Ukraine will ‘not surrender’ to Russia: Ukrainian prime minister | ABC News

George Stephanopoulos interviews Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal on “This Week.”

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33 thoughts on “Ukraine will ‘not surrender’ to Russia: Ukrainian prime minister | ABC News

  1. Wasn't it Hitler that said everyone must do his duty and fight to the last man. The people were just fodder to him. Even having children doing his dirty work as his armed forces lay in ruins around him. He was still executing anyone who disobeyed his orders right to the very end.
    Meglamanics like Hitler and now Zelenskyy don't care about the people. Can't you see a Nazi pattern here.
    These individuals are of the same ilk, both bad actors but loving their own evil retoric and will take their own citizens into oblivion rather then face the inevitable and surrender.
    This is going to end the same way with the complete annihilation of the Neo Nazis, and the world should be thankful for Putin to put a stop to it before it gets out of hand again.
    The D/S controlled Ukrainian fascist puppet government must and WILL be defeated, with or without the help of their Fake News propaganda machine.

  2. This is not just a duty or to show solidarity with someone , this is our job like human being to help eachother to survive in this unknown world with so many unknown answers….
    We still have to evolve from being animals, (Putin not because he can't), and how can I put to understand everyone….
    I don't want to none bad things to happen, but this animals who started this war is unacceptable and must be hardly punished.
    I don't accept agresion, murderers, criminals, terrorists doing stuff like this i don't want to see people to know that nobody cares….so this is something what we have to care about because we are more than animals, we cannot go back in the past when was no law's,just murderers…
    We have to admit our way in life as human being not as a selfish leader who wants everyone dead and the whole world just for him because that's what I call the most stupid way to live..
    To live like an animal…. dieing like a psihopat…
    I will defend freedom and peace it doesn't matter if i have to die … because life is to short to live like a slave….and dieing for everything you love and respect your land and families is something what nobody can ever imagine…
    Today u can live the moment when a crazy animal is attacking u because he's stronger than u and kill everything what u love most …
    U have to look to see that nobody is doing enough because they are scared , but u are stronger day by day u live , u're getting up to survive and go forward because that's your job to defend yourself, life and your family, and for that my friends is a better moment to fight with everything u get…
    Ukraine is a beautiful land with an honest and great honor who's doing everything to defend the day after tomorrow.
    Whatever people's says don't hear it… concentrate and fight Wise.
    Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥✊❤️❤️

  3. Yes, very ¨heroic¨sending others to die. Russia should not waste any more tie and justf latten the whole place – it has the power for that a much more, and the West knows it.

  4. Blessings upon the Ukrainian people sheltering, and the Ukrainian military Protectors Defenders. Slava Ukraine, Glory to the fierce and faithful hearts of the Ukrainian People. Miracles of protections, prayers abounding.

  5. Why the HELL are we allowing this to go on? We put a stop to Germany when they were hurting the Jewish people And then we put stop to North Korea invading South Korea in Vietnam buy nucking them. & now it's Russia terrorizing the Ukrainian people!.
    We should be ashamed of the fact that we're not stepping in to do something about this I know I'm ashamed of the US military today they can suck it as far as I'm concerned.
    And I don't mean sending Aid we need our Aid I'm saying sending military troops or a nuclear bomb to do the job as we did in Vietnam if the military is too scared to do what the Ukraine people are doing by themselves

  6. Mr. Prime Minister, the hard truth is, taking into consideration Russia’s nuclear capacity and other capabilities, you can't defeat them even if the West and its allies supply you with all the weapons and materials you want. You may cause them some major harms, but you can’t defeat them. And If you keep forcing it, and desperately accepting all the weapons the West continues to supply, you will be doing it at your own detriment; carrying your country behind more than twenty (20) generations.
    The best option for Ukraine in my mind is negotiation since we already know what the Russians want (Ukraine neutrality and stop inviting NATO closer to its borders). Is it fair enough? I say yes, because America has in place the Monroe Doctrine that unequivocally prevents European powers from interfering in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere as it is considered the United States sphere of interest.

  7. Posted on Telegram by Amir Tsarfati: Russia is bombing the Azovstal factory, the Ukrainians' last holdout in Mariupol, & telling them to surrender. Separatists claim they've begun storming parts of it. Nearby civilian areas are reportedly also being shelled .

  8. Posted on Telegram by Amir Tsarfati: Russia is bombing the Azovstal factory, the Ukrainians' last holdout in Mariupol, & telling them to surrender. Separatists claim they've begun storming parts of it. Nearby civilian areas are reportedly also being shelled .

  9. Then please don't cry by coming on news channels when civilians gets targeted. You and your family are not paying anything at the end, there are civilians who are suffering if you are so serious with your words then treat every family like yours if you can't then put your own family on frontlines.

  10. who holds the major executive powers in Ukraine, the PM or the President? How about the Judiciary, are they still functional in these horrible conditions?

  11. Your Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion are surrendering left and right. These are the ones shelling and killing Ukrainians since 2014. They raid people's homes, they rape women and use Ukrainians as human shields. These are the people Russia is after. The west wants to make it look like Russia are behind these attacks, committing war crimes because of its political agenda. The truth is that the Ukrainian Azov, Aidor and "The Botsman Boys" Neo Nazi groups are the true war criminals.

  12. Your Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion are surrendering left and right. These are the ones shelling and killing Ukrainians since 2014. They raid people's homes, they rape women and use Ukrainians as human shields. These are the people Russia is after. The west wants to make it look like Russia are behind these attacks, committing war crimes because of its political agenda. The truth is that the Ukrainian Azov, Aidor and "The Botsman Boys" Neo Nazi groups are the true war criminals.

  13. WW2 like war being started to hide WW2 like genocide. Adolf Hitler exterminated 12000000 under the guise of a typhus epidemic, and now ​a corona virus pandemic. Corona means crown, and a virus attacking the crown/government is some thing exposing government (2Corinthians4:4). Revelation/Apocalypse 17,18 can only apply to one place on earth. Research it well to learn who has been behind slaughters for centuries! 1John5:19 is trying to stop Daniel12:4,2:44,45. Hitler was an unexcommunicated Catholic, who rounded up to go to concentration camps because of a supposed typhus epidemic, and they were gassed on the way by vehicle exhaust, or by zyklon B rodent extermination gas(h#$%@3n)cyanide. Just like Hitler started a World War to hide the genocide, so are they now. NATO militerizing Ukraine against Russia for a long time. NATO changed the capital of Ukraine from a Russian word to a new name. The West overthrew the Russian backed government less than 10 years ago and has been killing those still loyal to Russia and calling them separatists or Russian sympathizers. There were massive quantities of UK/US rockets and rocket launchers, which regular Catholic Ukrainians use to destroy Russian military vehicles. NATO calls Russia stupid for having all there tanks in a row, but they were coming in to defend, but the leader(an actor), Nazi sympathizer, is either ignorant or planned the attack. Does any one remember World War Two? Same happening. Trump said 2 years ago,"We'll soon at war with Russia and China". The virus disappeared, because they couldn't explain new vaccines for new variants with out testing. To get a vaccine would be a miracle in short time, but 30 miracles in a row? The virus wasn't able to lock you down and control you, so they are starting WW3. Why did virus lockdown include only being able to talk to family? To hide information. The people of Mariopul left for Catholic Poland(the land of most WW2 exterminations of the Church of Rome's enemies). Once empty, you can see on videos that buildings are being blown up like there is carpet bombing happening, but there is no missile or rocket seen in the sky. NATO invents the idea that Russia has supersonic missiles that go faster than you can see. Why would Russia use such advanced weapons to destroy low value buildings? The explosions were too big for mortar fire and in very close timing, like a controlled demolition. Meanwhile all the Catholics are safe in Poland, accept the civilians who stayed to use the NATO rocket launchers in surprise attack against an unsuspecting Russian column, there to protect Russian people. Military strategists say Russia was stupid and clumsy, how they just casually drove in. That was because they weren't attacking until they were attacked by thousands of handheld missiles. Russian media was blocked in NATO Countries(why?). If you have the truth, there is no reason to run from information. RT(Chinese CGTN also), was one of the Russian sources blocked. There was a world wide confiscation of Russian people's assets being confiscated. Russia had been asking for talks and security guarantees, but Joe said basically (@)U. This is the same as during WW2. You can not let the Church that rides the Roman Empire of Revelation Apocalypse 17,18, destroy Acts2:44(communism). Most picked up for isolation, were dead with in 70 days. Revelation says, leave the Revelation18:4 group if they don't want to receive her plagues. (Hello, if you don't want to receive her plagues!)
    ​According to Revelation 18 this group wears scarlet(Catholic Cardinals), and purple(Catholic Bishops). It refers to a city Kingdom (Rome is the only city kingdom in the world), that rules over the Kings of the earth. Where are the Kings? The Roman Empire broke in 2 and from those 2 divisions came 10 Countries. The Pope was the eleventh, but he got rid of 3, and from the 7 he is chosen, and there will be 10 again. 5 Countries on each leg of the Roman Empire. The (cross or X) is on the shields(British flag, same as Roman shield) of the the Empire, and it symbolizes the ten Kingdoms(X in Latin=10), and their religious beliefs. According to official writings no one may buy or sell or say a greeting to any one who has left the cross. The X or cross originates from the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet the tau, which means a mark, both literal and figurative. In The Bible book of Ezekiel 9, God put a tau(mark) on the people, and it was not for salvation. Revelation/Apocalypse 13:18 says you won't be able to buy or sell with out the tau(mark) of the beast(Empire). Knowingly accepting this falsehood gets you condemned. Popes have always had a mitre(triple tiered crown) with 666 on it in Latin (Vicarivs Filli Dei).
    ​Latin letters have a number associated with it. 1John5:19 attacking (Daniel12:4) Clear your browser history and cache, and YouTube search and viewing history! Please pray for me and you! Study Revelation/Apocalypse 17,18 deeply, as people are putting their life on the line for you! *There is an unclaimed open offer of 1000 000 dollars to any one who can prove that Rome(Pope) is not the man in the Temple that rides the Roman Empire of Revelation 17,18. In fact, that is why it is called the "Roman"Catholic Church.* Idols on Ste. Peter's Basilica(Rome), show that Rome is a complete fraud (Acts15, Exodus20, Deuteronomy 5). Governments mandate vaccines all over the world, which causes sabotage, boycotts, protests, walk outs and people quittng, so as to destroy businesses. Those trying to Daniel12:4 about 1John5:19. The Pope and the British Royals were found guilty of genocide, by the International Criminal Court, pre corona. Donald J. Trump attacked the International Criminal Court by the US financial system. Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump betrayed America and both satanic puppets of Rome. Revelation/Apocalypse17,18, 1John5:19, 2Corinthians4:4 is waring against God and humanity. Not NWO Daniel 12:4, but 1John5:19 OWO.* Same as the genocide and war of WW2, and plague of 1918? Think! Copy and share this information!(video record, record in audio, text, or ? They are attacking because of information exposing them. **There is two realities playing out.** 1. A corona virus pandemic and a vaccine to stop its spread. 2. Corona means crown(government) and there is a virus(information exposing/attacking the crown/government) and there is a computer/device anti virus(vaccine)(which is supposed to protect from malicious computer code) and this anti virus deletes information from your view.(turn off antivirus software!) Trade your digital vaccine pass for a paper one and they lose control! *Do it! They will go in to a frenzy because of this information.* UK just passing laws to lock people up indefinitely, with no trial, take your kids, force tests, and send to concentration camps. UK has released tender for businesses to contract cadaver services for millions of human corpses. Mass emergency poison purchase in Australia. Hitler used rat poison. Revelation/Apocalypse 17,18 ruled the world for 1260 years , as Bible foretold. Rome was beheading for observing the real Sabbath(not ((Sun)day) "lord's day" lord's day is a clever imposter of the Sabbath.) Catholic Austrian Royals ruled Germany and Catholic Austrian Adolf Hitler authorized most extermination, which were in Catholic Poland, which is now completely militarizing including school children. Revelation/Apocalypse17,18 eats it's children. ××Every one needs a 2.5 micron air quality monitor, so you can see when you are being GASSED!xx (Revelation13:15,18:5,*6*.) 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Rome planned Ukraine war for 2017(Pompeo). *The Pope is the man of sin in the(false)temple with 666, and exterminating for generations, yet the *US although it has the largest military, is naked and prostrated gratifying her Papal master, while UK readies her turn. The world was counting on you. Most cowardly in all history. America are you in agreement with Joe Biden using you to fight Rome's wars, and be at war with the entire world????? Ukraine war was started from Poland?(Italian/US forces were there) Who will obey God's Revelation18:4-8? I am not Russian. Fact finding mission finds Russia not guilty of genocide. 52 Nation Joint forces operation in Ukraine is Rome(since 2014). *Ukrainian Azov Battalion (Nazis) killing those with out blue arm bands.* Rome is staging the entire Ukraine scenario, pretending Zelensky is Mark who is an extreme athlete, or hoping he will be confused for Kiev Mayor. Mark donated much wealth and science to the world and Rome stole it. Mark noticed a saturation of Nazism in parts of Ukraine. This is a take over of Ukraine/war on Russia, by Rome. Imagine NATO Countries attacking your Country and blaming yours, so as to attack you! Ukraine says they will join with the Catholic Church, leaving the Russian Church, and that is part of the reason Rome is attacking. All Countries of the world ask NATO military to leave your Countries or confiscate it, for war crimes in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq etc etc etc! ;+!(

  14. God Bless the Ukraines', I am so pleased that New Zealand is providing military help; this says something, we might be small but we have morals, ethics, compassion…… and Putin and Putinizts are just human excrement!
    Yes the Z on the Russian Tanks etc stands for PutiniZm, PutiniZist are the modern day Nazis, they are the Fascists!
    Shame on India, we won't forget you India! So India wants to be with Russia, China, and North Korea….. India you are being Richard Heads! I used to love India…. but you are so weak…. maybe we should stop Indians migrating to New Zealand, I think it is too early to do that as I am sure India will see the light, see how stupid it has been!
    Putin, Lukashenko, Kim Jong Un, Xi Xiping….. Narendra Modi…. No Modi doesn't belong in the same bunch of evil as the rest.
    India is a decent country, and Indians are in the main lovely people so I can't put them in the same bunch as the other despots.
    May Ukraine win and death to the evil Putin, the Devil Incarnate!

  15. Russia clearly annouced at begining of war ,. prosecute zelenskey for deaths of so many he is mass murder he is not fighter he is killer,

  16. We should kick ass against Russia in Ukraine and the Biden Administration, European Union, and NATO have proven to be useless in a challenge. The most embarrassing generation of politicians in 300 hundred years. They don't have a plan, or the b___s to counter Putin. These organizations will be useless in the security in this generation. There will be millions dead around the world due to there reluctance to challenge and get involved in the destruction of a generation of people. Every day I see this stuff, it gets more and more disgusting at the weakness of these organizations. Really appalling are the photo shoots that some of the leaders went to Ukraine to get with the president to help their political career for future election propaganda. The real truth will come out when Putin wins a big chunk of Ukraine. These organizations will be complicit in Putin's win, and the genocide occurring in Ukraine.

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