American Marine veteran released from Russian prison

Russia and the United States have carried out a prisoner exchange trading Marine veteran Trevor Reed for a convicted Russian drug trafficker.


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27 thoughts on “American Marine veteran released from Russian prison

  1. Why do Americans keep traveling to these hostile countries like Russia, Iran, and North Korea? With many US friendly countries Americans can go and spend their dollars. I won't travel to these countries to pick up a million dollars for free.

  2. Welcome home Marine! We still have a few more prisoners in Russia that we need to get out…. And then there's that tall black chick I think she plays beer pong or something.

  3. Why is the US media, particularly Fox News, celebrating his release? He got blackout drunk and assaulted a cop. As someone who supports the police, I'm not at all happy that our government spent time, money, and political capital on this guy.

  4. Now, bring that same Uncle Sam heat to bear for Brittany. She lives and plays in Russia during the WNBA off season. She knows the deal about weed there. Trumped up charge!

  5. Vote to get rid of Biden, AOC and the Squad in the next election 🚙🚙🚙🚙🚙🚙👍👍👍..Let's Go Brandon!!!🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  6. What a great job, the whole foreign service crew and President Biden did….for getting former US Marine… out of prison in Russia. (The best news in a long time, is this story today.) Enlightening considering… the bad warfare going on in Ukraine with Russia federation troops…. there as well. Handsome Trevor Reed looked pretty skinny and needed help in and out of the US military plane today. A strong young man with a strong , wonderful family. Doesn’t get better than… that. Wowie. 💛Thank you! 🇺🇸💙⭐️

  7. ⚡Two American mercenaries were seriously injured in Orekhovo.

    Manus McCaffrey and Paul Gray former US Army soldiers fought as part of the Javelin ATGM crew on the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    And today at about 14.35 in the Orekhovo area they were waiting for Russian tanks that were approaching the city from Novotishkovsky.

    It was at that moment that the allied forces began an artillery bombardment, and one of the shells landed near the position of the American mercenaries.

    Both received shrapnel wounds to the face, head and body, and a concrete wall behind which he was hiding also fell on a mercenary with the surname Gray.

    Currently, both Americans are in the hospital and apparently they will not be able to return to Orekhovo – the allied forces are already fighting inside the city.

    Every single Mercenary fighting on the side of Ukraine will be hunted down and exterminated.

  8. 🇺🇦The Kiev regime has not ceased its attempts at provocations to accuse the Russian Armed Forces of war crimes.

    ▫️Another such staging with the alleged deaths of civilians as a result of fabricated shelling by Russian units has been prepared by experts of the information and psychological operations of the AFU for its presentation to the world public in the coming days.

    ▫️In order to make staged photo and video recordings and to invite representatives of Ukrainian and Western news agencies (including the USA, Latvia, the UK and Poland) to the central market in Lisichansk, which the day before was mistakenly shelled by units of the 57th AFU motorized infantry brigade, broken equipment is being brought to the central market; ambulances bring bodies of AFU soldiers dressed in civilian clothes.

    ▫️This scenario, above all with regard to its own people as well as dead Ukrainian servicemen, replicates Nazi atrocities during the Great Patriotic War, but with the modern approaches of the Kiev regime.

    ❗️We warn the so-called civilised west in advance that this and other similar bloody fakes on the part of the Kiev authorities about alleged "Russian atrocities" are soon to be widely spread in the media and on internet resources.

    📄Full text of the Statement of the Joint Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian Response

    #MoD #Russia #Ukraine #HumanitarianResponse

  9. I am definitely glad he’s on his way home. The timing of this however, does bring about suspicion and it’s further proof that the citizens of this country are withheld from the bigger truth. It makes you wonder what goes on behind the scenes of our government. I’m glad he’s home.

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