43 thoughts on “Pres. Biden asked if people should still wear masks after travel mandate was struck down.

  1. I will NEVER wear that stupid mask, nobody is going to force me, and i will never participate in this pandemic, never get vaccinated, and i will never accept it as a new normal. NEVER

  2. time for him to retired alzemier man
    american so smart the goverment cover up all truth news and lies to u people are so happy woh congratualation american waste of time with usa

  3. Presidential opinion and the actions of an independent Department of Justice are two separate things which actually used to be the policy of the US government prior to the Trump Era, when Trump, declared that the DOJ belonged to him and did his bidding. The fact that Biden let's the DOJ act without his personal interference is refreshing. Additionally we are two plus years into the pandemic and vaccines and treatments have greatly improved.

  4. Still see people driving around by themselves, windows up, wearing a mask. I treat them like they are their own religion…I disagree but don't say anything to them. It's their choice. As for the people that obviously have an XY Chromosome insisting that I have to pretend and MUST call them "she" or "her"…nope. they can go F themselves. They're free to be crazy, I'm not playing along. I'm not going to bother them but forcing me to pretend they are something they aren't, no way

  5. Such a clown world we live in. This same entity told Americans less than a year ago, that this past winter would be a dark winter for the unvaccinated. Interesting how quickly people's memories disappear and their attention shifts focus. This same entity called unvaccinated criminals and talked down on us, while millions supported this evil, tyrannical and wicked agenda.

    Now it's up to them? lol. When this entity was demanding that people mask up and social distance for the past two damn years. Oh, I almost forgot. They love their Hegelian Dialectic. They might as well shift people's attention over to the mask drama, all while they continue to destroy world economies and push their New World Order. Give the little Americans who have hope in their savior, some small hope and wins and make them feel as if things are getting better.

    Just wait until they reverse the decision later on down the line. It doesn't matter when or why they decide to, because they will. They are literally running the same script over and over and over again… Wow. This is what happens when you trust blatant evil. The world is truly a stage. People need to stop complying and creating covenants with these entities. We die for lack of knowledge.

  6. 'should protect themselves from COVID'…'when flying'…so friggin frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are concerned about COVID the last place on the planet you should be is on a plane REGARDLESS of wearing a mask or not

  7. You don't get to do the news anymore. Remind us how "everything" is Trump's fault! Russian Operative. You lost all credibility, and we are watching you FAIL. You would triple your viewership if you did real news like investigate lying cheating Hillary. Russian Operative. You didn't give the man a chance and said horrific and TRAITORIST lies. We won't just blow this off. Now Hunters Laptop$$$WTF$$$???

  8. How is anyone supposed to rob a bank without raising suspicion, or being easily identified now? Asking for a friend. Come on now, masks are for doctors, robbers, and ridiculous lefty woke folk!

  9. At this point, he realizes that ignorant people are going to do what they want anyway. The unvaccinated are the one's perpetrating the virus. Yes, you can still test positive and have mild syndrome with the vaccine, but you will not die from it.
    He's saying, wear a mask if you want or don't. He isn't saying, I agree that masks are not relevant.

  10. A better answer would have been “It’s up to them, since one judge has apparently decided to ignore our best scientists & medical researchers. If they care about their health, the health of their loved ones, and the health of others in general, then yes, because that’s what the science shows is the best way to prevent transmission of this continually-evolving virus that is still spreading through the world. If they don’t care, then I suppose they won’t. I will continue to mask, because I care.”

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