ABC News Live: Justice Roberts confirms authenticity of leaked SCOTUS draft opinion

Plus, President Joe Biden reacts to leaked Supreme Court draft opinion on Roe v. Wade, and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer vows that the Senate will vote to codify Roe v. Wade.


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48 thoughts on “ABC News Live: Justice Roberts confirms authenticity of leaked SCOTUS draft opinion

  1. Hey if you and every other single person on the planet dont want every single aspect about your life, your privacy, your thoughts and dreams exploited, manipulated, broadcasted without your permission, your brain dumbed down by someone else. Be spied on, in your room, the bathroom, your imagination your ideas and dreams raped from you. Do you want every negative thing you have ever seen said or thought used against you. Even when people are capable of forcing negative into your brains. Forced to re live all the worst times of your lives over and over again while media uses this to make money, bully and manipulate you, hide and create fake news, purposely create sickness, shorten your life span while they sit back and watch you suffer. No matter what your life goals are and despite your potential for global and humanity improvements. I david walter hughes am not perfect and have done things I'm not happy about and that I regret, have used substances I don't agree with or recommend anybody do. Despite all that my main goal in life is to become a better person, learn and grow. Create a future for the next generations to look forward to. I am capable of some things that most will think is impossible at the time, can I explain how I got these gifts and abnormal abilities? Not at the moment but I know I care for humanity and the planet as a whole and whether it's from some higher spirit or luck I feel connected to each and every one of you and I wish for everyone to be living a more fulfilling life, have the things you all enjoy, have access to your full potential of greatness. I wish no human has to go through what I'm going through and I will spread my message and try to inform, help, cure and care for as many people as I can. Dont be surprised if the world as you all know it changes rapidly, it will all be for a greater cause that is if I don't die in the process of trying to save the planet and the longevity of humanity be from bullying, shadow banning, manipulation, media driven thought provoked suicide. Just know I love all you people. Friends, strangers, family, man, woman, gay straight, trans, every color of the rainbow.

  2. The person that leaked draft opinion,,,most likely is Ginni Thomas's attempt to help 2022 GOP candidates.
    If that is true does it mean Ginni Thomas is the Deep Throat of the Supreme Court?

  3. Funniest part of this is theres 10 times as many views on the Depp Heard trial as on any Roe Wade videos

  4. I love how all these people that say the woman has the right to choose. But when it comes to me choosing to take a vaccination or not that’s all out of the question absolutely absurd..

  5. No a woman doesn’t have the right to choose to kill her baby there are very little reasons to abort a baby if you don’t want the baby after you’ve given birth give it up for adoption..

  6. Why the whining over the leak? It happened, it is accurate and genuine. What does it matter if the exact Tornado strikes your town in July or September? The issue is the STORM TO COME! It's the blatant false Promises/Lies told by the Republican Justices (including Clarence Thomas) to get their A$$es a job with unlimited power and lifetime tenure. Additionally, to some extent, The Separation of Church and State is in question; as Self-proclaimed Religious Devotees- loyal to their faith, cannot be 100% adherent to two or more CONFLICTING ideals. Much less FORCE THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS UPON OTHERS- End of Subject!

  7. With the increase in gays and lesbians, transgender men trying to get uterus transplants and transgender women getting hysterectomies, why do we need abortion laws? I am confused.

  8. “ A singular and egregious breach of trust “ Defiling the SCOTUS with conservatives that who lied to the senate about not allowing personal religious beliefs to influence rulings . The SCOTUS integrity is at stake .

  9. The new precedent for this self-destructing court is reversing precedence that they don't like. Clowns

  10. Maybe we’ll finally start teaching our sons to respect women and our daughters to respect them selfs. This generation is confused and in need of self deep healing. Years of brain washing needs to stop now. Our body’s are sacred and that needs to be taught in school, spiritual is a must!

  11. okay, so if life starts at conception than does that mean a girl/woman can get child support immediately from the boy/man or if he can't afford child support than his parents have to pay. And if the girl/woman has a miscarriage does she have to pay that money back. Does this mean that budget cuts to programs for prenatal heath care will be reinstated and increased. Does this mean that the federal and state governments are prepared to care for those children born into a system, already over loaded and under staffed, from parents who can not afford to raise a child. Does this mean that the federal government is going to increase the minimum wage to a livable wage so those families can adequately raise that child. Is the federal government prepared to bring back welfare programs for communities that are living in the poverty level and under educated perpetuating generations trapped in poverty. IF YOU SAY YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN AND ARE PROTECTING LIFE…LAST TIME I CHECKED A CHILD'S LIFE IS FROM 0-18 YEARS OF AGE…ARE YOU PREPARED TO HELP RAISE THOSE CHILDREN! TO PUT A ROOF OVER THEIR HEADS, FOOD IN THEIR STOMACHES, TO BUILD ORPHANAGES, EDUCATE THEM AND PROVIDE HEATH CARE.

  12. they should also include a law that castrating men if they committed rape,incest or any sexual assaults in women,father's who abandon their child so they will not propagate…

    why would women bear all these, it takes two to tango !

  13. The republicans talk about freedoms but the republicans are DICTATORS wake up America !!! The republicans are bringing us backwards into Natzi day 's . Why are they anti – abortion when they do not give children in need food, education or Healthcare? To force women to have babies because their white number is diminishing and this will harm women and people of color. Abortion is a women's health issue and the republican men are feeling less then and this makes them feel powerful and harmful!!



    London is Money Laundering Capital of the World. High priced U.K. Accountants and Lawyers (these people know that blood is on their hands too) make sure Putin's Loot is protected for him in Londongrad. Tory establishment are in deep with Oligarchs. the Oligarchs are pawns of Putin.

    Foreign affairs minister of Canada Melanie Joly is initiating action in relation to getting a measure of justice and genuine help for Ukrainian Refugees.

    Melanie Joly said Tuesday that Canada will change its sanctions law to allow seized and sanctioned foreign assets to be redistributed as compensation to victims of war, Reuters reports. Canada is among a number of countries to have imposed sanctions on Russia after it invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24 in what it calls a “special operation.”

    “Today, we are seeking the capacity to not only seize but to allow for the forfeiture of the assets of sanctioned individuals and entities and to allow us to compensate victims with the proceeds,” Joly said in a statement on Tuesday. “These changes would make Canada’s sanctions regime the first in the G7 to allow these actions. "WHY CAN THIS NOT BE IMPLEMETED IN THE U.K." Sadly the whole World knows the answer

    The changes will mean that funds seized from Russia could be paid out to help rebuild Ukraine or to those impacted by Russia’s invasion. Johnson's trip to Ukraine was ultimately a spectacular diversion from the fact that he will never do what Canada is already doing, enacting justice and support for Ukrainian Refugees WHY ?

  15. I don't trust the Supreme Court anymore. People came to this country to get away from religious persecution. These judges are making decisions based on their religious beliefs. They want to take us back to the dark ages when women died from illegal abortions!!

  16. This is like taking an exam in math class, flunking it, then claiming that the "F" shouldn't count because the exam I took shouldn't be considered "final."

  17. There's so much blood of innocent babies flowing on every street of America, thanks to the demoncrats. Please ban abortion in its entirety and let these babies have their own right to life. Enough of this satanic practices.

  18. Anti-America democratic party and demented Joe's ratings are down. Their strategies: 1. smearing and deflection. 2. importing illegal immigrants to dilute Americans' votes
    Biden is luring in millions and millions of illegal immigrants bribing them with freebies funded by the the trillions dollar covid relief fund ( Americans get 9%, rest going to the social programs bribing voters)
    Now you know why the anti-America democratic party is pushing "No voter ID's, voting rights bill" The democrats are telling Americans "voter ID's are racist". Free charter fights, free housing, free healthcare, education etc to illegal on your tax $ to vote against Americans' interests while you are suffering from Biden's inflation and soaring gas price. . Voting anti-America democrats has consequences

  19. I know this is me being a moderate optimist but Im hoping Roberts joins the Liberal justices. It would be a sign that the supreme Court needs dire reform

  20. Stay vigilant America! This is going to be used to deflect attention while they rob us of all our rights and fail to get justice for trying to overthrow the government on January 6. Term limits for all SCOTUS and Congress.

  21. The supreme court’s decision to push an evangelical agenda behind closed doors is the breach of trust. Legislation from the bench is a federalist society goal.

  22. I think the leaked draft is a big middle finger to supporters of Roe, given the timing–Happy Mother's Day! I think it may be a trial balloon, to measure public reaction. Or maybe to prepare the public in advance, so the reaction is spread over time. And in typical fashion, the fascists try to put the blame for the leak on non-fascists. Just a theory. . . .

  23. The SJC has discredited itself and is totally political. They will go after gay marriage next. Thomas politicized the court when he ruled on a case involving his wife. Damage done.

  24. They've chosen Trump as king.
    They've installed church into government.
    It seems they think declaring independence was a bad move.

  25. Republicans: We want to root out the deep state.
    Government Leaks…
    Republicans: Wait, no, not that deep state…

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