Inflation report Wednesday

Analysts predict the report will show America’s 40-year-high inflation rate has already peaked. ABC News’ Justin Finch has more on when to expect prices to drop.

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33 thoughts on “Inflation report Wednesday

  1. Support Ukraine in the war against Russia, a major cause of inflation so that the package of sanctions imposed on Russia have affected the world and Russia continue to achieve economic gains and the rest of the world means economic contraction

  2. On March 27, 2020 Trump signed the $3.8 Trillion Corona Virus Aid and Relief Economic Security (Act). The C.A.R.E.S. Act. All of it was unearned printed paper or fiat money. President Biden signed the $1.9 Trillion Economic Recovery Stimulus Act in 2021. Again, all was unearned printed paper fiat money. And lets not forget that both Republicans and Democrats in Congress both approved these bills before that were signed into law. A total of $5.7 Trillion of unearned and unborrowed fiat money, in a year, pumped into the economy to get the US trough the worst of the pandemic. So… Trump is responsible for approximately 2/3’s of our current inflation, and Biden approximately 1/3’d.

    All the non fiat money price increase occurring since then are the result of supply and demand issues mostly, but not entirely, brought on by the Covid pandemic. The lack of smooth predictable distribution of goods due to the truck driver shortage (long in the making before the pandemic) are supply and demand related, NOT inflation related. Separate Inflation, the devaluation of each dollar by printing more unearned dollars, from price increases due to supply and demand.

    Also, the current invasion of Ukraine by Russia (Russia being the largest producer of oil in the world) and related possible sanctions of Russia, are responsible for the some of the increase in gas pump prices. Since Russia invaded Ukraine we can expect $5+ gasoline until the Ukrainians patriots prevail, which is looking probable.

    Additionally. The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates to blunt inflation. Historically, a 5% Prime Rate is a sign of a healthy economy. A 0% or 1% Prime Rate is a sign of a sick economy.

    Freedom isn’t free now is it?

  3. The Fed will not be able to raise their rate as high as needed to combat inflation do to the $30 plus trillion national debt. Two things need to occur -congress needs to put in place a spending freeze, no new spending programs! Next a 100% complete reversal on energy so we now view drill baby drill as a positive and put into writing by congress so that the energy sector feels confident and will invest until we get to the point where we as nation are energy independent and a net exporter of natural gas and oil.

  4. The fin-Markets have underperformed the U.S. economy as fear of inflation hammers the prices of stocks and bonds. My $400,000 portfolio is down by approximately 25%, any recommendations to scale up my returns before will be highly appreciated.

  5. Man I sure do miss Trump everything was going good no problems this guy Joe made a mess of this country and tries to blame Trump and the Republicans look in the mirror Joe you did all of this own up to your mistakes or who ever is pulling your strings.

  6. If you're holding cash, you have 100% chance of losing money yearly due to inflation. If you're holding stocks for 2.5+ years, there is a 100% chance you won't lose money. So where is the real risk?

  7. PRICE GOUGING! going on all over America! The "press" in most instances is covering it up. Especially ABC News. Peter Jennings, Sam Donaldson, Barbara Walters, Ted Koppell would be ALL OVER THIS. The press is supposed to expose this stuff. Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Hawley, McCarthy are all calling GOP friendly businesses and "press" to PUNISH working class and middle income Americans. ABC News is part of it too, a Republican talking points channel!

  8. Biden: My administration lacks agency! All of our problems under my watch are somebody else's fault. The continuing "supply chain issues" are covid's fault, and rising gas prices are Putin's gas prices.

    Look folks, I reduced the deficit! I cut the projected spending on the infrastructure bill, and my "Build Back Better" plan is now "Broken Back" into pieces that might never see the light of day, BUT I am willing to freely spend $40+ billion taxpayer-money towards pumping weapons—of escalating sizes—into Ukraine.

  9. When I was just a kid and inflation was this high, the mood in the country was very pessimistic and a majority of Americans believed that the next five years would be worse than the last five years. But then… the 1980s began. Too bad we won't have another 80s to save us from ourselves and restore normalcy.

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