Trump held in contempt of court in New York

Former President Donald Trump has been held in civil contempt for his failure to comply with a subpoena issued by the New York attorney general’s office.

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25 thoughts on “Trump held in contempt of court in New York

  1. Trump's Genius Putin should be charge for War crimes & he needs be charge for interference of elections 2016 & 2020 Lock him up

  2. This is fake.
    Trump has been cleared of any wrongdoing.
    See H.A. Goodman.
    About Trump criminal probe.
    There was no armed protest on J6.

  3. Contempt of what? The New York AG dripped the charges over his taxes because there’s nothing there!

    Since 2016 you liberals have been talking about trunks taxes and yet NOTHING has come of it and he’s never been charged over it even after a lengthy IRS audit.

    It’s time to face facts and reality. Trump’s taxes are clean and so is trunk himself. The Dems have thrown everything they got at him for years and not one thing has stuck

    Time to move on liberals

  4. Contempt of court ? Who wouldn't have contempt of court that was ruled by a corrupt judge. Come November, it's Democrat season and they're going down 👎

  5. $10,000 per day! Poor trump. I bet he is really worried because at $10,000 per day Trump will be totally broke in 103 years. Stupid Dems…

  6. – if Trump has nothing to hide , why won’t he give them everything they want , if this is all BS – it’ll all come out –

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  8. The media keeps the lemmings so focused on Trump that they don't see what Creepy uncle Joe and the Vice Prostitute are doing. Not surprised as it is the same idiots that didn't see Obama selling guns to the Mexican cartels. I know some snowflake is going to have something to say, but how about not listening to the media for just a moment and do some research your self. Or is that beyond the scope of your abilities? I know having an honest opinion of your own may be difficult, but I bet you could do it if you really tried. I have faith in you. Now show me who's a good girl.

  9. Shame on Donald Trump. He will face criminal charges of contempt. And he will be held accountable and faces punishment in jail.

  10. Biden can befriend china and control Ukraine about hunter .. is what needs to be discussed not Jan 6 th …. That's the past what about current presidential tyranny that's going on ….. The people choose to take back their white house on their OWN DOING !!! TRUMP WASNT PRESIDENT !!!

  11. They been jockin Trumps n** sack for years damn what are they so scared of🧐 they are happy with the incoherent messy ADMIN in the W.H. now it's a sheer money grab💯 for 👉EVERYONE THAT HOLDS ((ANY)) OFFICE RIGHT NOW …

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