Explosions reported in Russia across the border from Ukraine

ABC News correspondent Marcus Moore discusses details regarding possible strikes within Russia’s borders.

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31 thoughts on “Explosions reported in Russia across the border from Ukraine

  1. Tractor Army of Ukraine cannot confirm or deny any attack… Drunken Russians were smoking… caused accidental explosion… confirmed by Kremlin. Putin is incontinent. 2014 Cruise Missiles have been launched by Russia. 11 million are homeless and displaced in Ukraine.

  2. A Ukrainian lead a small country (22) to fight against (PK ) world no. 2nd

    A russian over excited over small land destroyed what was built 50 yrs invasion of Ukraine war damage any things above ground

    A chinese oversees but over excited over COVID zero destroyed a country built 30 years with covid zero reset every things he oversees to base zero

    A Germany chicken oops was so selfish but excited to send old weapons to Ukraine to reduce ammo stock kept many years back that to stingy to scrap and unwilling to give

    A French like to talk to Nazi russian only one w/o Intel in the world

    A US man old but wise giving weapons each week to Ukraine to fight the Ukraine invasion

    A hk was banned using the youtube @johnlee2022 banned after China's central government imposed a sweeping security law aimed at snuffing out dissent.dothefivestayhome

    A taiwan who excited track extreme closely with impressive press con. showing the world how good they were lost control of omicron spread wasting resources forget to buy children vaccines and insufficient ART test kit wrong focus!!

    A UN (united nei) visited ukraine was show with heavy bombing next to him, for him he like it no action after visit—-nothing just talk

    ref— UN (united nei) are a bunch of empty vessel who talks but no action

  3. Great work whoever is Responsible‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ this Putin Deserves the worst of the worst‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Furthermore GERMANY STOP supporting blocking Vitoing help to UKRAINIANS.

  4. Russians bombing themselves (nothing damaged or no injuries) to blame Ukrainians on May 09 to garner peoples support for 'war' and to draft more troops.
    They previously attempted using Ukraine missiles, to target a passenger plane flying over Belarus (claims from captured spies in Zelenskyy's inner circle) to then blame Ukraine for murdering those passengers. No one's life is worth anything to this DICKtator. He has no problems blasting commercial planes out of the sky as we have all witnessed.
    He is looking for ways to justify his genocide, knowing eventually his people will see/know the horrors his troops have done in his name. If he can garner support for war, then claim those pics/vids were after he declared war but not from his 'special ops'. Mark my words …

  5. Sometimes you can’t trust the Russians sometimes they blow up their own stuff to use that as a pretext to cause more destruction on Ukraine

  6. Hey Russia. Hiding behind an allied coalition with China (WHOM ARE YOUR MASTERS) is pathetic. You have been around A LOT LONGER THAN A LOT OF WESTERN COUNTRIES but you still are the losers. WW2 was won because YOU GOT THE LEND LEASE ACT. YOU STOLE NUKE PLANS FROM THE WEST. Your people can't even speak out in freedom because it will hurt your buttholes. Bringing up all wars the U.S. made? EVERY SINGLE ONE was lawful except (possibly) Iraq. Libya?? Serbia? Ya. We sided with the non-Nazis whom are the Russians. Ya… Russia and China were there also. China is going to eat you alive once you are weak.

  7. Putin just released his report in this: he stated he destroyed his own equipment as a training exercise. Nothing was destroyed.

  8. reporter is not listening very well and answered a wrong direction. question is about explosion in Russian, but his answer is the war in Ukraine…LOL.

  9. WW2 like war being started to hide WW2 like genocide. Adolf Hitler exterminated 12000000 under the guise of a typhus epidemic, now under corona virus pandemic. Corona means crown, and a virus attacking the crown/government is some thing exposing government (2Corinthians4:4). Revelation/Apocalypse 17,18 can only apply to one place on earth. Research it well to learn who has been behind slaughters for centuries! 1John5:19 is trying to stop Daniel12:4,2:44,45. Hitler was an unexcommunicated Catholic, who rounded up to go to concentration camps because of a supposed typhus epidemic, and they were gassed on the way by vehicle exhaust, or by zyklon B rodent extermination gas(h#$%@3n)cyanide. Just like Hitler started a World War to hide the genocide, so are they now. NATO militerizing Ukraine. NATO changed the capital of Ukraine from a Russian word to a new name. The West overthrew the Russian backed government less than 10 years ago and has been killing those still loyal to Russia and calling them separatists or Russian sympathizers. There were massive quantities of UK/US rockets and rocket launchers, which regular Catholic Ukrainians use to destroy Russian military vehicles. NATO calls Russia stupid for having all there tanks in a row, but they were coming in to defend, but the leader(an actor), Nazi sympathizer, is either ignorant or planned the attack. Does any one remember World War Two? Same happening. Trump said 2 years ago,"We'll soon be at war with Russia and China". The virus disappeared, because they couldn't explain new vaccines for new variants with out testing. To get a vaccine in a short time would be a miracle, but 30 miracles in a row? The virus wasn't able to lock you down and control you, so they are starting WW3. Why did virus lockdown include only being able to talk to family? To hide information. The people of Mariopul left for Catholic Poland(the land of most WW2 exterminations of the Church of Rome's enemies). Once empty, you can see on videos that buildings are being blown up like there is carpet bombing happening, but there is no missile or rocket seen in the sky. NATO invents the idea that Russia has supersonic missiles that go faster than you can see. Why would Russia use such advanced weapons to destroy low value buildings? The explosions were too big for mortar fire and in very close timing, like a controlled demolition. Meanwhile all the Catholics are safe in Poland, accept the civilians who stayed to use the NATO rocket launchers in surprise attack against an unsuspecting Russian column, there to protect Russian people. Military strategists say Russia was stupid and clumsy, how they just casually drove in. That was because they weren't attacking until they were attacked by thousands of handheld missiles. Russian media was blocked in NATO Countries(why?). If you have the truth, there is no reason to run from information. RT(Chinese CGTN also), was one of the Russian sources blocked. There was a world wide confiscation of Russian people's assets being confiscated. Russia had been asking for talks and security guarantees, but Joe said basically (@)U. This is the same as during WW2. You can not let the Church that rides the Roman Empire of Revelation Apocalypse 17,18, destroy Acts2:44(communism). *Most picked up for isolation, were dead with in 70 days. Revelation says, leave the Revelation18:4 group if they don't want to receive her plagues. (Hello, if you don't want to receive her plagues!)
    ​According to Revelation 18 this group wears scarlet(Catholic Cardinals), and purple(Catholic Bishops). It refers to a city Kingdom (Rome is the only city kingdom in the world), that rules over the Kings of the earth. Where are the Kings? The Roman Empire broke in 2 and from those 2 divisions came 10 Countries. The Pope was the eleventh, but he got rid of 3, and from the 7 he is chosen, and there will be 10 again. 5 Countries on each leg of the Roman Empire. The (cross or X) is on the shields(British flag, same as Roman shield) symbolizes the ten Kingdoms(X in Latin=10), and their religious beliefs. According to official writings no one may buy or sell or say a greeting to any one who has left the cross. The X or cross originates from the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet the tau, which means a mark, both literal and figurative. In The Bible book of Ezekiel 9, God put a tau(mark) on the people, and it was not for salvation. Revelation/Apocalypse 13:18 says you won't be able to buy or sell with out the tau(mark) of the beast(Empire). Knowingly accepting this falsehood gets you condemned. Popes have always had a mitre(triple tiered crown) with 666 on it in Latin (Vicarivs Filli Dei). Latin letters have a number associated with it. 1John5:19 attacking (Daniel12:4) Clear your browser history and cache, and YouTube search and viewing history! Please pray for me and you! Study Revelation/Apocalypse 17,18 deeply, as life depends on it! *There is an unclaimed open offer of 123 000 000 dollars to any one who can prove that Rome(Pope) is not the man in the Temple that rides the Roman Empire of Revelation 17,18. In fact, that is why it is called the "Roman"Catholic Church. The Pope is the king of Rev/Apoc17,18 Governments mandate vaccines all over the world, which causes sabotage, boycotts, protests, walk outs and people quittng, so as to destroy businesses. Those trying to Daniel12:4 about 1John5:19. 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NATO might attack the Solomon Islands if they militarize. So a sovereign nation can not arm it's self, or NATO will attack. Rember the Cuban missile crisis? The Pope is Satan's agent, and Joe Biden is putting his interest above US. Think, and act accordingly. Search "Operation Barbarossa" at Ramstein air base! Hitler's Nazi tanks had the Mark of the Beast(M.O.B.=cross), modern German tanks do also, which are coming through Finland, to Ukraine. !+(!((!!

  10. Wait 'til Monday 9th.
    Putin is lining up his shiny toys for a big parade, that I'm sure Ukrainian Special Forces will happily "drone strike", just to let him know he's losing!

  11. If the great J F K did not get he,s way with Cuba do you think he would fire nukes at Russia ???????????

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