Explosion at Cuban hotel leaves 8 dead l ABC News

A gas leak is suspected as the cause of the blast at Hotel Saratoga in the Old Havana neighborhood.

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  2. The Vietnamese would like to offer their condolences as well as the Cuban brothers. Cuba is the most beautiful and socially just country in the world. If they hadn't been besieged and sanctioned by the U.S., I'm sure Cuba would be the no. 1 most beautiful, powerful country in South America now.

  3. This is was the USA sending a message to the Mexican president, Amlo. The American countries are meeting in Los Angeles in a few day, and Biden did not invite Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. This hotel is very close to Mexican embassy and Amlo is going to visit Cuba in a few days. Mexico is USA's biggest trade partner and Mex is using that to its advantage, forcing Biden to do some stuff that help Mexico and Latin America. …

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  5. I know a lot about that hotel I've been in it multiple times it is used by multiple intelligence agencies throughout the country for the last 6 months only locals and Russian citizens have been at that location they run their cooking units off of 220 stoves not off of gas. There's something more to this than a gas leak

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