Biden delivers remarks at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

President Joe Biden was the first to deliver remarks at the dinner in six years.


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38 thoughts on “Biden delivers remarks at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

  1. With all due respect Mr President. I want my MaMa these are terrifying times. Gas ⛽️-Food Prices On a continues rise😞

  2. At least 11 members of the Egyptian military, including an officer, have been killed in an armed attack on the Sinai Peninsula, an army spokesman has said, adding that the security forces “foiled a terrorist attack” on a water-lifting station east of the Suez Canal.

    For spite and arrogance.


  4. Disgusting group of people. Just the little fact – no one wears mask, not a single one. Whole bunch of hypocrites, are they not? How do they dare to ask our children to wear musks? Wonder who is the worst enemy of the country? CCP or US government itself.

  5. I had an ultrasound on my left testicle and it looks just like Joe Biden's head, only my left tesitcle has more hair and was not as oily.

  6. Enjoying dinner – while our American left behind enemy lines with the Terrorist, Gas prices so darn high, cost of living high, electric vehicles cost to high, crisis at our borders letting in all illegal aliens in hopes to have them vote democrat – letting in terrorist and can't locate them, homeland security is that a real department that takes care and keeps our American safe within our own country. Pandemic was paid for by our own Tax money through Fauci with the china's lab. WE PAID TO HAVE OUR OWNSELVES KILLED.

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  8. Did I mention Trump/Minnesota freaks etc using a damn MAGNETIC FORCES to the point aim under your floor moving you back and forth while standing still not able to move except they rocking you back and forth this is some SIFI military crap I want to know what chemist physics nuclear engineer etc put this crime together I want who and where all running this crime starting with Forthood Texas then Minnesota freaks etc I'm coming Trumpicians you will not be able to hide 🤬they using this weapon on me and the family I'm staying with no telling other victims

  9. Weak gross old man. What a embarrassment. I don’t support any of them. They want us to fight. The republicans would slaughter democrats. Republicans love bullets guns we got bomb shelters and we live for our military. We are the military. Democrats are weak and embarrassing. I’m ashamed of my country now. Democrats will pay its time for GOP-DKs to hunt. ︻デ═一💥

  10. REMOVE FUNDING FROM HRCSB immediately for haldol injections for MANY years. a disturbing E.D causing substances. they did that INTENTIONALLY

  11. If y'all IGNORE me. trust me you will Experience a total collapse of your forces. overtime u will see 😉 graime reaper guaranteed. REMOVE federal funding from RMH immediately JOE biden is removing their asses from their jobs immediately ALL of them. yayo they abused their authority. yayo violation of FEDERAL laws. multiple times. YOUR VA state troopers will be VERY VERY VERY FRIGHTENED about graime reaper later. what are u going to do to me? huh lock me up? go ahead, and I'll come at ur neck with a knife if u enter the cell.

  12. All Democrats and Brandon know how to do is gaslight African American voters. I really wish the African American Community would wake up and realize these people are FRAUDS……

  13. Inform your representatives that you want biden audited! President Biden is likely to avoid an audit that could reveal whether he made money from his son Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings — because the Internal Revenue Service has rejected a whistleblower complaint that alleged he owes at least $127,000 in taxes, The Post has learned.

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