Russian offensive shows no sign of slowing down in Ukraine I ABCNL

President Biden formally nominates the current Slovakian ambassador to serve as U.S. ambassador to Ukraine as people in Mariupol are unable to escape through humanitarian corridors.

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34 thoughts on “Russian offensive shows no sign of slowing down in Ukraine I ABCNL

  1. The east of Ukraine is a different fight. It requires much heaver tanks, artillery, missiles. So far the Javelins, Nlaw, Stinger, AT4 has been instrumental in stopping the Russian army from taking Kiyv. More heavy weapons need to be transferred from German, French, British and Eastern Europe countries to not only hold a defensive line but go on the offence. Offensive action is the best defence. This is not Vietnam where US was fighting a limited war. The Russian war in Ukraine is now a full offensive war in Ukraine. Ukraine need the help of the entire world including those countries that have thus far stayed neutral. We are seeing unprecedented human suffering that has not been witnessed since WWII which I hoped to not see in my life time. This is a fight for the freedom of not just of a nation but the very foundation and ideals of democracy that made the world prosper at an unprecedented level and that this world has enjoyed for more than 50 years. The fall of Ukraine will be the fall of civilization as we know it and will set the world back 50 years. When our children look back 50 years from now they will say we safe guarded their safety and prosperity by decisive action and by a unity of the world that is seldom seen today in the 20th century. It is not just a fight of US, Europe, Australia, Canada but it is truly a fight that will bring the family of the human race together to stop tyranny and raise the flag that all nations and peoples stand united as one against tyranny and oppression. I wish to thank all those past, present and future who gave their lives for us in armed forces with deep gratitude.

  2. russian army is the most disgraceful army in the world – it shoots civilians, rapes, loots, murders! Same like ISIS. Putin wears a jacket for 18,000 dol., his soldiers in Ukraine steal bras and panties for their wives.

  3. Ukraine not wining the war?!
    Ukraine hero people full of freedom not in Moscow?
    Confusion spread.

  4. What is the difference between journalists in Ukraine and journalists in North Korea?

  5. PUTIN, barbaric criminal
    Putin is a great barbarian killer.
    He must immediately stop his inhuman war!
    He has already done too much harm and caused too much suffering! The respected Russian people should not approve of his madness and immediately overthrow him from the throne.
    This criminal is a real shame for all Humanity in the 21st century.
    It should be locked up now (for life) so that no more horrors can be done.
    We solemnly appeal to all people of good will in Russia and other countries to respond promptly. The danger is too great!!"
    Noël TUY, kdp "Letter to Mr. Putin" Please forward this text

  6. Warrior clans like Russian speaking Cossacks have a loose nut somewhere in their heads. The Cossack soldiers fight on defending pre-destroyed steel plants of Mariupol in 2022. During ww2, an additional 400000 Cossack warriors died by defending pre-destroyed factories of Stalingrad. The same thing is happening in Russian speaking city of Mariupol in the two rebel region of Donbass. I would rather sign a peace treaty saying Kyiv will not join the non terrorist group NATO-OTAN for 100 years. Once the peace treaty is signed, it will usher in peace and stability. Nearly all top 20 cities of Ukraine are Russian speaking cities, according to a comment in youtube by a person named

    "Hello from Kyiv". Gazprom official sez gas supplies through pipelines will restart very soon if Poland and Bulgaria puts it in writing that their economies are in shambles (a word used by President Obama),then the gas supply through pipelines of gas and heating oil will restart almost immediately. Gas from Gazprom pipelines will be freely given to all citizens of Poland and Bulgaria. Gazprom sez Warsaw and Sofia just has to write to Gazprom saying they cannot afford the low prices gas and low priced heating oil and to write a copy of the same letters to the press and reporters that their economy is in shambles for gas supplies to re-start almost immediately and for receiving free gas.

  7. The world must admit Russian military power How come ?? where 1 country russia vs NATO country where is led by America which is said to be a superpower but in fact America dared to play a gang. America should be ashamed to interfere in other countries' problems. here we can see that the Russian military strength is far above the American military strength … bravo russia protect your country's sovereignty make the world balance by reducing the power of nato allies the most powerful in the world Russia is a Soviet heritage country that is highly respected by the world we are from Indonesia


  8. Zelemsky, Porochenko and etc. they are responsible for everything bad that has happened in Ukraina. Zelemski had to stop the genocide of the people of el Dombass (14,000 civilian victims) in time. Zelemski is responsible for all the deaths in Ukraine because he provided the people of Ukraine with human shields to provoke World War III. 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇪🇸

  9. Russia, conducting war on Ukraine for some reason in personal. but how dare you rape young Ukranian girls in Ukraine… no nation that did injustice to girls especially hu raping flourished, see Srilanka's situation now…. learn lesson. conduct war don't rape innocent girls…. RUSSIA WILL BE SURELY CONE DOWN TO DUST if your army continues raping…MARK MY WORDS

  10. Even Mikhail Gorbachev is going to be very disappointed about this. It's understandable that you got people who are good Russians, and you got people who are bad Russians. Even Nikolai Volkoff would be upset about this, since he detested Soviet communism.

  11. The west provoked this military operations of Russia.
    After Russia, Ukraine is the second largest agricultural supplier in the world. If these cultivation areas are eliminated, nutrition will become really really expensive. We are talking here about at least a sixfold increase in all prices for food.
    And the stupid screech "war" again and once again understand nothing…, nothing at all.


  13. What a scumbag of a leader. Would sacrifice his own people to a superpower hostile takeover just to save face to the sjw's in America.

  14. The time for negotiation is long over. Talking will only delay peace. It is time to defeat Putin with a show of strength that he cannot deny in front of the Russian people or the world. History will show either the western nations are weak or the western nations are united and stronger together. One cannot back down or negotiate with terrorists or dictators. A win in Ukraine is a win for all the people and countries that hold democracy dear to their hearts. If we the western free world fail Ukraine the consequences of emboldening dictators who feel they can invade other countries at whim and murder civilians is great. The line of decency must draw and defended or those who died to defend our freedom in WWI and WWII will have died in vain. They cry out to us through history to stand strong and steadfast to defend all that is good and decent in this world. My God bless those who are standing with Ukraine and the Ukrainian civilians and soldiers who are dying daily.

  15. This is a fake war. Its all been orchestrated by people behind the scenes with power over both Putin and Zelenskyy. The Ukrainians have been bombing themselves all the time and staging photos of bombs and things. Look up Zelenskyy atrosity photos and look very carefully at how the soldiers are looking at him in some of them. Because its all just an act. They are very angry. Also many are looking at the floor ashamed. I'm suprised they haven't assassinated him already. I'm sure that is a concern of his. That a revolution happens or something.

  16. Ukraine = FINISHED !!
    Yes.. BRAVO RUSSIA !! 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
    Good job Uncle Putin… 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
    Let them know what it would be like to be PALESTINIANS, LYBIANS, AFGHANISTANS, IRAQIS, SYRIANS…. UYGHURS, ROHINGNYA.. NATIVE AMERICANS, ABORIGINS, AFRICANS.. and my country INDONESIA when white nations of europe (Netherland) OCCUPIED our Home Land, Robbed the Richness of our country and Killed millions of Indonesian people!!

  17. Ukraine = FINISHED !!
    Yes.. BRAVO RUSSIA !! 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
    Good job Uncle Putin… 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
    Let them know what it would be like to be PALESTINIANS, LYBIANS, AFGHANISTANS, IRAQIS, SYRIANS…. UYGHURS, ROHINGNYA.. NATIVE AMERICANS, ABORIGINS, AFRICANS.. and my country INDONESIA when white nations of europe (Netherland) OCCUPIED our Home Land, Robbed the Richness of our country and Killed millions of Indonesian people!!

  18. Ukrainian special forces need to attract Putin in the only place that truly affects him!
    Take out his money making enterprise s!
    Attack him in Russia, he whines that his homeland is getting attacked ! Boo who Ukraine needs to take the war into Russia ! Attack his supply depots , his power station’s, his infrastructure, and sink more of his naval ships!
    Take the Effing glove’s !
    Putins Army is still exposed on the roads ! Stop getting your country destroyed !
    Start giving as good as your getting !

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