Ohio Senate race tests former President Trump’s influence on GOP | ABC News

ABC News Congressional Correspondent Rachel Scott reports on the Ohio Senate race on “This Week.”

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39 thoughts on “Ohio Senate race tests former President Trump’s influence on GOP | ABC News

  1. Vance will happily blurt out whatever is profitable for him at any given point in time.

    I currently live in the exact area of Ohio Vance used in Hillbilly Elegy to illustrate the "white working class" as drug abusing, uneducated, lazy, child neglecting, fist fighting over Thanksgiving dinner, white trash.

    While you have plenty of that in this area (as in ANY area); Vance's stereotyped version of all peoples, belonging to his PREVIOUS social class, is so noxious that Hillbilly Elegy is insulting instead of motivating. Even failing to simply explicate to his readers, who still find ourselves without the jobs we had ten years ago, five years ago, pre-pandemic; how this is our doing and a choice we consciously made. He has done nothing but patronize and aggressively alienate those he states he's trying to tough love into a better lot in life.
    If only we would get up off the couch and get a job!
    Thanks for the advice, Vance! Maybe I can fit a fourth in! My seventeen year old already works two while finishing HS and career training. He is going to be so excited to learn he can look forward to you motivating him into another! Lazy teens, ya know! Still finds time to help me coordinate coupons and add every item we put in the cart to make sure we don't suffer the embarrassment of returning an item at the register.

    We don't need another politician to condescend to us, we don't need another politician who is worth millions while his constituents earn an average of $35k annually.
    A politician who is an enlightened, upper-class liberal exclaiming how my ten year old car is poisoning their air one day and a republican telling me how my children don't deserve dental care because I'm either too lazy OR make too much, tomorrow.
    Yeah, give me some MORE of that!

    Stop insulting our intellect and frankly, our patience.
    You could always return to sunny California and proselytize to your ivy league colleagues on the "hillbilly" mindset over brunch.
    If they'll have ya back, since you're a switch hitter and all…

    It is apparent that Vance is a man of little conscious. He dissimulates his political leanings, morality and character to whatever group he's pandering to, or is currently signing his checks. He assumes that we're all too ignorant to question the motivation for his blatant doublespeak and inability to take ownership of his whiplash inducing political affiliates and ideologies.

    His book is clear;
    He believes that the white working class is ignorant, uncouth and just decidedly disgruntled.
    All while refusing to get off our collective "lazy ass" and attempting any meaningful change on our own behalf to better our own circumstances.
    That's what he believes about you and yours and me and mine. Just like the rest of them. Manchin is on a yacht while plenty of people in WV can't afford clean drinking water. We're not being robbed into a third world country, we already have been.

    He believes that the people of Appalachia are willfully ignorant and contented to follow any leader willing to point a finger of blame and say "that's who is responsible for your position in life. I'll lead you into the promise land of no longer calculating your groceries before checking out, paying all bills on time and affording to plan for an emergency, much less a future."
    He truly believes we neither want nor deserve it.

    We'll continue, according to him, to waste our money, refuse to work and spend what little money we have frivolously and with no regard to tomorrow. Hell, he may he right about that, it's hard to save up for a future I try to avoid thinking much about these days.

    I imagine, in my home, we'll be working until we, quite literally, die.
    That's our collective future, for all of us. All while republicans point the finger at democrats and they point it right back. The camera is off and they're patting each other on the back on the way to the bank.

    I imagine I'll pass away the same as my father, a week before his fiftieth birthday at work after burying his mother two days prior, who was herself forced to live off of meager disability support until she died, injured at work in her factory job she had to support her family. Forced monthly to choose between insulin and heart medication or groceries. Still believing in the American dream straight into a dementia diagnosis…

    Vance knows what the rabid masses are craving and he's happy to sellout to provide them with an undeserving scapegoat. All while ignoring or addressing the ever worse living standards, income disparities, "zip code destiny", any of the more nuanced and systemic reasons people end up living in third world conditions in my own/VANCE's zip code. He's part of the party that keeps us poor, alongside Pelosi, alongside Trump, etc.. They're all the party of the rich nobility and we're the new sharecropers/serfs. Same dynamic, different century.
    Telling us to be jealous of each other instead of demanding a change where it matters. They keep us entertained with frivolous matters and they work us until we're too tired to even care. Much less mount any real constructive changes to their kleptocracy. Round and round we go.

    Vance has zero respect for and he will have zero candor with his constituents.

    Rant over and out.

  2. At this point the best thing we can do is sit back, get some popcorn, and enjoy this hilarious display of stupidity

  3. Notice how the commie globalists at ABC completely left out the one dependable patriot running for the US Senate seat of RINO Rob Portman – candidate Mark Pukita! ABC will NOT cover PATRIOTS! That's all you need to know!

  4. The GOP race is about who is the biggest sniveling skeeve. Though it now looks like Vance will win, Screech Mandel is definitely the biggest sniveling skeeve. Always was – always will be. BTW, every Trump rally supporter is always shown as some fat hillbilly or a half a retard. Pretty accurate coverage.

  5. Mitar Tarabic foretold that Trump's confrontation with China will begin to destroy world peace and begin World War III.
    He is a more accurate prophet than Nostradamus.

    If you want peace, prepare for war…

  6. Trump's coming back 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 Freedom of speech 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲. Thank you Elon 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  7. That is a "reich" violation of robotics! Trump is a human being not a robot! Or an asian robotic. I mean get real how do you come up with a robotic human. Get real. Emotional robotic testing in politics too? I would like to know how many politicians have tatoos also.

  8. Ohio state has happily exported their manufacturing sector to China and they blame the Democrats.
    GOP leaders been helping export jobs since Nixon's opening to China.
    Trump has no plan for Ohio. 🐑🤡💩🧠

  9. Trump shouldn't be talking.
    He's a traitor, couldn't accept most Americans hate him.

    He obviously never read the constitution. Doesn't understand the Separation of Powers, and why it exists.

    The fool thought the President was an American king. We have no single person that has total power to stop the uninformed like Trump.

  10. Ohioans will most likely follow trump nazi right off a cliff…..good riddance!! Forgive them, they know not what they do…..
    Its not often that a man destined for prison leads a party off a cliff🤮🤮🤮

  11. Ohio I hope you can do better then supporting a traitors hand picked cultists, don't let them win or you will get another MTG clone into Congress, vote blue.

  12. In the Ohio Senate race I'll be Supporting Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Tim Ryan as I believe Ryan is the right person to serve in the United States Senate from Ohio.

  13. I live in Ohio and all his commercials are 95% of him saying he is Trump endorsed and nothing about what he plans on doing for the people, Vance HATES trump but is hoping Trump’s endorsement gets him in and not on his own merits

  14. Think for yourself … Actions speak louder than words. Republicans choices should be checked for any connection to Trump election lie or thought it was ok to side with Trump's choice to hold up military equipment for long time (inhumane) cause he wanted gossip on another candidate. Should have been given automatically with no preconditions,not sent under media pressure. Trump policies sucked for everyone during his ONE TERM IN OFFICE. Republicans haven't voted in a majority for hire min wage, better medical, dental , vision at any time in last 5 years . Vote for equity and life improvement.

  15. You don't get to do the news anymore. Remind us how "everything" is Trump's fault! Russian Operative. You lost all credibility, and we are watching you FAIL. You would triple your viewership if you did real news like investigate lying cheating Hillary. Russian Operative. You didn't give the man a chance and said horrific and TRAITORIST lies. We won't just blow this off. Now Hunters Laptop$$$$$$WTF$$$$$

  16. When you guys were talking about whether Florida was a swing state you ignore the fact that in 2020 the Republicans put forth two phony Republican candidates who shared the exact same names of the legitimate Democrat candidates and barely beat them just by a handful of votes and that was cheating. You also ignore the fact that someone was arrested for registering thousands of people as Republicans that had not asked to be registered as Republicans. Too bad for you that I can read and I remember

  17. #stupidtrump is trending because he took a cognitive test to prove he isn't an idiot, then he gloats about passing a test that basically just shows that you are not suffering from a stroke more or less, a test that was probably hard for him, but thinks he's a genius for passing.

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