President Biden gives remarks on the war in Ukraine

President Biden calls for $33 billion in supplemental aid for Ukraine over the next five months and announces a legislative proposal to crack down on Russian oligarchs.


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45 thoughts on “President Biden gives remarks on the war in Ukraine

  1. This Devil only talks about funding funding funding for continuous war but never talks about stoping the war through negotiations
    America has always been funding for War but no peace

    Just listen to this ass hole whats the point funding a country who cant win the fight
    Whats the point ?
    Its just making Ukraine more weak and casualties increasing and cities turning into rubbles

    Whats the point of funding?
    Instead why don’t America help negotiating?

    USA wants Russia to use Nukes so that USA can start full fledge War
    Thats it
    But thing is china is waiting for western move
    And like putin said then there will be lightning strikes from Russia and China together

    End of America
    End of Europe

    Peaceful world 🙏

  2. We cant afford it. We cant afford anything because of you joe. Nobody has ever spent as much as you already have. Nobody. Ever. In recorded human history and what do we have to show for it? Now you pick a fight with russia?

  3. Even (Forest Gump) would be Much More Better President……Why Now does Biden Support Ukraine exacerbated after the facts. Because Putin doing military drills at its borders a year ago…. Remember when Nothing was done then?? …. Hey joe what do you know? Nothing!! Nothing!! Only a puppet of the DemoRats. And yet Harris still in space too….😂😂😂😂

  4. I wouldn't even let Germany "do the right thing"

    It may not be what everyone wants but we have to go to a sort of war. The whole world is gonna be hunting this man down.

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  6. Corrupt , Biden , And The Just Delusional , Corrupt, Liberals ! Biden Is Senile , And Delusional Liberal Controlled Puppet ! Biden Is A Complete Embarrassment For America , Not Leading The World But Following And Using The Liberal's Talking Points , More Concern With Their Climate Control Than Helping The American People ! Sadly, Biden And The Liberals Are Hurting Americans Just To Attain Their Delusional Liberal Agenda !

  7. That's $33 billion of our taxypayer money that could have gone towards fixing homelessness (including almost 30,000 veterans), healthcare, childcare, elder care, paid vacation time and maternity leave, liveable wages, tuition-free community college, and so much more. I've just about had enough of this. Bernie 2024!!!

  8. Why does Pres.Putin make and give an example of his small nuclear power threat to the land of Ukrain for the NATO and US will go to the negotiations table for Putin to assured his win and for his rules to be addopt as new ruler of the new world order…

  9. People said President Trump was mentally unfit. He took a test and released the results. Question: Why doesn't President Joe Biden do the same? Answer: Because he can't stay in the lines when he colors. It's ok. Hunter will clean up those lines with a straw. 😁

  10. The protection of democracy is real cost and if not done the inversion already in Ukraine will be lost maybe depending in the desicions made by all congress…

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  12. Great!!! We're all starting to get bored with the footage and headlines. Hurry and send more expensive, bigger and flashier bombs please. Maybe some cool looking vehicles also. That'll really excite the kids watching on television.

  13. Lemme get this right…the Ukraine Azovstal Battalion are neo-nazi's….the US is supporting Ukraine and the Azovstal Battalion with weapons and money…wait a minute… doesn't that make the US…forget it.

  14. We all have a stake in Ukraine and what this war embodies. It's pretty simple. Think about Putin's raping of Ukraine and ask yourself "Is this right?" If Putin is wrong, then you have a moral obligation to help defend Ukraine AND prevent Russia from committing future aggressions.

  15. OH, HELL NO! This is corrupt US Politicians Profiteering with OUR FKN TAX DOLLARS! Democrats are spending your tax dollars to buy weapons from American Arms manufacturers at inflated prices! Who in return, are paying off democrat investors! How much money are people like Nancy and Paul Polosi raking in from "Saving Ukrainians from PUTIN'S WAR" This only making politicians MILLIONAIRES! No were not paying for this! Stop this CORRUPTION right now!

  16. Biden shakes his hand in thin air and he’s supporting billions of dollars to Ukraine. Sorry but my eyebrows are raised for this move. Ukraine is one of the most corrupted in Europe politically. Look it up for yourself.

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