SCOTUS apparently will overturn Roe v. Wade, draft opinion shows l GMA

A leaked draft Supreme Court opinion obtained by Politico shows the panel’s conservative majority of justices is ready to overturn nearly 50 years of established abortion rights.

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43 thoughts on “SCOTUS apparently will overturn Roe v. Wade, draft opinion shows l GMA

  1. Religion caused this: "Would you rather Roe your boat modern, out of danger? Or Wade under the table with a coat hanger? Religious leaders are ALWAYS MEN who invent 'traditional' rules to control women." – Steampunk Mark Plimsoll. Get local control out of USA public schools to educate citizens BEYOND the level of thier religious, ignorant, bigotted parents.

  2. Another staged fake event from the Democrats and their handlers to distract from the disaster that is the Biden ,Harris leadership.
    Wake up America the world is depending on you handing the house and the senate to the Republicans.

  3. Sources say Ginni Thomas leaked the document. Trump told her he needed people to look at other things than J6 and his legal woes, people are saying..

  4. Bwahahahahaha fuc<ing cry babies and snowflakes. I LOVE IT. I can’t wait until they turn violent and we get to hunt them down in the streets with 7.62×51. It’s time to RISE UP, PATRIOTS and take arms up against these rioters. If the police won’t do it— WE WILL. WWG1WGA

  5. A draft opinion has never leaked. It's not even the final opinion. The draft opinion has leaked damn near 6 months to the day of the midterm elections.

    It takes six months to lie, and repeat a lit enough times to fire up and mobilize low-information voters.

    Low-information voters massively vote Democrat.

    Right now, democrats own the economic and monetary policy that's causing the worst inflation and stagnation possibly ever. Democrats, for the first time ever, are tending DOWN among young voters.

    So, they've leaked a social issue they think they own in order to inject a new issue into and to mobilize low-information voters.

  6. Judgement day is coming! You get to experience what it feels like to be ripped apart by a giant vaccum. Have a great day in Satan's kingdom!

  7. In a time where there is no stigma around promiscuity, sexual deviancy is celebrated and promoted to our children, it's no wonder they are so upset that people may need to actually take accountability for their actions. Going out and gettting knocked up won't be as easy as having your baby chopped up and vacuumed out anymore. Maybe we can get back to a place where the family and children are what's important and not Slut Walks, Pride Parades, and OnlyFans.

  8. It's great news to hear 👂 that ROE V WADE is being over turned.
    It's about time you stop the killing  of the innocent.
    I here a lot of women  girls say it's my body my choice yes that sounds just about right from a sinner who doesn't know the real truth about what they are doing.
    It was the Almighty God that gave you the opportunity to be born and to inter his world 🌎 but you can't see beyond your self-centered wicked heart ♥ 💔 to show mercy to the unborned.
    Woman has always wanted to choose what is not right for the family 😕 it started in the garden of eden the great rebellion yes I know you don't believe it but it is true even if you die not believing any of it.It still will go on with are with out you.

    There are many women and girls who have chosen to do the right thing and show mercy to unborn.But there are still many spiritual blinded daughters of the Almighty God who have chosen rebellion your rewards will come faster than the wind and in that day you will call for mercy 🥺 but because you have not chosen wisely there will not be any for you in your time of troubles.
    ROE V WADE is a tool used by the devil to kill as many unborn as possible to stop the plans of the Almighty God but it have never worked.
    He the devil tried to stop the Almighty God in the days of old Egypt 🇪🇬 😪 when the  Pharaoh's of Egypt was killing the first born of the children of Israel to stop the Almighty God's plans but it did not work.
    So if you are one of those who wants 🤔 abortion you're working for the devil.Even if you do not believe 🤔 this devil exist he the devil is working in you every time you decide to kill the unborned child.your murderer by the Almighty God standards.

  9. A question: If abortion is a "states rights issue," what about gay marriage? Contraceptives? Sodomy? Miscegenation (interracial marriage)? None of those are codified in the Constitution. Heck, neither is the Supreme Court's power to strike down federal, state, and local laws that conflict with the Constitution (judicial review). That was established in the 1803 case Marbury v. Madison.

    So where does it end? If women don't even possess the right in half the states across this country to exercise basic autonomy over their own bodies, then there is no sense in which we can call ourselves a "free nation" (unlike the rest of the developed world, where abortion is LEGAL).

    Now, all unplanned pregnancies that could have been terminated at an EARLY stage when the fetus is not capable of experiencing pain (i.e. prior to 18 weeks gestation) will result in unsafe back-alley abortions (jeopardizing the life of the fetus AND the mother), more children being raised in financially unstable households and further driving the economically disadvantaged into destitution, more dysfunctional families, AND overwhelming our woefully underresourced and inadequate foster care system, where kids will be raised by people who are not their biological parents. I don't know about you, but I would almost be GLAD to have been aborted in such situations.

    If Republicans actually cared about babies, they would be proposing legislation to remedy the fact that the United States is still one of THREE countries in the WORLD that does not provide paid maternity leave by law. Congratulations conservatives, you have succeeded yet again in making the world a worse place to live. I hope you're satisfied.

  10. If you get drunk, then drive and mistakenly kill someone, you go to jail for manslaughter. If you get drunk, screw someone and end up pregnant, it's supposed be a "womans" right to a Conspiracy to Commit Murder between her, the government and the fetal materials reclamation centers to commit 1st Degree MURDER of the baby. Life begins with the "Conception Spark" when the Soul is formed, not the heartbeat which wasn't and isn't the beginning it is just the body growing. WHICH IT DOES THROUGHOUT LIFE. Not only is LIFE the babies right, but what about the father's rights? Where is his choice? If she chooses to keep it, he pay's for the next 18 years, where is his choice either way? The woman couldn't have made the baby on her own no matter how much they would like you to forget that FACT. So in order for a woman to have "HER" rights we must forget everyone else's RIGHTS other than the woman's when pregnancy/abortion is concerned. So her choice to spread her legs, her irresponsibility automatically gets to consume the Rights and LIFE of 2 other human beings at her whim? For her sexual gratification. I don't see adoption centers beside abortion centers, I don't see adoption information brochures in the lobbies of fetal material reclamation centers. The whole thing is criminal insanity. A baby must die due to a stupid $%^&* and a government funded, FOR PROFIT infant slaughter house that's sell's the meat of murdered babies to other government funded facilities that sneak them into our vaccinations, medications, cosmetics, etc. etc. etc. PURE CANNABILISTIC EVIL

  11. Land of the free? (Asking for lady liberty.)
    If SCOTUS truly cares about life, there are bigger issues that need attention.
    To start, we have children in poverty and starving; we need laws that treat pedophiles akin to murderers…
    And don’t get me started on gun violence; etc etc etc. Being “pro-life” extends beyond the womb.
    I believe that life begins at conception, but first we need to create an environment where all children can thrive.
    In the meantime, use this leak to recognize the hypocrisy… take this opportunity to set better priorities.

  12. The Supreme Court has known for decades abortion was never constitutional and they realize more people are educating themselves about the Constitution and in order to save face they have to go by what the Constitution actually says. They also want to abide by 21st century science to avoid embarrassment because any educated person knows life begins at conception. It's ironic the democrats try to pride themselves by relying on science on some issues but when it comes to fetal development they ignore the science.

  13. Standard leftist agenda by CBS! Let’s just ignore that someone just broke the law by someone ( a leftist)! It’s funny to emphasize the Judges that will probably vote yes on this! Jet the left want a judge who doesn’t know what a life is and what a female is!

  14. Anti abortion, no maternity leave… America in 2022 leads the world in backward laws. Backward people?


  15. Its time to make Vasectomies mandatory for all men make it a Federal law.that cant be reversed until their married and they have to get a court approval.

  16. 🧐What about what the women need?

    Perhaps, she is a low income provider and can’t provide for more heads than what she currently is? If she has that unplanned baby, then that baby will have a HARDER life than if that mother timed and spaced her pregnancies.

    👂Listen, a good amount of humans aren’t going to give up sex; we love the feeling of being loved by another person 🥰. If we aren’t going to give the women what they need for their bodies then our country 🇺🇸 is on the trend thats going backwards ⏪.

    We must keep innovating 🧮-> 💻 ->📱and moving forward in time ⏩ or else our GDP will be surpassed by China’s and others, and we’ll get into a downward spiral of a country moving backwards in time.

    ‼️Be careful, Republicans and Democrats….EVERYONE of this nation 🇺🇸.

  17. …with this hare-brained reversal, might as well re-elect Trump or his mini-me DeSantis. US intelligent quotient just slipped to a new low.

  18. They will not over turn it .As much as they make it sound it will get over turned . They also know by doing so .It will cause to many problems . After 50 years it has been to long .What's next people can now own black slaves again . You have unfortunately father's raping their daughters . Should she have to carry that child . I do not think so myself .I understand not having someone wait months to then get a abortion . But making it all illegal is to much . I am just glad to be a man .And not having to worry about it . I cannot judge someone else's personal decision in this case if they decide to get a abortion . They try to make this subject as if it's only democrats that get abortions .But the reality is, getting a abortion has nothing to do with what political party you belong too . Even if republicans try and make it so .

  19. The reactionaries forces are very telling, quite predictable, but telling. The same people who clamor for persecution when unconstitutional barring of the people from the people's house is abhorrent to their sensibilities, have zero problem with the insurrection of the womb that takes place on a daily basis. These reactionaries have zero standing. It's quite frankly become an impossibility to take a single one of the reactionary arguments seriously once you know; that in 1982 this present fake presidential uniparty puppet, sponsored an anti abortion Bill that made the exact same arguments that justice Alito is purported to profess into binding judgement…

  20. it was never meant to be a federal law. it was always a state issue, and it should be.

    any elected person who doesn't understand that much, should not be in office.

    they sure got to the court fast after the draft was released, too. might want to check into those texts and see who organized it so quickly. probably the same people who leaked it.

    and media should be more concerned with the lack of respect for a branch of our government by having some dumbass leak stuff in the first place… fools.

  21. When women and raped children are forced to have unwanted and dangerous pregnancies, this is going to fly back in the faces of the religious Taliban in this country.

  22. So many murderous hearted women, still wanting to murder even more innocents. Half a century wasn't enough murder for you?!

  23. If pro-lifers don't want to be hypocrites, making abortion illegal should be their last priority.

    Making abortion illegal doesn't stop abortions from happening, it only stops safe abortions from happening. Instead of women going to a doctor to undergo the procedure, women will try to give themselves abortions through unsafe methods.

    Strong sex education classes and easy access to free birth control are the only effective ways of reducing the actual number of abortions. However, conservative states routinely try to cut back on both of these while still condemning abortion.

    Pro-lifers go on and on about "saving the life of the child", but what about the quality of life for that child? Have Pro-lifers improved America's poor foster care systems? Have they fought to provide financial aid to new mothers who can't afford the children that they never wanted? I haven't heard Pro-lifers mention anything about what they are willing to do to support these unwanted children.

    The United States has poor sex education, access to birth control is restricted in one way or another in many parts of the nation, our foster care system has been neglected, and having children will often financially ruin women who didn't want children.

    Yet despite all those issues, Pro-lifers are now working to make abortion illegal, which will only exacerbate those issues.

    The actions of Pro-lifers (and/or lack of actions) show their true intentions. Pro-lifers don't really care about the children. They only care about punishing women for being sexually active. That is the outcome of making abortion illegal, it will make women suffer.
    They want women to suffer because those women aren't conforming to their ideals and beliefs.

  24. Their trying their very🗽 best to keep US" We the people " fighting🧨 , were being' played like a disc by govn🔮 both-sides💿 like the 1970's … promise 🍼. Dont' fall for it ! Just ⚖call your legislature . Get some condoms 🤷‍♀

  25. The gop has 50% religious zealout right wingers and they are able to focus almost entirely on these issues. The gop is willing to do ANYTHING for power and control. The democrats are weak with littler focus and try to pander to a HUGE audience with many interests and most importantly the democrats are weak in conviction. We as democrats are always sitting around waiting for the gop to "play by the rules" while the gop could care less about rules or the well being of our society. All that matters to the gop is POWER and CONTROL and they are willing to do ANYTHING to have power. Hence the overturning of elections. attacking the capital, creating voter suppression laws etc etc. They won we lost. Elections matter and this is the direct result of tRump putting 3 right wing judges on the SCOTUS.

  26. Same folks who won't get vaccines!! We biologically become pregnant and a sperm slips through doing what naturally will happen. Inseminate. We should be able to stop the process from happening if we want. Same as COVID entering your body and you opt out of a vaccine! You're choice! If the government held you down and forced the COVID vaccine on you how would you feel?

  27. I'd love to know where all the men are who help make these women pregnant? Why does the responsibility to procure birth control, enforce condom wearing and prevent pregnancy fall on women? When it then comes to the pregnancy, why does it suddenly become a mans (or anyone else's) right or responsibility to make decisions for women? You do not (should not) have the right to decide when life is important or not.

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