Supreme Court fallout as investigation grows into leaked draft opinion

ABC News Senior National Correspondent Terry Moran discusses the fallout of the unprecedented leak that showed the Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade.


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36 thoughts on “Supreme Court fallout as investigation grows into leaked draft opinion

  1. Someone needs to point out the effects of a mother's emotions on a fetus. There are a number of ill effects on fetal development, when the mother is highly stressed! Basically, torturing the fetus. A woman who wants an abortion and is unjustly denied, is certain to be highly stressed, if not traumatized.

  2. Whoever leaked this dumpster fire of a legal opinion is a goddamn hero. I do not want to go back to the days of back alley abortions and dead mothers and broken families. The only people a decision like this truly effects are the poor, who can't travel across state lines, take days off work, or even vote to change the laws themselves, because the states which ban abortion are also the ones that work hard to make it as difficult for the poor to vote as possible.

    There is no medical, legal, or ethical justification for this ruling. It opens a whole other can of worms into medical privacy and confidentiality concerns as well.

  3. Killing a human life should be illegal and yes there's reasons to terminate a pregnancy and thats of course if the pregnancy will kill the mother or in cases of rape but just to terminate a pregnancy cause you feel you don't want to have a baby especially after 6 weeks is a crime and it's murder! And stop comparing gun to abortion 2 completely different topics and yes we should all be allowed to carry guns so you won't have criminals and governments trying to rule you, that's what our founding fathers of our great nation wanted.

  4. It's stunning to me how little the media and people in general understand the SC & the US Constitution.
    This was inevitable. Even RBG knew this was going to happen. Roe and Casey were always unconstitutional.
    The obvious federal roll back to state's rights will happen as it was always meant to be.

  5. Leftist marxist atheist media are the enemies of own country. Anti-nationals. Fifth columnists. Christophobes.

    Leftist marxist atheists support illegals over citizens. Insult tax paying real citizens. Kill patriotism.

    Destroy individuals. Destroy families. Destroy trust friendships innocence. Destroyed friendship, goodness, holiness, modesty, honesty. Support infanticide in wombs.

    Made beasts out of individuals reducing to below animal status. Made mockery of individual value. Made mockery of marriage. Made to distrust people. Made controversies out of nothing.

    Leftist marxist atheism curriculum taught in schools and universities that life is meaningless, purposeless.

    Atheism raised rebellious, depressed people, fatherless children depriving love and affection they deserve. Atheism brought lack of love, insecurity, stress, trauma, abuse, loneliness, lack of kindness.

    Donald Trump vs low cognitive Joe Biden coverage palpable of bias. Dangerous selective reporting. Create controversies for no reason.

    How good it will be if controversies not manufactured in first place.

    Leftist marxist atheists are gutless to condemn Islam terrorists. Attack Christians knowing their non-retaliatory stand.

    Destroy the good work great institutions do or doing. But have no alternative or willingness or motivation or intention or reference to help or do themselves. Good at destruction, not construction.

    Living in prosperous cozy Christian foundational non-retaliatory countries and becoming celebrities. If have spine go live and criticize Islam, and other religions in their countries and become even more popular.

    Already destroyed Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela etc. It is proven failed ideology. Want to destroy every country.

    Have no morals as reference, should have no right to make decisions affecting majority.

    Reject marxist atheism.

    And remember old times, original godly roots and foundations. There is purpose, meaning, hope, eternity and profit in it

  6. Wow talk about pushing a narrative no abortions are not more important then voteing out democrats this is so obvious it’s funny .trump 2024 for freedom

  7. The only reason SCOTUS is mad about the leak is that it affects the midterm chances of their party. They would have preferred it come out after the midterms, and better yet after 2024 when the GOP has the power to make it a blanket federal law. Now that plan has been complicated. Lucky for the GOP the American public will forget about this in time for the closing of the Johnny Depp defamation lawsuit. We can't pretend we didn't see this coming.

  8. So let me get this straight….Someone in very close connection to the Supreme Court Justices and their discussion chambers, not only leaked the information, but also reproduced segments of the Opinion paper. Now the court Marshal who does not have the privilege's of the person who apparently leaked the information is going to find them. Oh… and the Marshal has access to getting help from the FBI (cue the scary music). The FBI and government officials could not even agree on the Hunter Biden Laptop or the 2016 disinformation coming out of the Clinton campaign that the CIA warned them about in writing. The bottom line is this person had access by a higher authority(legal or not). This is a political ploy to get votes, because the truth is, even if Roe VS Wade is overturned Federally, the States still get to make the legal dissensions for themselves. But that's not being talked about.

  9. The left are trying to get riots just before the mid terms so they can cheat in these up coming elections like they had 80mil dead people vote for BRANDON in the 2020 and thats why the left states are trying to get force mask mandates back so they can cover up the rioters at POLLING STATIONS as ANTIFA THUGS DEEP STATE PLAYBOOK 101

  10. "You still have the same heart that began beating in your mother's womb" Remember to thank your mother this Mother's Day, for letting YOU live!

  11. They blew this
    They blew the anti mask stuff with transportation
    They blew Eric Smith

    This court is as corrupt and dirty as ever. It’s a shame. Hold them accountable

  12. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. I don't think they'll find who "leaked" it, because the draftees WANTED it leaked. They know if they take this case to the goalpost by midterms the fallout for the GOP at the polls will be worse than 4 years of Trump… FOR RIGHT NOW, anyway… I don't think Roe V Wade is going anywhere
    ~my guess? They want to test the waters, build up "liberal outrage" for the first half of the campaign period…then LOUDLY cancel the attempt to overturn RvW AND BLAME IT ON THE LIBS …. "see? now give us majority power and we'll do it for REALZ" >>> their silver lining if they fail or just don't follow through? They can just pander and deflect…

  13. Remember, this IS NOT a woman issue. It is a Man issue also. I keep hearing how men are getting pregnant now so don't make it a WOMAN thing. Now men have a say in Abortion. Its "Our" bodies also!

  14. Sure, any foul conspiracy, any dark plot, any injustice, any outrage, any atrocity is just fine, perfectly okay, so long as it's kept secret. Punish the person who reveals official crimes! Hold up the lying perverters of justice as heroes! MAGA! MAGA! Heil Trump!

  15. Dems had almost 50 years to make this a law, I guess they really didn't care that much.

  16. it's baffling to see people against abortion, like why are you guys against it??? Let women make decisions on their own body, it's none of your business

  17. The Supreme Kangaroo Court is full of liars.
    When you or I lie on our application or during an interview, we get fired, with no questions asked and that’s what makes the United States Supreme Court a false one.

  18. Investigate dez nuts.

    This is like the least corrupt thing to happen in the SC in a long while. Making this absurd news public a few days earlier and now its in the cycle for weeks to the point no one cares about the actual loss of rights… isnt this the party of less government control. This place sucks

  19. The people who argue that being able to lawfully murder babies is a "right" are usually the same people who rage when they hear about someone abandoning their cat. Hypocrisy at its finest…

  20. Abortion is a state's issue. If you want abortion move to a state with those liberal policies. But do not tell me that I must accept your murderous actions and fund them as well. By the way, abortion is not a constitutional right because the act itself is ending the right for the fetus to live.

    And do not even get me stared on the fathers' rights.

  21. Both chattel slavery and abortion deny the inherent dignity and worth of humans who are made in the image of God. Both view human beings as valuable only to the extent that they enrich the lives of their “owners,” who argue that they alone have the right to choose the fate of their property. Both rely heavily on euphemism to hide the barbarity of each practice – “peculiar institution” in the case of slavery and the “right to choose” and “reproductive justice” in the case of abortion

  22. Abortion is a states right issue, just like slavery was. Each state should be allowed to determine whether it should be legal within their borders.

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