Ukrainian fighters reject Russia’s ultimatum

ABC News Senior Pentagon reporter Luis Martinez discusses Ukrainian forces fighting to hold Mariupol despite an ultimatum from Russian troops to surrender or “be eliminated.”

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50 thoughts on “Ukrainian fighters reject Russia’s ultimatum

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  2. Steve Harvey: "The survey say? You chose Stupid, why?"
    Zelensky: "I chose "stupid" it's the only solution to prolong the war."
    US, NATO: "Good job clown! Here's the money."

  3. I will prove to you that Putin is murdering his theses and in thousands, I will give an example, February 27, 2022 Putin receives reports on the encroachment of Russian troops into Ukraine, in the reports he clearly writes about large losses in equipment, tanks, armored vehicles, trucks, including clearly about large losses in Russian soldiers, Putin knows well what he is doing, continuing the entry and attack (although there was a break, due to the lack of fuel, too many fuel tanks were destroyed), it does not change Putin's decision to commit suicide (kamikaze) for his soldiers . You can imagine a dozen to several dozen soldiers in weightlifters, about 9 soldiers in addition to the crew on a tank, and the losses in these vehicles are quantitatively huge !!! The American commander ordered a change of tactics due to too much loss of life, for example, the transport of air troops, parachute landing, or conversion to vehicles, trailers with equipment, driving in large distraction and most often at night. But Putin does not approach the matter like that, let his people die, Stalin had the same approach, man is nothing, even in thousands or millions of lives. Putin has a lot of Stalin 🙁 but some Russian pensioners like it incredibly. It is a specific nation that wants to self-destruct and does it. Examples, Russia used to have the most abortions, they have a lot of suicide there, they still dominate it. HIV, AIDS, the number of deaths under the influence of alcohol, and drunk homicides, and could be further mentioned … It is a nation with beautiful nature, beautiful monuments, but unfortunately the Russians love death very much, they love to die, hence the number of suicides there. It's a huge country, people deeply unhappy there 🙁 (B042)

  4. Russia is no where near as incompetent as the Main Stream puppets makes
    it out to be. If you want to see the other side of this conflict you
    need to go to Intel Slava Z on telegraph and Patrick Lancaster who
    films from eastern Ukraine in places like Mariupol. The Azov Brigade
    know they won't be given quarter by the Russians because they are
    literally Nazis and because of all the War Crimes and Atrocities they
    have committed since 2014 against the people of eastern Ukraine. War
    Crimes and Atrocities they are still committing. The residents of
    Mariupol have been given many chances to leave via humanitarian
    corridors but the Azov and Ukrainian forces have refused to let them go.
    The Ukrainian forces are no shining heroes. They have been killing
    Civilians by shelling the Donbass and Luhansk regions since 2014.
    Murdering thousands of civilians and hundreds of children.

  5. Ukrainian counter offer

    1) Putin has to apologize to ever man in Ukraine that had to evacuate and kiss thier @sses. 2) Putin gets on his knees and asks all the Ukrainian mothers who lost a child for forgiveness. 3) He takes all his troops back to the 2013 border. 4) Putin has to pay to rebuild everything he destroyed

  6. The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 13:41-42)
    – Repent. Jesus, the King of kings, is coming soon.

  7. Cowards are forcing civilians to be shields. This is criminal behavior by a bunch of nazis. They need to stop being narcissistic and surrender.

  8. Zelenskys troops killed 14,000 of his own countrymen in Dombass since 2014. He couldn't control the neo nazi Asov battalions (he did try to stop them) and thousands of men, women, children and babies were slaughtered. Where was your protest then? If you had half a brain you would realise that Putin intervened because Zelensky couldn't control these troops slaughtering Ukrainians. Do your homework for once.

    I am amazed how stupid sheeple just follow mainstream media and are too lazy to study themselves. This is why Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan got invaded on a false premise and lies because the general public buy the narrative without question. If its on DM, BBC, CNN etc it must be true.

    There's WMDs in Iraq! Invade. Terrorists in Afghanistan .. invade. Gaddafi wants to develop his own African currency.. invade. Bomb Kosovo. Bomb Vietnam and use chemical weapons (agent orange). The USA and UK are the biggest terrorist organisation in the world. Only 30 countries buy into the BS with sanctions. 140 countries won't. What is coming because of the western arrogance is security and economic alliances between Russia, China, India, Pakistan UAE, Venezuela, Brazil etc. The west is dying and the south east is rising. Its all on a path of no return and you'll never stop it. The world has had enough of American and UK arrogance and domination. Moan and call people trolls (very childish) all you want the West is dying. The horse has left the gate never to return. Rest in peace The West, I don't mourn for you!!!

  9. Yeah I forgot how a high explosive bomb in a steel plant will be a hard fight for Russians. Talk about letting people die for no reason , this is zelensky, this is how he cares for you , his pr bs propaganda means more than your lives . Russia twice have offered you humanitarian gestures to walk away and save your lives instead of being ripped apart by shrapnel from the plant . Zelensky says fight till last man , what a clown he is

  10. Wow it must be costing russia a fortune to keep all these trollbots working overtime. Do you guys get paid up to $7 a week now?

  11. USA bankers are behind all this madness, They want to give up but uncle Sam don't let them because the USA dollar is in serious danger but China and Russia are allies and the new global leaders of this century, game over !

  12. First Russia is like yeah they all surrendered, then they are like yeah surrender or we kill you. Can't trust anything Russia says, Ukraine is showing how to be honest during war.

  13. 80 thousand Ukrainians joined Hitlers waffen ss in the 1940s today they are known as Azovs. Zelinsky should be hung for burning people alive and the murder of 14000 women and children in the Donbass. Supporting nazis is spitting on the graves of our veterans. Shameful

  14. The Ukraine won't be eliminated… Why? Because it has secret battalions from many countries (including UK and USA) posing, and fighting as Ukrainian battalions. The Ukraine also has state of the art artillery, tanks and planes which are also being manned by UK and USA fighters. So make no mistake, Ukraine is not fighting alone. The media, and presidents have to make it look as so, so Putin keeps his finger off the 'red button'.

    God bless all.

  15. Hey,people all over the world!Help us,Ukrainians! We know how to fight. We know how to win. But without sustainable and sufficient supplies requested by Ukraine, these wins will be accompanied by enormous sacrifices. The more weapons we get and the sooner they arrive in Ukraine, the more human lives will be saved!

  16. russian army has turned out to be as inept as it is barbaric, and must draw mercenaries from Syria and Chechnya to maintain its positions.

  17. Excuse me "Ukrainian fighters reject Russia's ultimatum" is not true. The fighters did not reject. They sent numerous massages to Kiev to get permission to surrender. It's Kiev government which rejects Russia's ultimatum. Apparently, Kiev prefers to martyr the fighters at the alter of Ukrainian glory.

  18. Just Surrender already! As Woody from Toy Story would say, You are a Russia! They could westernize Russia from the annexation!

  19. The Ukrainian SBU is preparing a new provocation to accuse Russia of "war crimes": massacres in the Odessa region, the Russian Defense Ministry reports. According to operational data, SBU officers will change into Russian uniforms and shoot civilians, and footage of "Russian atrocities" will be promoted through Ukrainian and Western news agencies.


  20. Before we accept the next news report, perhaps we would be better off to question the motives behind the news report.

    Is it really the truth that is being reported, or could this information benefit the billionaires and governments who are sharing it with us?

  21. I would surrended. There is no meaning killing yourself for nothing and nobody. Life is much more important. Besides there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity.

  22. Why does Russia need this war??? The Ukrainian media talk about underdeveloped bloodthirsty Russians who assert themselves at the expense of war and want to take over the whole of Europe. So they began to say in Europe. But in recent years, the United States has been preparing Ukraine for this war and provoking a war. The approach of NATO, military bio laboratories, preparation for the creation of nuclear weapons, ethnic cleansing of the Russian population. Russia was left with no choice. Russia is not interested in the territories of Ukraine and Europe. Russia is interested in its own security.

  23. You don't get to do the news anymore. Remind us how "everything" is Trump's fault! Russian Operative. You lost all credibility, and we are watching you FAIL. You would triple your viewership if you did real news like investigate lying cheating Hillary. Russian Operative. You didn't give the man a chance and said horrific and TRAITORIST lies. We won't just blow this off. Now Hunters Laptop$$$$WTF$$$

  24. У Берліні все важче знайти житло. Сайти нерухомості помічають незвичайне збільшення пропозиції: оренда кімнат в республіках в обмін на секс. Вимога не є злочином. І жінки України там, вразливі, і ви вбиваєте себе. ЧИ ВАРТО ЖЕРТВУВАТИ?

  25. The proportion of the public that would accept higher fuel prices as a consequence of tough Western sanctions on Russia fell 14 points in a month, from 50 per cent in March to 36 per cent this week. | The Daily Telegraph

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