Family shares AirTag nightmare

A family claims someone planted an Apple AirTag device on their daughter at Disney World, tracking her every move for hours. ABC News’ Derricke Dennis reports.


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46 thoughts on “Family shares AirTag nightmare

  1. If someone is really committed to tracking you there's other devices out there that your phone can't detect. My point is I think this whole "people tracking you with AirTags" thing Is a little blown out of proportion and sensationalized.

  2. There stupid it was probably just someone else airtag there just been in close proximity to it all day. Probably a false flag if they couldn't even find the airtag

  3. Nonsense. Apple AirTags only notifies or alerts the user who owns that, it doesn't notify the target unless the suspect knows your iPhone number.

  4. There’s tons of non-apple trackers that track you but don’t notify you that you’re being tracked. The Apple AirTag worked as intended and let this family know they were being tracked.

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  6. I get alerts like that on my college campus too. I think just being around a lot of people will trigger those alerts too.

  7. If they never found the AirTag, how do you know it wasn't someone with an AirTag in their camera bag or purse who had a similar pattern of riding rides? Crowds tend to follow a pattern at Disney parks, and those that go against the pattern often use "touring plans" designed to beat the traffic patterns, but are themselves scheduled. But even if people acted randomly, with so many people there every day, the odds that it will occur that any 2 people follow a similar pattern at some point are almost certain. Per a quick Google search 5 months ago, Apple had sold over 25 million AirTags, and due to the cost of tickets and other expenses, it is reasonable to assume most Disney attendees can afford Apple products, and that a majority if them have iPhones. And given that a smartphone is almost obligatory for Disney Park attendance (not just for keeping your group together, but most functions like Lightning Lane ride passes and food odering) are handled through the Genie+ app). It is also highly likely that someone would bring an AirTag in their purse or other item to a crowded park where loss or theft is a concern. Since Apple is only automatically tracking a correlation between all iPhones and all AirTags, the likelihood that someone with an Airtag has a similar pattern to someone with an iPhone is almost certain. While the odds of predicting that for any one person are small, it was bound to happen that two tracks match close enough (no telling what close enough means to Apple's algorithm) given enough people cramned into a small space and given time. These people weren't in danger most likely, they were more likely bad at statistics. What is egregious is reporters who should know better are sensationalizing this. I think we will see more if this in areas like theme parks, sports stadiums, festivals, and other events with high concentrations of people, especially those that select for relatively affluent people who might own apple stuff by charging a significant ticket price.

  8. Im gonna call BS. They "got the alert", dumped and searched their belongings (not finding anything), got in their car and left and "the air tag was still at the park".
    Cmon…they aren't invisible. If you search your bags and clothes, your gonna find it.
    Well they got there 2 seconds of Fame. Got Disney some press with a negative tag. You don't even have to wonder which political party they vote for 🤷. Make up a emergency, then draw notice to said made up emergency, then give a warning about the made up emergency that had noticed….🤦. This is stupid 2.0 praying on people who don't understand technology.

  9. Im going to use the gun argument here. Its not like the device did anything. Device dont track people, people track people. If we ban these devices, we might as well ban all smart phones because they can be used to track people as well. The device did not kill the victim, the perpetrator did.

  10. Hundreds of people dying from war in Ukraine and then this dumb irrelevant crap shows up on my news feed. Yeah I don't care about some snotty people having a bad day at Disney land.

  11. Oh this is some1 she may not know, but that knows of maybe obsessed with her. I mean why else? Creepy….Watch your back lil sis……

  12. Milwaukee Tools has a TRACKING Similar device , so it shouldn't just be Isolated to Apple AirTags. The Milwaukee Tool Tracker can be bought online or at Hardware stores . If you use Apple products it will Notify you if AIRTAG is present , but Milwaukee tracker doesn't notify anyone ,scary.

  13. This isnt exactly an Apple problem. If someone really wants to track you they can just get a tracker which wont notify you. Probably cheaper aswell.

  14. I cannot believe parents are actually taking their children to Disney. Are they really that ignorant and do they just not give a chit about the safety of their own kids. This is how Pedifiles and Rapists keep rtrack of kids they are stalking at Disney. Why are people still supporting this disgusting place.

  15. Now you know why you should never take that IPhone someone left on the park bench.
    For the Human Trafficking Gangs, some of their targets are worth a 1000 iPhones.

  16. Don’t worry,
    These trackers are a mild civilian version of tracking people with Facial Recognition and AI. 
    You better not get apple to ditch the tech, cuz then it will be mass produced in China and exported to America for your kind consumption

  17. Imagine the future where you can see the trackers with Augmented Reality. Now V can see who are the anti-vaxxers among you. 😈

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