Democrats set to vote on bill to ensure access to abortion nationwide l GMA

The Senate is expected to vote on legislation that would protect access to abortion under federal law and put an end to restrictions enacted by states.

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44 thoughts on “Democrats set to vote on bill to ensure access to abortion nationwide l GMA

  1. I was going to be a abortion but it was illegal in Germany when I was born my mother would always remind me that I was one she hated me and would always that she wish she killed me even though I could not bear to have a abortion myself I wouldn’t take that full right away because it’s important to people with Heath conditions and rape victims well yes with rape if the woman what’s to keep the baby that’s fine they can also put the baby up for adoption as a better way but for rape of a minor especially 10 11 12 13 year old girls can cause seriously bad Heath conditions to give birth and I don’t think any child should go through that

  2. I think my body my choice is crazy smart..that umbilical cord attachment is all it takes to make a genetically unique individual a woman's property to dispose of as she wants.

  3. The feeder government lets southern vigilantes in the land of cotton abuse immigration rights all the time. abortion rights are only one part of human rights. The party of failure and endless war, the Dems, never makes sense on human rights. It's all rights or none, for the people. Don't vote for either party

  4. YOUR BODY—-what about that other body inside of you? Why would you want to murder anorher possibly future democratic voter that would have the same worldview as yourself? Do you HATE yourself ??????

  5. The Fake News Enemy of the People, along with the FascoMarxist Anti-Science Pedophilic Democrat Woke Cult are Pathological Liars, and Degenerate Scum.

    Democrats Hate America and Americans, and Live Authoritarianism.

    Let The States Decide.

    Democrats, don’t worry, there will always be states like California and New York that will end up legalizing infanticide. You will have your Child Sacrifice to satisfy your blood lust and Cult beliefs.

    We know who the Real Deplorables are. Woke Scum.

  6. Anti abortion, no maternity leave … America in 2022 leads the world in backward laws. Backward people?

    The US constitution that American drama queens live by has been amended 27 times since 1789.

    It is total BS to suggest the Wade v Roe decision cannot be reversed. Ofcourse it can!


  7. You're now as valuable as a derby race horse, to be bred, and whipped around until you can't run. You can be told what to do and punished if you don't do it. Reality sets in, you get a little bit anxious, then depressed, well your stuck here, whatta u gana do? Before you were priceless, now you have a price tag like an animal.

    They won! Bin Laden achieved his dark goal. Don't you realize this, years later America is finally the sitting mirror image of Islam. We have to be strip searched at airports, having pleasure is forbidden, everybody's watching catching everybody else for small minor things, we lost our minds, and since arab Islam cannot change itself, it at least had the wit to drag us down to it's lower level, like how crabs would prevent another crab from escaping the bucket.

    We now live only to work, have children, and then grow old and realize that everything was for nothing. Then we die. Osama bin laden said he would change America and win in the end.

    We act just like Muslim third world countries. At this stage America is a backwards third world country in civil rights. Not on technology or wealth, but we have as many rights as someone in Iraq where you get whipped for adultery, public whipping hurts, you're gana cry, years will come streaming down your face.

  8. Men should also have a choice to choose if they want to be a father aswell then if a woman has a child that the partner doesn't want they should be forced to provide for it by them should be allowed to opt out aswell women want equality well there it is.

  9. Your body your choice huh,well considering your destroying another humans body dont you think that is slightly hypocritical😂😂because it's not your body being destroyed is it now it's a defenceless baby that has 0 choice.

  10. The original meaning and etymology of birth is 'to bear'.

    The word fetus is Latin for 'pregnancy, childbirth, or offspring'.

    It doesn't matter if the fetus can't breathe or eat on it's own, it doesn't matter if it has a heartbeat or not.. if the mother bears it, even within her womb, then it is already born into this world.

  11. If you wanna be a good example to society….. bigotry and bias to people are not the way.

    If you come from a religious background… showcase that. Showcase that you are not fake. And prove why your way of thinking is beneficial to everyone.
    Don't just cry and scream NO to everything. There's been enough divide between races, gender, and belief already.

  12. I’m getting fired this month because I haven’t gotten vaccinated because I got pregnant early 2021 before the vaccine was available and have now been breastfeeding. I have always stoop up for women’s right to an abortion and still do. It’s crazy to see how many of my colleagues turned on me. There is hypocrisy on both sides. We will never progress.

  13. Health care providers with religious objections is a very real thing. Even now there are some things Catholic affiliated hospitals and clinics won't do. I know one doctor (who finally retired) that would not prescribe birth control to single women.

  14. I’m only going to say this once. I’ve been in the position to consider abortion. I have to live with me. I refuse to do something that I believe is wrong. I personally couldn’t live with myself. I raised my children and my last child which I felt I could not raise because circumstances, I felt it was best to adopt this beautiful child out, I gave her life, and hope she is having a beautiful one. If you choose to abort, who are you aborting? The possibilities are endless. They may be someone who can solve world problems. On the other hand they may be an evil Hitler. You will never know, but what you will know is you have deleted the Endless possibilities. No one will ever know what you destroyed

  15. I like how they did this now and not in the past when it would have passed. Showboating at the peoples' expense. Obamna ran on this and did nothing over 8yrs, or when there was a super majority. Passed a right-wing insurance scam thru tho.

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