Secretary Blinken testifies after trip to Ukraine

Secretary of State Antony Blinken testifies about the latest U.S. assessment of the war in Ukraine before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


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44 thoughts on “Secretary Blinken testifies after trip to Ukraine

  1. The US just wants everyone to join NATO to gain control. A stable EU needs stable relationships between countries, but the US encourages countries to fight. NATO is a cold war military union, and Ukraine should join the EU union. Russia supported it. The US is such a hypocrite, but none of its citizens can see it unless they can go out and travel to talk to real people who suffered from US's nonstop interference in other countries' critical matters. They want china's neighbors to fight china, and they want India's neighbors to fight inida. They want Russia's neighbors to join nato. 600+ military bases around the world, used the nuclear bomb, slaved, lied…etc US still thinks it's the police… No wonder Wallstreet is so shameless and gov is spineless.

  2. Use pocketbook diplomacy.
    Tell the world that any country that trades with Russia does not trade with the US.
    I bet the Invasion will end fairly quickly.
    Just like he told the other President. " If you don't fire the prosecutor you don't get the billion."

  3. I remember another country lead by a dictator, that invaded a smaller and weaker neighbor. We pounded them into dust in 2 weeks. When Iraq invaded Kuwait!

  4. I live near the border and let me tell you, he is lying. I can drive 100km and further, everything is normal. South of Ukraine, where he was NOT visiting, is another story.

  5. You are propagating for more wars and conflicts!!! I never see ANY USA governments live in peace only Provoking wars and conflicts around the world!! Every conflict has USA…So…

  6. Logic says that if the USA or any country sends more weapons the war will spread and therefore the Russian attacks will be stronger and therefore there will be more destruction and more dead soldiers in Ukraine and if this war continues for much longer Ukraine will leave to run out of soldiers .

    And from what I see this the USA does not care about the lives of the Ukrainian soldiers.

    Obviously the invasion of a country is not right, but also because the Russian requests were not listened to with respect to achieve neutrality and for everyone to be in peace.

    What if RUSSIA wanted to put nuclear missiles aimed at the USA in CUBA or NICARAGUA? I think the USA would not like it.

    If the USA does not respect other requests from other countries, then do not expect respect either.

    RUSSIA, CHINA, INDIA among other countries come as powers and USA is losing World Hegemony.

    That is why he is hostile in this war, a war that Ukraine will not win and that such hostility will probably lead us to a third world war.

    It makes no sense that the USA is adding fuel to the fire, now with so many modern weapons this time the USA is not going to do very well.

    Biden: Come on! Zelensky you can win this war. Let's go to the last Ukrainian.

    Zelensky: Thanks Sugar Daddy ❤

  7. Stop the hypocrisy! You are the one plotted the Ukraine war. Anglo SaxonS, aka A$$, only knows how to throw sh!t to the world. Disgusting A$$.

  8. Secretary Blinken. You look happier than I have ever seen you. I have always been patient with your controlled emotions because I understand the stress you live with in order to do your job correctly. However, this bright light that you bring now – it is a reflection of what Ukraine is.It is a reflection of Zelensky's spirit and the spirit of his team. I know they are not perfect and you are not perfect, but that interaction is a turning point in this situation. Let's hope Alina Kabaeva is able to change the course of this war, too.

  9. "You are witnessing the crumbling of the old paradigm. Never has the US been more corrupt !!"..Those of you who indulge in this nonsense, knowing what Google did alone. Prison awaits you lefty activists, posing as journalists.

  10. We can't stand by and allow genocide and scorched-earth policies being inflicted on Ukraine–
    the entire population is worthy of respect for their patriotism, resistance, and ethics.

  11. I think it's high time Russia boost Texas and California deterrence and make sure that they have all the necessary means to defend themselves against any Washington aggression in readiness for their LONG AWAITED SECESSION

  12. The CIA are able to hypnotize everyone on earth. Using satellites and cell phone towers. This is most obvious in their home state of Virginia.

    Microwave radiation is projected from the ground tower to the individual and can take the form of 'voices' used to hypnotize the subject. Even without them being conciously aware of what is hapenning – most people aren't.

    From space they can observe anything taking place on the civilized planet and then direct individual or group actions with a high degree of accuracy.

    The US government and all news channels and media are a shell. All visible entities of the government (including the president of the United States and director of the CIA itself) and news entities (CNN, Fox, MSNBC etc.) are controlled by a relatively small group of people. Without them being aware of it.

  13. Hate to see Ukraine or Russian lives lost…so senselessly…the problem with the Western societies…is that they have outlawed…good sense…as well…intelligent leadership…Russia doesn't have this problem…they are severely outnumbered…America's eyes should be on her own interests…Ukraine alone…can make peace with it's (own) neighbor. JS

  14. American is disappointing now; especially with people like this man Rand Paul; I guess he is a Republican too; Self-centered and Selfish people in American senate these days…He does not know that the Russian will never have the courage to attack any NATO member country..He cant stand for the Oppressed because of his selfishness ….If the world is not standing up against the wickedness of the Russian president now, everyone including Americans will suffer/cry about it tomorrow; EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE NOTE OF THESE !!!!!

  15. Last year, Blinken was pointing out the corruption in Kiev and placing placing travel bans on Ukranians, this year he is saying he wants to destroy Russian and support Ukraine. Wow

  16. Helping those who’s freedom is being attacked is the best action America and the rest of the free world can make! Freedom is every thing, without it we are nothing.
    God Bless America 🇺🇸
    Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦

  17. This is a dead-serious matter, Tony. This is more than just politics. Ukraine is doing what it must in order to survive, even as the Russians rain hell om them every day. When are you guys going to finally wipe out the war machines that cause the constant shelling?

  18. I wrote my Representatives early on when I learned about the youth of UKRAINE , their heroism and their talents .
    I asked that they provide Ukraine all they need because I felt that the young country rolled the big old bear and exposed its “atrophied” underbelly and I believe that if we are all united we can end the era of Putin bullying . He snarls and we cower … enough of that .

  19. What he is actually saying we will fight this war in europe for you. and the long wish of america to destroy russia and the eurooean union in one stroke.

  20. The world can not afford another Hitler. Putin is dangerous man on earth today. Putin follows Hitler's steps and tactics to start a world war. The world has learned a lesion from world war 2 and today apply to defeat Putin, the man with Hitler style, right at the Ukraine border before Putin brings an enormous destructions to the world.

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