Abortion-rights advocates protest outside Supreme Court | Nightline

Politico published what appeared to be a leaked draft Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade.


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41 thoughts on “Abortion-rights advocates protest outside Supreme Court | Nightline

  1. MY BODY MY CHOICE…REALLY… THAT'S NOT WHAT YOU PEOPLE THOUGHT WHEN YOU WERE TRYING TO FORCE A MYSTERY SERUM IN MY BODY….you can't have it both ways…you want to REGULATE THE 2ND A….yet now your mad when your abortions get regulated…AND THE 2ND A IS IN THE CONSTITUTION…..what kind of EVIL POS ABORTS A BABY AT BIRTH….AFTER CARRING IT FOR 9 MONTHS…IT'S A HUMAN BEING AT THAT POINT….NOT HEALTH CARE….you don't want babies have your selves sterilized…..

  2. The fact that we have radical Media and radical organizations that are leaking documents from government entities! It's quite disturbing!

  3. It takes two to make a baby. If MEN, Chief Justices in the Supreme Court, are serious about saving babies then they should pass a a law to mandate VASECTOMY for ALL MEN just as they're about to prohibit ALL ABORTIONS. Remember, PREVENTION is the BETTER answer, instead of a CURE without seeing the further consequences. Especially, when a VASECTOMY is much more painless, fast, no complication, and can easily undone.

  4. Appalling the mainstream media is running with a document leaked from the US Supreme court interferring with a national issue still being heard. Proving once again that they are no different than Hearst's yellow journalism. MSM's rating are plummeting. Any wonder? Zero standards. Just another example of despicable tabloid journalism. Good grief.

  5. Why is it only my body my choice when it comes to killing babies but not when it comes to face diapers and vaccines I can't believe with all the new technology that allows people to clearly see that that is a human inside you people still want the right to kill it. Condoms don't cost that much and no one has to die

  6. Where is MeToo and feminists? Unreal this issue is only involving women. Men are absolutely responsible as well. Men need to be held responsible. Scientists are working on male contraception. Men can use preventative measures or get a vasectomy. How many men marching with women for pro choice are just afraid of 18 years of child support. Tell me how this is fair to women?

  7. Imagine being so stupid that you can't remember to take ONE pill, ONCE a day, in order to not get pregnant. Imagine being so desperate 'for a man' that you can't get a man decent enough to wear a condom when he has sex with you – which means that the losers you sleep with don't wear condoms and therefore have STDs… Imagine having such little self worth that you think that sleeping with scores of men before you're thirty, rather than finding a wonderful man to become your husband, is a good idea, and worth having your own little baby ripped to pieces inside your body… Imagine having to talk about pregnancies in terms of weeks rather than months all the time, in order to stop people from seeing how evil what you're advocating actually is. Imagine calling your own unborn baby 'a fetus' somehow makes him or her not a living, feeling being, who needs his or her mother more than anything in the world… Imagine being so incapable of love that you think that abortion is a 'right'. Imagine being so stupid that you think that openly telling the world that you're too stupid to use contraceptives properly (even though hundreds of millions of adults successfully use them all the time) makes you look like a hero…

  8. My main problem with Abortion, is that if a woman can choose not to be a mother despite choosing not to prevent pregnancy in the first place, by using all the prevention methods available, then a man should also have the right to choose rather or not they want to be a father. If a woman gets pregnant then decide she doesn’t want to be a mother, all she gotta do is have an abortion. If the man decide he doesn’t want to be a father , well he still have to live with the consequences, and be forced to support the child he doesn’t want. So since we are talking about rights, why not give BOTH adults the right to choose if they want to be a parent or not with no ramifications. If a woman can choose, a man should be able to also. If it’s gonna be one sided, ban it. If the right to choose to be a parent is equal, then keep it. Or better yet, why not be responsible and take advantage of the preventive methods available

  9. So freakin’ weird. I’m almost 30, and they’ve been going back and forth on this my whole life. Don’t we have other issues to get to? Why are they so freakin stuck on this??? It’s a DISTRACTION people!

  10. Why get mad because the government does not help you with your irresponsibility I having sex out of wedlock and having sex irresponsibility sounds like they mad that they have to be accountable for their sexual partner welcome to how a man feels we don't get to have an abortion we have no choice. Accountability is a women downfall ( except for rape victims of pregnancy) welcome to a men world woman were you cant abort your problems

  11. All you religious wingnuts will die and be dead. There is no god and no heaven or hell. Superstitious nonsense for the weak minded.

  12. I can’t imagine the depravity present in someone’s mind that they would fight this hard to have the right to kill babies.
    These are our neighbors, our teachers, our nurses, and they make this much effort and feel so strongly that they have the right to kill children!
    It’s surreal and nauseating to know that we are surrounded by people everyday who take their right to kill babies this seriously. It’s scary, simply scary.

  13. I can’t imagine the depravity present in someone’s mind that they would fight this hard to kill babies. These are our neighbors, our teachers, our nurses, and they make this much effort and feel so strongly that they have the right to kill children!
    It’s incredibly surreal and nauseating.

  14. I was 19 when Roe vs. Wade was decided upon by the Supreme Court in 1973. I'm not a woman, and I'm not a political person, but I have always believed that women have the right to decide what is best for them. Republicans have split this country in two by not learning to be bipartisan in the matter of people's fundamental rights. They have turned into evil control freaks whose sole purpose in life is to destroy other people's lives by taking their rights away from them. They want an all-white Christian autocratic government with laws that reflect their belief system. In other words, they do not give a damn about blacks, gays, women, and other groups, even though they mislead people into thinking just the opposite, and this is why people need to flood the polls in November and vote democratic – because your freedom and your democracy are in peril. Don't take this lightly.

  15. A woman in her 9th month of pregnancy is injured by a man, the non-born human is killed and aborted, however the man can NOT be charged of murder because he/she was a non-born human (the family was aiming for justice)….THAT happens when human race depreciate LIFE… so who is really loosing his/her rights ?

  16. Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings
    of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together,
    against Yahuah, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their
    bands asunder. The fool has said there is no God even though knowing
    that they will die. God himself has put eternity on there hearts and
    they reject truth but rather love the lie and follow it instead of their
    creator and do that which is wicked before a righteous God thinking that
    he doesn't see their sin yet God and his angels behold all the sins of
    man and they are written down everyday in books to be opened on the
    great judgement. Please repent Jesus loves you and he is not willing
    that any should perish but have everlasting life if you but turn from
    your ways and follow his, yes it's that simple

  17. Not “taking abortion away”. Roe v wade is an absolute guarantee at the federal level for abortions. Undoing it will not “take away” those rights, but it will delegate the decision-making for abortion laws down to the states, for each of them to decide. Undoing roe v wade would undo the federal guarantee, thereby allowing the decisions to be made at the state level.

  18. Everyone pause for just a moment and let this sink in…These people are upset because they want to “feel good” doing an adult deed but do not want the responsibility of the risk that comes with that deed. Forfeiting a life for your pleasure is unacceptable.

  19. The conservatives will win this one. No one should be having children on the fly, especially without the guarantee of both parents being there. It's bad for the child, and it's also bad for society. Remember gentleman, strong men create good times and weak men create bad times.

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