Hepatitis outbreak in children causes investigation in at least 10 states

Boston Children’s Health Chief Innovation Officer Dr. John Brownstein has the latest on the mysterious cases of hepatitis among children and the warning signs parents can watch for.

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44 thoughts on “Hepatitis outbreak in children causes investigation in at least 10 states

  1. Adenovirus……where have we heard that? oh yes, in the jabs. And just because some kids may not have had the covid shot, it does not mean they have not had other shots. To do this to our kids is a crime beyond imagining. Im sure its not coincidence that everyone i know who wasnt jabbed didnt get ill, while those who did get the shot have been ill more than once. We tried to warn everyone and got shunned as a result. Damned if you do, damned if you dont.
    will youtube allow this comment i wonder? since i write without prejudice after every comment which means my right to free speech is stated. But youtube does not want that as they censor things that do not fit their narrative.
    without prejudice.

  2. kids getting hepatitis because of more & more affected homeless people sh!tting in parks and playgrounds when park bathrooms are locked. they sleep on the playground equipment but who cleans these drug addicts vomit & fecal matter on the equipment and park benches that the kids are exposed to?

    Affected children taken to daycare or school then rapidly expose it to other kids before they even start showing symptoms

  3. The timeframe is highly suspicious. With hundreds of millions of people (and their children) injected with the EXPERIMENTAL, HIGHLY QUESTIONALBE COVID (so called) vaccines, if there was a direct correlation found, do you really believe for one minute our HIGHLY CORRUPT government, which has been lying to us non-stop for two years, would fess up? Of course not!!!

  4. Shout out to the GOP for exposing millions of kids to Covid because they were too fucking weak to put on a paper mask themselves. Oh and they did this while arguing 12 year olds that are raped have to keep the baby. It’s such a shame more of you didn’t end up on ventilators.

  5. Considering the sickness around Lucky Charms cereal, I'd look into General Mills grains for evidence of pesticide contamination. This could very well be from food.

  6. Ain't the children the future of humans? if this became a pandemic, damn how bad that will cause the world. Elon is right, we need another settlement on Mars.

  7. So despite the fact children were not eligible for the jab, there were still numerous reports in VAERS of children "accidentally" vxd with the Rona jab when going to doc for other vaxxes. This absolutely needs to be investigated …. did ANY (or all?) of these children receive ANY vaccination in the past year? 🤔

  8. They may not be eligible for the Covid Vaccine but thats besides the fact.
    The correct question is:
    Did they get their Hepatitis vaccine?.. If the answer is No, then why does the guest come across lost and poorly informative 🙄 Also wait for symptoms, are you kidding me, if you know your child wasn’t vaccinated for HepA.

    It’s recommended for children 12–23 months old, followed by a second dose at least 6 months later.
    Keyword “Recommended“

  9. This scares the hell out of me. I have a child and I have empathy for the parents of these children. Anyone that can laugh at this or say they hope its caused by the vaccine is a sadist. Grow up. These are children.

  10. Hmm, "experts" and the media have no idea what the cause is…but were immediately absolutely sure that a certain mandated experimental drug had no connection.

  11. Try to investigate yellow fever virus, its the same kind simptoms… A lot of immigrants come from the North Africa, Central America and South America, may carring the virus (in Europe and USA). Perhaps we are looking for wrong virus, Adenovirus is common in kindergardens, childrens´schools and it has low capacity to mutations, the probability that Adenovirus cause liver inflamation is remote, because it need replicate into respiratory mucosis. Investigating inside linfatic system from patients, we can find some answer.

  12. This is God striking us because we've made Him angry with all the dumb stuff humans do. Just look at all these Doctors scratching their heads. Is this a modern day Passover?

  13. Stop the Lies and struggling you know exactly what’s going on lies after lies And don’t go that route lady because they’ve been locked up or like they say indoors for two years cause that’s bullshit you and everybody else knows exactly what this virus is coming I would understand if it was one or two but really how many states and Europe as parents we need to know the truth no more lies

  14. They're not investigating s***. They're only pretending to. I'm surprised that they are even talking about this. I expected them to sweep this under the rug like they have with the other bad side effects that come from taking that poison. I remember hearing about kids getting hepatitis from the poison about a week ago, and now about a week later the fake news is talking about it. I'm sure they are going to blame this on something else. They will most likely blame it on Bogus19. They will never blame that poison because if they do then people will stop taking it and kids will to. These people make me sick.

  15. The guy claimed no children are or have gotten the Covid vaccines yet .That is a lie .They started giving young children the vaccine in January .And in the vaccine listed as one of the ingredients in the Phizer listed by them is .The Adeonvirus .The virus in hepatitis . This is not a conspiracy .Unless Phizer who listed Adeonvirus in their vaccine wants to create a conspiracy on themselves .Last thing any C.D.C or government agency wants .Is finding out the vaccines they pushed or mandated .Are now causing people problems . Especially young children .From transmission of hepatitis from one to another .Takes from 2 to 4 weeks .And no longer then 50 days .It's been 3 months or 90 days since the first shots for young children .I myself am hoping it's not from the vaccine .And also hope it can be stopped so the pour children who have a whole life to experience .Get to experience in it .They are the truly innocent of the human population .

  16. That's crazy man because the only way a person can get hepatitis is unless they've been sexually active. And these kids are nothing but babies and they haven't even done nothing yet. I hope they heal faster though because that's awful.

  17. Kids don't have to have the vaccine for it to affect them. Vaccines leak threw the skin into the air. That's why after the military gives soldiers certain shots they say not to go out in public for a period of time after because they can affect people who come close to them. This is military common knowledge but somehow the rest of people don't know or believe this.

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