Ukrainian forces push Russian troops back near Kharkiv | WNT

Ukraine forces are now threatening Russia’s supply lines in eastern Ukraine’s disputed Donbas region. Russia had attacked the region to capture the strategic port city of Mariupol.




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47 thoughts on “Ukrainian forces push Russian troops back near Kharkiv | WNT

  1. Putin does not want to conflict with NATO? It’s too late for that. He’s killed too many innocent people it’s time for Putin to be eliminated or for Russia to be broken up into smaller entities.

  2. When your country can find the cash to send ukraine 40 billion but can't find the cash to educate their people…
    The whole system is backwards

  3. Grant me courage, O Lord.
    For I am thy servant.
    And gird me with strength unto battle.
    That I may crush thine enemies.
    As dust before the wind.

  4. Putin made everyone hate Russia. They’ll have to change their flag, national anthem etc after he expires. What a tragedy and unnecessary suffering he brought to innocent people who just want to live peacefully in their own country 😿I pray for Ukraine every day. 🇺🇦❤️🙏👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  5. stop spreading fake news! Russia is going nowhere this bull shi# claiming Ukraine is winning is nonsense can't believe the west is buying one sided propaganda! Russia will win this conflict its just a question of how long it will take. without direct boots on the ground help. from US and Nato Russia will eventually win no matter how much military aid they send just wasting my tax dollars prolonging Ukraines defeat. it's nonsense all that money on aid to Ukraine when we have so many issues here in the states that are being ignored!

  6. Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦💪🏻🏆🥇🏆🇺🇦 SLAVA UKRAINE time to get back thier country invaded by the disgusting Putin regime of rapists war criminals traitors mercinaries thugs and scum.
    Time for the world to over throw this narcissistic egomaniac tyrant dictator who's not mentally fit to run any country.

  7. The Russian force at Kharkiv is not tasked to take the city. It is tasked with preventing Ukrainian forces there from reinforcing the Donbas. It is called a containment/fixing operation to keep those troops occupied while Russia solidifies its control of the Donbass. It is common in fixing operations to have back and forth advances and retreats because there is a roughly 1 to 1 ratio of attackers to defenders. The media claim that Ukraine is allegedly "kicking Russia's butt" is nothing more than exaggerated hype intended to tell people what they want to hear.

  8. In western liers and opportunists gets success by playing economic dirty game,western fucker sell water and nature,Do politics for making money,Now they want to sell earth.They even care about their own poor people which are sleep in roads of America.Fu…k you Mother fucker, Fu..k your God that stablish unbalanced economy.If your Bible is cruel for your own people and your own animal and marine life.You were just like Ravana in Mahabharat.Deserve to die.

  9. Great love❤️ ( Great news from ) of PRIME MINISTER BORIS JOHNSON
    many do not know prime minister boris johnson has said that government will pay stipend if a family in uk adopts a child from ukrain
    God listens to our prayer,,
    1 Peter 4;-7 The end of all things is near.Therefore be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray❤️❤️❤️
    What is the reality of this verse ,,?
    It is true that we have, peace, hope and courage because God listens to our prayers ,,He is a living God and we are mortal ,,,

  10. All the West is doing is shipping weapons to Ukraine while refusing to fight Russia directly. Who is afraid of who? I remember there was a clip I saw awhile back of some elderly Ukrainian woman being evacuated to safety blaming the U.S. for their suffering. When one of her male rescuers told the old woman to be quiet, she immediately snapped back and said that you know there are many Ukrainians who feel as I do. Even with Western attempt to place a gag order on any perspective of this war that contradicts the narrative they are trying to push, some truth always escapes. Unfortunately, after lots of suffering, Ukraine will most likely be split in two.

  11. I think German policies towards Russia were defendable until 2008. There is however certainly no way to justify Germany's positions and actions since 2014, with the most glaring example being signing North Stream 2 in 2015 against outspoken opposition from most if not all eastern partners. And it is true that Germany is pretty selective in application of their historic responsibilities. There is a lot of relativity strangely well aligned with economic interests there.

    In 1990 I believed we would be able to closely integrate all of Europe including Russia (that has its economic base and most of the population in Europe) and dissolve Nato within 20 years. I was wrong. In hindsight there was never really any interest in Russian elites (defined by power, there certainly was in their intellectual elites, but a good part of them just left) to modernize and liberate Russia. They recognized pretty much the moment the Sowjet Union collapsed that it was a chance to make it a pure oligarchy after having had to do all the ideological window dressing for so long. A good outcome was never really an option.

  12. كان الأولى بأمريكا والعالم الغربي عدم تشجيع روسيا غزو اوكرانيا وتدميرها بالكامل من خلال تطبيع علاقتها مع روسيا وبث روح التعاون والصداقة بدل زرع بذور الحرب والفرقة بين دول العالم

  13. The Ukrainians have shown the world what courage looks like, and the world has shown Ukraine that it supports democracy both with words and action. I am impressed with how the world has responded to Putin's insanity, and I am 100% convinced these are Putin's last days. Stay strong, Ukraine! The war is over when Putin burns in hell with Stalin and Hitler!

  14. If Ukrainian want to win the war they have to go in Russia and fight if they don’t the wars will take long time to ending

  15. If you vote for Donald Trump for POTUS in 2024 the day he is sworn in all support for Ukraine will stop and he will hand Europe over to Putin.

  16. Anyone who believes in the one true God Allah and his Messenger Muhammad will enter Paradise Insha Allah. Read the Qur'an for knowledge and answers to your questions. May you be guided.

  17. this is the one thing i can respect joe biden for, and thank him for. hes fucked up everything else, but this was a truely american move, somthing the previous traitor would not have done.

  18. Уважаемые ! Главное
    знать мнене и волю того кто все создал и неоднократно обращался к людям. ПИСАНИЕ Иезеиль 33:11 Скажи им: „‚Клянусь собой, — говорит Всевышний Господь Иегова, — меня не радует смерть грешника. Я хочу, чтобы грешник перестал творить зло и жил. Перестаньте, перестаньте делать зло. Зачем вам умирать, израильтяне?‘##### Как по вашему почему он обращается с клятвой ????

  19. « The leaders of the US Democratic Party were the ideologists of the 30+ biolabs created in Ukraine », – said the head of the RCBZ troops of Russia. < May the 11th, Krym-inform, Simferopol >
    In 2020, the Ukraine-based Pentagon biolabs tried to infect with tuberculosis residents of SlavyanoSerbsk in Luhansk People's Republic. This was announced by the head of the troops of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Security (RCBZ) of Russia, Igor Kirillov, reports the RT channel.
    “Leaflets, flyers made in the form of counterfeit banknotes were infected with the causative agent of tuberculosis and distributed among minors in the settlement of Stepovoe. The organizers of this crime took into account the behavior of children who have a habit of “putting everything in their mouths” and taking food with unwashed hands,” Kirillov said.
    According to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, large pharmaceutical companies are also involved in this scheme, including Pfizer, Moderna, Merck & Co (MSD) as well as & Gilead, a company affiliated with the Pentagon.
    The head of the RCBZ troops of Russia also said that the leaders of the US Democratic Party were the ideologists of the biolaboratories created in Ukraine – they gathered funds from NGOs, "controlled by the leadership of the Democratic Party, including the investment funds of the Clintons, Rockefellers, Soros, Biden."

  20. World survival kit for when Christ returns after rapture. 1. Pray talk to God about everything in your life. 2. Be ready to die to be called a believe of Christ. 3. What about those blessings tho :))

  21. Why are people fighting in Ukraine when Putin is in Russia? STOP THE WAR.

    Why do Americans shoot 44 other Americans each day? PUT THE GUNS DOWN.

    Why are Trump's trials taking so long? JAIL TRUMP.

    Why does America ignore 1,025,764 Covid deaths? WEAR MASKS & VACCINATE..

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