that jumps out at you in the dark will kill you and some of the things that lurk in the shadows and in silence are the deadliest. You can't fight if you don't know who your enemy is.

  4. I still haven't been vaccinated for anything. Still haven't gottrn sick for anything. What am I doing wrong? Is my strong immune system preventing me from getting sick? How dare it!

  5. Fool us once fool us twice, but huge majority ain't buying this BS , it's more like new and improved stock gains ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  6. Yep sure does the last booster killed 3 friends and 2 relatives of mine in less than 48 hours you are a damned fool if you get this shot! Itโ€™s not safe at all absolutely criminal whatโ€™s going on!

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