UK: More than 16% of Russia’s ground combat strength has been rendered ineffective

ABC News national security and defense analyst Mick Mulroy has the latest on the war in Ukraine.

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41 thoughts on “UK: More than 16% of Russia’s ground combat strength has been rendered ineffective

  1. From what you see this war is going to become a war in RUSSIA AND USA in the Territory of UKRAINE.
    And from the looks of it, the USA doesn't care about the Ukrainian Soldiers and it will last until there is not a single Ukrainian Soldier left alive.
    It is inhumane that the USA is promoting this war, manipulating the idiot Zelensky and providing weapons in a war that Ukraine will not win and where Ukraine will be completely destroyed and its soldiers dead..

  2. Please, stop beleive those funny Ukranian fakes about havy Russian looses. There weren't any real evidences to proive it. Pespect yourself a little bit🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓 Ask youself, please, where are all original Ukranian tanks, planes, helicoters and artillery? Why are they so desperate to get Western havy weapons? Where are 40000 Ukranian special forces from Mariupol? 😅😅😅😅😅

  3. Meanwhile, Russia has destroyed all of Ukraine. And have expanded the borders. America and NATO are soft and WEAK. America and NATO can't save you. MOTHER RUSSIA RISING


  5. All armies are like that. The U.S had dodgers, drug users & mandatory service in Vietnam. The U.S has 0% retention in many units, 1 tour & out. sabotaging own equipment is also normal for the U.S, enlisted SGTs do it & then get out. It's way more common than you think, not Russia specific. U.S is the same, not enough rifles or ammo on base to go around or last more than a day.

  6. I don’t think, the UK or US understand Russian combat tactics. Russia just does a human wave attack, they conquer by having more numbers.

  7. Using massive Artillery Strikes and then moving is right out of the Soviet playbook on modern warfare. Considering a Soviet Motorized Rifle and Tank Divisions had more Artillery Batteries compared to Rifle or Tank Companies in these units. With each Division having 1 Regiment of Field Artillery or more assigned to each. With each Rifle and Tank Regiments having an embedded Field Artillery Battalion assigned. Compared to U.S. Division of the same Era had Field Artilley Brigade of upto 4 Battalions, with one being assigned as Divisional Support and the other three farmed out as Brigade Support. The Soviets Division has twice the fire power.

  8. Yes there are hours of civilian interviews citing the atrocities of the Nazis and also praising the Chechen heroes.
    ❤️❤️Patrick Lancaster
    ❤️❤️Graham Phillips
    Only the ignorant and untelligent believe Western Media.

  9. People talk of who's next on Russia's hit list, Poland etc. I would think after this beating they're not going to be conventionally invading anywhere anytime soon. Russia have made a huge mistake.

  10. I wish so much nukes could be rendered useless, with a snap of a magic wand. If so, I can't imagine a better reason for everybody bordering Russia to immediately invade. Time to end this Russian menace. End that Chinese menace soon after.

  11. See. This is a prime example of what happen when you have a "yes man" military& government. EVERYONE so scared of telling Putin the truth. Now russia is paying the ultimate prices with thousands of dead Russian soldiers. This is a glimpse of what Trump America would look like.

  12. I think God made the Russians corrupt so they can't perform.
    I think also God lightened the spirit to fight in Ukraine and its people.
    Slava Ukraini for a better world.

  13. Russia have need to have their arses handed to them for years . Their tactics are immoral and dirty. They torture and use chemical weapons and heavy artillery against civilians . Russia needs to clean house at the top table and get rid of those vile barbaric cold war leaders.

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