Melissa Lucio’s execution halted

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles has now ordered a court to consider new evidence in the Texas mother’s murder case. ABC’s Rhiannon Ally has the details.


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41 thoughts on “Melissa Lucio’s execution halted

  1. Someone give the gospel the good news about the Messiah Yeshua to Melissa
    G-d is merciful hope she makes peace with G-d before she goes
    The last will be first

  2. The interrogation says it all. I mean you would be crying for the death of your child for many days after especially if you’re not guilty. She seems like she doesn’t care. I guess she deserves a new trial 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. She’s Hispanic , looks aborigène aborigène origine so yea she’s guilty , she’s a terrorist !!!!! The fact is there is no solid prove she killed and the admission was forced and event so not clear !!!! American justice system is rotten , bias , just look at Johny deep case!!!! You can’t condemn someone without solid prove ,

  4. mother of 14 ? wow god bless!! tell me did her daughters primary dr. see any of these signs of physical abuse before the accident? what about signs of abuse on her other children? He older Kids told people they saw the child fall, so why is she behind bars again?? Sounds like racism to me….

  5. I see that Ms. Lucio's family is holding the press conference right now, asking for her immediate release from prison!!! I don't think it's going to happen but time will tell. If they're is NEW evidence then it needs to be shown to the Judge & she either needs a new trial or be released. If she's innocent & they would have executed her, then chose to look at the evidence, it would be way too late!! The State of Texas would DEFINITELY have a lawsuit on their hands then. I want JUSTICE FOR BABY GIRL MARIAH!!🙏🏻🕊️💐💔 I encourage you to read & study everything about this case!! You'll be VERY surprised by what you find out!! I don't mean by just watching the Hulu documentary. Do some research and really study everything about this story!! You'll find yourself thinking differently than before!!!

  6. I’ll look at it this way she says her daughter Alexandra is the one who hated and beat it up on the two year old little girl Maria. She could’ve stopped it she could’ve taken her older daughter to get help for her behavior towards her sister. Once she saw that kind of an attitude from her daughter towards her other daughter there should’ve been a stop to the abuse of the little girl. There’s some serious psychological issues going on with the older girl if the little girl has so much hate and is able to hurt approves of her sister or worse kill her the way that she did. I feel Melissa Lucio is guilty in the sense that she did not take full responsibility of her daughters actions and didn’t protect her younger daughter 100% like she should’ve. Maybe her case was miss handled but during the interrogation if she knew she had and killed her daughter or Causes injurie she should’ve said so. The stupidest thing she could’ve done is taking the blame for something she didn’t do she should’ve been honest and said hey my daughter has psychological problems and she needs help but that at the same time I can understand that she’s trying to protect her older daughter but that’s not addressing the problem of the older daughter having serious psychological problems that are not addressed and causing murder to her own sister

  7. If you're paying attention to this obviously guilty woman's case, its because they dont want us paying attention to Ghislane Maxwell's case…Theyd rather you hear about melissa lucio and johnny depp

  8. I wouldn’t celebrate yet till she is truly free and with her family as she should be ✊🏻😔 that would be the true justice be strong sis God is good and just he will get u throw this❤️

  9. How many innocent people are incarcerated or have been killed by the state because of the horrible, inefficient interviewing techniques of these corrupt investigators?! This is an outrage!!!

  10. Medical examiner reported human bites on child in different parts of body— this is child abuse in my book— however, delay in treatment , especially in child, whether accidental fall or not

  11. I don't know what really happened no body does, but I do know this. If Casey Anthony is a free woman after killing her daughter then this woman needs a retrial there are some strong inconsistencies here. That's worth looking into period

  12. She’s a monster ! Come one people have you seen the pictures of this poor baby !? Why would a baby have bruises all over her small body!

  13. I honestly believe she is innocent, & if other people feel differently every body has the right to their own opinions we are nobody to judge , only GOD he is the one we will be facing on Judgement day.

  14. So, what they are saying is everybody is lying & that the baby that was beaten to death never happen. Lets not forget the baby was only 2 years old covered in bruises & a broken arm. & they are fighting to get the killer off. Where's justice for the baby?

  15. If someone kills a person, then they should of course be punished. The severity of that punishment is debatable. But what is utterly absurd, is that if you murder someone just before birth, then according to some jurisdictions, that is OK. If you murder them a day after birth, then that is a punishable crime.
    Surely every person who murders an infant, from conception to birth, should face the same consequences as someone murdering a person after birth.

  16. So the family prefer to support a child murderer than their little helpless relative. Nice family. With future children entering the family, makes a person sick, they should remove any child from this family supporting a child murderer, sickened to the core.

  17. All the people with these negative comments look like they haven’t seen the documentary and commenting without knowing what 😂😂

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