Leaked draft opinion suggests Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade

University of California Law Professor Michele Goodwin discusses the impact if Roe v. Wade were to be overturned, with the Supreme Court expected to be weeks away from a final ruling.

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38 thoughts on “Leaked draft opinion suggests Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade

  1. Hold on here, this is the same playbook the left used in the 2020 election post fight. Scare the justices so they realize they do not want hoards of protestors or worse, ANTIFA, or BLM THUGS throwing rocks through the windows of their houses, thereby causing the justices to react 'favorably' to the Left's opinion to save themselves and their property and their families. This was done early enough in the process to allow the thuggery to build and make it obvious how the court needs to vote. Same playbook just watch.

  2. As usual, the leftist progressives turn into HUGE DRAMA QUEENS the very moment this story broke. The mainstream media immediately went into attack mode of "how could this happen" without giving one intelligent thought as to what it REALLY MEANS. The SCOTUS is NOT jailing anyone that is planning to abort their baby. They are simply kicking this back to the states and let them duke it out. Places like California, Illinois, and New York will become the NEW MECCAS of abortion on demand. The leftists will have plenty of choices still to decide WHERE to have their babies killed. the SCOTUS is putting it back into the state's hands which is where it should have been all along. But, if you ask a democrat what they think of all this, they will immediately go into "drama queen mode" because that is who they are. AOC has already gotten onto her soapbox and spewed out utter nonsense because she is the QUEEN of drama queens. This is a woman who absolutely has NO IDEA what she is talking about 90% of the time and hides all of her stupidity and ignorance with her drama. Media outlets like this one and all the usual suspects will all jump on the bandwagon of "how could this happen" while their goal is to spread disinformation themselves. Trust me, all that will happen is that this is going to get "kicked back" to the states. As for the leak, look no further than one of the leftist judges. So much for protection of privacy in their own belief system huh????????????????

  3. You can’t have it both ways. If you want the government in healthcare, then a vaccine mandate and a ban on abortion by the states should be allowed. If you don’t want government in healthcare, then abortion should not be allowed and a vaccine mandate should not exist. You can’t have it both ways. Stop picking and choosing. Choose a side you arrogant and selfish assholes.

  4. If the American Oligarch Joe Biden head of the Biden Crime Family can commit crimes and get away with it ..Leaking documents from the Supreme Court by the leaker cannot be a crime ..America is a country where CRIME does pay…The leaker will be a Democrat Hero

  5. Is there really only one side of this prevalent issue?
    Pros: Rape Victims and those who have medical emergencies may find the law helpful.
    Cons: Irresponsible morons might abuse this law/jurisprudence.
    Solution: Meet in the middle and say maybe regulate the law so that only those who need it may benefit from it.

  6. It's Putin Fault !!!The SCOTUS leak it just deep state misdirection for 2000 mules and the ELECTION RIGGING OF 2020 THE BIGGEST CRIME EVER COMMITTED ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE !

  7. Those guys that are doing mass shootings, let them be let them shoot who ever n how ever many people they wish to kill. If women want to kill babies n say it's my decision my body let them, n let the guys who did mass shootings go free it's there rite, they paid for the gun n bullets they have the rite to shoot who they want n where they want. Lol to me it's the same difference but the women kill the babies n the guys shoot adults or who ever is around. Either way they will ALL STAND BEFORE GOD n you can't make excuses, I don't care who gets mad I'm just giving my sarcastic opinion just like everyone else.

  8. Thanks SCOTUS, you just proved that you can overturn settled law. Can't wait to get rid of many firearms in a few years, actually save lives instead of pretending that a being without a developed heart is a viable option to deliver and forcing kids into abusive homes that will continue the cycle for millions of poor Americans.

  9. I honestly think if this ruling becomes a reality and women who are raped and forced to carry a baby without their consent that didn't want one in the first place, not only will this cause a public uproar, but they should place the babies up for adoption.

  10. I don't think this is able to be done on actual constitutional basis, I think this court is playing games with their own role. I see this as a religious movement trying to impact culture and not making sound legal decisions. It sounds like the court doesn't so much want to interpret the constitution anymore but restrict its interpretation so they can decide what is and isn't allowed in American based on what they personally want. Sounds like they are legislating from the bench. Their decision is itself a decision that some states CAN make abortion illegal, the fact that they are doing so by method of cop out and fancy footsteps doesn't make it less activist or extreme. They seem to think they can say 'it's not up to us' is a ruling the supreme court makes that settles an issue, and not settles the courts illegitimacy as it steps aside from its own duties. What do they disagree with in Roe Vs Wade? On what basis do they disagree with their own precedent? Frankly, Why should we respect this decision?

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