U.S. approves $40 billion aid package for Ukraine | ABCNL

ABC News correspondent Tom Soufi Burridge has the latest on the war in Ukraine.

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22 thoughts on “U.S. approves $40 billion aid package for Ukraine | ABCNL

  1. I wish China told are politicians they couldn’t use the money they barrow to pay for a war in Europe, because they sure don’t listen to the people they “represent “

  2. It would be nice if some of that money could be used to build tornado shelters in the Midwest and South, could save lives that way

  3. Biden sends $40,000,000,000 more to Ukraine, and our own country is sinking like the titanic. But Pelosi went over to make sure the money's getting laundered properly.

  4. Billions given to Billionaire Musk who has no actual cash to help Billionaire Traitor Trump get back on Twitter.

    Billions given to help Afghanistan used by Afghani warlords to build mansions.

    Billions given to help Covid initiatives used by American thieves to build mansions.

    Billions given to help Greg Abbott bus Mexicans to Washington DC. And now unaccountable billions for Ukraine…

  5. Yes, US need to prolong but not ending the war. THIS will bankrupt Russia and weaken the economy of Europe.
    US will remain Number 1 for a few more years 👍

  6. I'm all for Ukraine but I worry that all the help the US gives, including information from the Pentagon, could come back to bite us. Also, most of that money is going to weapon manufacturers who are friends with the President. They'll all get rich as inflation hits all of us.

  7. That's $40 billion of our taxypayer money that could have gone towards fixing homelessness (including almost 30,000 veterans), healthcare, childcare, elder care, paid vacation time and maternity leave, liveable wages, tuition-free community college, and so much more. I've just about had enough of this. Bernie 2024!!!

  8. What a joke. Let our own nation suffer. Prices are outrageous on everything. It's a shame. We don't need to give these mfs another tax dollar.

  9. With there being three hundred thirty one million or so citizens and the majority of those not having enough to have day to day needs met, our tax paying dollars continue to go to places beyond our borders.

    Amongst our own community (14% of the population or forty six million citizens) where we’ve fought for years to get reparations for a human travesty committed against our ancestors and to be continually denied- again our tax paying dollars go to places and people beyond our borders.

    Three hundred thirty one million dollars (that’s 1 million to every working citizen) to every American citizen would 100% help everyone AND stimulate the economy but we instead (or they) would rather give our hard earned returns to other nations that serve NO benefit to us at ALL!

    How much was your stimulus check?

    Please help me make sense of it?


    “House approves nearly $40 billion in aid to Ukraine as it fights off Russian aggression”

    Let me get back to gardening…

  10. I am a supporter of Ukraine and the Ukraine People. It kills me to see them dying and losing so much. I pray that this war ends soon.
    However with that said.
    How much more money can we afford to spend on Ukraine? How many more resources can we lose helping Ukraine?
    We need our own weapons for our own defense. Not to mention we are in the highest inflation in 40 years. We Americans cannot afford to bail out Ukraine. We cannot sustain doing this for a long period of time. We must worry about our own first. I am all for helping Ukraine, but when is it too much? We are being invaded on our Southern Border and Drugs flowing like water. Food is higher than it has ever been. We Americans cannot survive doing this kind of stuff.

  11. We as Americans are basically ignorant stupid people. Why? Because we trust our safety as a people and a nation to the American congress and the so called president we currently have. Th e politicians don’t give a damn about us period. I personally feel Biden owes China and Putin a lot because they threw millions to the Biden family. Joes plans are to cave to the communist nations in the end. That way they will be running our country and the ass kisser congress persons and Biden will be guaranteed political positions when we are totally socialist and being run by another country. The republicans are no better than the democrats. They don’t give a damn about the American population period. Time to wise up people. You hear the republicans complaining daily about Biden this and Biden that. They tell us nightly on the news what we need to do. Ok. Great. Fine. When are they going to start doing these things? The answer is NEVER. They have absolutely no intentions of correcting all this because every one of them is crooked to the last bone in their bodies.

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