US officials monitor critical presidential vote in France

French President Emmanuel Macron faces a tough challenge against far right wing candidate Marine Le Pen.


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27 thoughts on “US officials monitor critical presidential vote in France

  1. "When they speak of democracy they don't mean government by the people They mean financial democracy where money counts and nothing but money True democracy only begins when the will of the people is carried out"

  2. Most news media say, “Macron won with a comfortable margin!” as if it’s good news. That is NOT what’s really newsworthy or noteworthy.

    What is not comfortable and really is noteworthy is the fact that the far-right candidate got more than 40% of the votes.

    As Trump and Putin represent a majority of their nations respectively, Le Pen has revealed the true nature of France.

    The following is a relevant comment I posted here and there about 2 weeks ago.


    Well, it looks more and more possible (if not highly likely).

    And, if Le Pen wins, the TrumPutin bros will have a beloved sister (Make France White Again!), and France will be a fascist nation, quite like Putin’s Russia. And, as has been seen in Russia, once it starts, there’s virtually no stopping.

    And, just like Russia, France is very nationalist and racist. France is also a very deceptive nation, and has always been pretty good at playing victim, making others forget or overlook its its dark and evil side.

    1st : France, as a colonial superpower, was as invasive and aggressive as its rival, the UK, and was very cruel to its colonies. Actually, de Gaulle was as much of a white supremacist as Chirchill and Hitler.

    2nd : France is the World's 4th largest arms exporter, meaning it’s a big merchant of death.

    These are perfect ingredients for a facsist nation. And, the low voting rate at this critical time … How pathetic and dangerous!

    [Blood and Tears: French Decolonization] : Google this and watch the vid, which clearly shows the true nature of France : a nation of arrogant racists.

  3. You don't get to do the news anymore. Remind us how "everything" is Trump's fault! Russian Operative. You lost all credibility, and we are watching you FAIL. You would triple your viewership if you did real news like investigate lying cheating Hillary. Russian Operative. You didn't give the man a chance and said horrific and TRAITORIST lies. We won't just blow this off. Now Hunters Laptop$$$$$$WTF$$$$$

  4. And we’re thankful that the cradle of Democratic republics still holds out against tyranny and authoritarian fear mongering.

  5. I will always smirk at the phrase “anti immigration “ . In the real world it’s people who want laws enforced and sovereignty.

  6. She spent too much time on worrying about Muslim women wearing a scarf on their head… should have focused on her country’s dying economy

  7. I love how people are like "Hey you gotta do the right thing", "no room for bullies", "never again" and cancel people.. but when people are being murdered with hands tied behind their backs, getting raped, abducted, taken their passports and forced into concentration camps they say "well they do have energy.. and it's not like it's in NATO. So….. our thoughts and prayers!"

    Putin shows, respects and knows only 1 tactic: F E A R. Get that in your head Biden.

  8. an election where 26% vote and 74% do not – just means most of the people know they don't want neither one of them!!!

  9. Why do they think voter turnout is so bad? They keep telling us this election is the most important one of our lifetime. That you must vote to save democracy. Then they insist we vote for the lesser of 2 evils. When will they learn?

  10. Gratz to president Macron for a victorious re election. Showing us all that at least France has not gone insane.
    The far right is so self obsessed that had it won then France would have repeated America's idiocy with the same exact inevitable totally disasterous results…leaving it bankrupt and much much worse off then before it was before it went insane and elected a moron to run the country.

  11. Where have all the yellow vest gone? I would love to see everyone in France wear their yellow vests today in celebration of a fruitful day!

  12. la lutte des classes n'a jamais était aussi grande, ceux d'en haut profitent un maximum et ont divisés le peuple français pour mieux le gouverner et tout le monde tombent dans le panneau. durant la crise du covid les riches se sont enrichies encore et beaucoup plus que la normal si ''normal'' est normal, le CAC40 et champion du monde devant tout les pays du monde et nous, ont se bat pour savoir si macron ou le pen et mieux ? tout ce qui est en place aujourd'hui est en place depuis 40 ans et aucun changement ne sait vu depuis. le ruissellement par le haut jamais par le bas, traiter de raciste ou de fasho un tel, ou un tel d'idiot, ou encore de risible un autre, tel les gouvernements en place usent de démagogie absurde pour faire peur au peuple. et ça marche, personne n'a de recule, personne ne veut prendre de décision, une MLP serait le diable ou un JLM serait l'anarchie ou encore les écolos totalement déconnecté. mais si nous en sommes là aujourd'hui c'est bien parce que ces politiques ont tout fait pour garder le pouvoir, faire en sorte que les français ne puissent pas prendre leur destin en main. pourquoi, pour le vote d'aujourd'hui, une MLP serait elle plus une extrémiste que le myhto macron ? il l'est tout autant sans respect est avec un lourd bilan dont personne ne veux parler. donc la peur fait peur et la bien pensance a réussi son coup faisant passer ainsi les autres pour le pire. mais le pire nous l'avons eu depuis 5 ans, faut il rappeler son bilan ? qu'a fait macron en 5 ans ? mis à part profiter, insulter les français, dépenser énormément notre argents de nos/vos impôts ? la droite, la gauche ont eu le pouvoir durant 40 ans et ont les mêmes aspiration de garder le pouvoir pour leur compte et profiter sans partage avec le peuple. depuis 40 ans si nous avions profités aussi nous le saurions, mais sœur Anne ne vois toujours rien venir, toujours à galérer, à ramer et pédaler dans la semoule. je ne veux convaincre personne mais aujourd'hui un macron on sait ce que ça vaut alors qu'une MLP personne ne sait exactement. vous voulez bosser jusqu'à pas d'âge ? vous faire soigner par une mamie de près de 70 ans ? à cette âge là, nous sommes normalement avec nos petits enfants à aider nos enfants. c'est un choix de société qui est assez étrange.

  13. If ABC news thinks they are a " far right candidate", that just means they are conservative, therefore they are dangerous are probably insane to some degree. Viva La Pen!!!

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