Russia cuts off gas deliveries to Bulgaria and Poland l GMA

The country has reportedly suspended all natural gas deliveries to the two NATO members as tensions continue to escalate in the eastern part of Ukraine.

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  2. This should not be an issue. The white imperialist countries (EU/UK/NATO) control the entire Middle East and those Arab Sheikhs are well enslaved to their white masters. Also EU/NATO has military bases and aircraft carriers stationed there. The west also controls all the major supply routes: Suez Canal, Panama Canal, Malacca straits among others. So oil/Gaz would not be any major issue for the west. The west will probably not hesitate to bomb the gulf countries if they don't provide Gaz/oil to the west. Only time will tell if the Gulf will make their own decisions keeping the entire world in mind. EU and NATO will probably send a message to the gulf countries of what it is capable of and reduce gulf countries to the likes of Libya and Iraq or impose tough sanctions like they did on Iran and Venezuela. They can also resort to bullying and threatening African countries like Algeria, Nigeria, Libya and Angola in the coming days.

  3. Why doesn't the point seem clear the russians have been plotting for yrs to make their move I'm saying take down USA keep printing money without the abilities of worth you'll see

  4. Everything in life's are like that. Paid or No service. If you don't paid your property taxes. What do you think the government will do?

  5. I don't know where are you all from, maybe Asia, but you obviously do not understand whats actually going on in Europe. Poland is preparing for it for decades. It has 70% of the reserves, the biggest gas port on the baltic sea, big amount of coal resources, and now is establishing a new sea pipeline Baltic Pipe, after which it will be fully independent from russian energy. It will happen in the end of this year, till then reserves will be enough, Biden is also considering sending over some supplies that were supposed to go to Japan. Everybody were expecting that, it was supposed to happen, but in comparison to Germany, Poland was preparing for it since 2008.

  6. If you think it's bad for countries to depend on Russia for gas and oil, it'll be much worse if they take Ukraine. Then they will control a very large part of the food supply and can bring Europe to their knees.

  7. You fools that count on Russian gas were indifferent to Ukraine having the gas supply turned off in the winter of 2009 and again in 2014. You buried your head in the sand and now shocked that it has happened to you.. self reliance is the best variant or partnerships with civilized person's. How can you be shocked? Start today on back feeding the pipeline from Danish port terminals before the winter comes and consumption goes away up. For your information, though it is beyond the corporate and government quarterly planning calenders,,,, there is another winter coming in less than a year.

  8. I remember watching the German experts laughing at Trump when he predicted this. No trump fan but funny to point out again that maybe just maybe you discriminated against someone w/ orange skin and weird hair because someone told you to. Find logic folks, don't always believe your first opinion as your brain may be washed as well, just lik e mine was. Find many sources, make your OWN judgements and learn from mistakes. Best we can do w/ so much propaganda

  9. Maybe it's time to invest in the ruble, since the dollar and the euro are worthless now that you can't buy a single tube of gas or oil with them. 😂

  10. China has an oiL gLuT wiTh 3 major ciTies on covid Lockdown. We goT 5monThs to figure this ouT before winTer for Europe. They wiLL be ouT aLoT of rubLes

  11. 💛💙This is a speech of Sergey, callsign Volyna from AZOV Battallion. "I am temporarily acting the commander of the 36th Marine Brigade, we have been conducting combat operations in full encirclement for 62 days. Now we are geographically located at the AzovStal enterprise. We are carrying out tasks together with a unit of the Azov Battalion and other units that are in encircled as a result of hostilities in Mariupol. There are more than 600 different on difficulties wounded soldiers in our unit. They require very much in medical care. There are no conditions, no medicines, no medical staff who could help them. We have wounded civilians, whom we also provide assistance which we are able. There are still civilians with us here, there are hundreds of them, there are dozens of children, many people with disabilities, many old people. The situation is very difficult. There are huge problems with water, food, ammunition. I made an appeal to all the world leaders, I appealed to Pope Francisco, I screamed as much as I could so that we could be heard and the Extraction procedure would be applied to us. I would like to give an example of an operation in 1940, World War II, Great Britain and France ended up on the coast of France during the hostilities, German troops completely surrounded them, and Hitler personally ordered to stop and not defeat in order to give possibility to the allied states to evacuate. More than 300,000 people were saved during the evacuation. The evacuation was carried out by all means: by boats, by civilian ships, by fish schooners. People were being saved by civilians, and military, and various organizations, and ordinary people who cared. TODAY MY MAIN MESSAGE IS: SAVE the MARIUPOL garrison; apply the Extraction procedure to us, today it is not 1940, today is 2022, people here will die.

    The wounded will die and the others will die in battle. Civilians are dying here in bunkers with us, in apartment houses, where they are simply shot. Thousands of people have already died in the city. The city is practically wiped off the face of the earth. Thank you, we really appreciate and wait for your help".

  12. Dirty…. that's selfish, cruel and pure evil against free country's…
    This is the most important proof that Russia will always blackmail country's and creating Chaos around the world.
    This is no doubt…
    I see everyday a new attack what Russia is doing and not just against Ukraine, against everybody.
    They are so stupid under Putin's regim because Russian tv news are producing evey day lie after lie with no shame on his land and people…
    That hilarious….

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  15. Your headline should be: "Poland and Bulgaria refuse to pay for Russian gas." They can get Russian gas, they just are required to pay in roubles like Germany is already doing

  16. Two months into the war on Ukraine, why have Europeans allowed the US, which is of course not part of Europe, to dictate reckless policies against Russia over what are purely European issues? Is this a desperate last ditch effort to halt American and Western decline?

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