New COVID-19 hotspots emerge as US reports rise in cases

ABC News Medical Contributor Dr. Alok Patel discusses the uptick in COVID-19 hospitalizations and cases as the CDC reports infections are up 22% nationwide from last week.

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49 thoughts on “New COVID-19 hotspots emerge as US reports rise in cases

  1. the US health destruction system is working exactly as it should. Doctors, drug companies and health care corporations are getting stinking rich as the population goes broke, grows more and more obese, and is plagued by intentional malpractice.

  2. Hit spot in Maine, really? I'm live in Maine and today's news reports said 5 people in the ICU and 2 on ventilators. Talk about misinformation. I guess the ministry of truth should shut you down

  3. Shanghai’s lockdown can be treated as an emframed (gestelled)“box/dungeon”, is it possible to think outside the exospherical box and contemplating the bigger problems looming ahead for humanity as a whole? You might think the possibilities of changing boats or empty more spaces for new members on boats when there is an imminent danger, what if we are all locked down on the same boat called Covid19 Neurath’s boat? The hybrid governmentality and exospherical infrasomatization that have nucleic-linked us together, makes anyone intends to get out of the boat impossible. Also, is it proper to dub the Covid19 and its variants an exosomatization of Neurath’s boat?

  4. Yes Democrat very liberal states. Believers in the religion of MASK. When you spend 2 1/2 years barricaded in your sarcophagus, wearing seven masks, and you finally venture back into the human race….. of course you’re going to get sick. Just like a five-year-old who first enters kindergarten, they get sick. Its their 1st time in the real world. This is why human beings thrive on this planet, we build immunity over time.

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    Covid deaths: US 1,024,736 – UK 176,212 – Canada 39,787 – Australia 7,516 – China 5,185 – New Zealand 862 = 795,174.

    American parents protest at school meetings about? A: 188 school shootings in 10 years B: Masks.

    Bill Gates an American has written a book on pandemic management? Is the book another Idiots guide to…?

  7. Vaxxed: "I got infected, AGAIN. But thanks to the vaccine, I have mild symptoms. I mean, my heart is a little off but …"

    Unvaxxed: "No infection, no symptoms. Heart's fine. Thanks."

  8. Now we know.
    Pfizer accused of Covid profiteering as first-quarter sales hit $26bn. The New York-based firm posted total fails of $25.7bn in the first quarter, up 77% from a year earlier. Of this, $13.2bn came from the Comirnaty jab it developed with Germany’s BioNTech, driven by global uptake including jabs for children over the age of five, and booster doses. Pfizer and BioNTech are also seeking US approval for the vaccine’s use in children from six months to four years old.

  9. Need stimulus to people!
    That's the REAL HELP WE NEED!! It's called safety!
    Common sense and being mindful isn't hard. Sad part is employers won't pay people to stay home so they go to work and infect others! They have bill's to pay! Nothing being done at all to keep people safe! Some new laws need to be put in place to protect employees. Best wishes to all. These are rough times. Try to stay kind and look out for each other.

  10. Look over here
    While Bidens open border is importing unlimited Fentanyl and illegals by the millions
    Biden ending title 42 on May 23rd they expect 18000 per day of illegals to hit our border

  11. If I were a Vaxxer, I’d be far more concerned with what has happened to countless other Vaxxers:

    Christopher Stalford, (photographer) Chris Coulter, Jamal Edwards, Gaia Young, Michelle Hayes, Jordan Robinson, Cameran Wheatley, Lucy Taberer, Ernesto Ramirez Jr, Leah Carolan, Dr. Paul Farmer, Founder Of Partners In Health, Jamie A. (Knox) Bouchard, Katie Novak, Kevin Gregory, Madison High principal David Robinson, Conall McGuiness, Autumn Tennison, 21… RIP.

    Betsy Castle (elementary school principal), (college student) Heather Marie Rotz, Paula Cohen-Martin (author), coach Stephen Spitzer, Sandra Clifford, teacher Cathy Malgieri, Labour MP Jack Dromey, Preston Settles, Tobiloba Taiwo, Javier Silva-Biotti, Daniel Perkins age 36, Alice Koh, Christopher Cowe 15 yrs old, Victorian Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching, Calvin Middleton, Knoxville teacher Eric Robertson, Shane Warne (cricket player), Dr. SarahBeth Hartlage, Senior Australian investment banker Chris Forman aged 48, makeup artist AJ Crimson age 27, pharmacy owner Lakeram ‘Mike’ Singh, Kelly Ellis age 33, European Parliament President David Sassoli, technologist Erin Julia Beebe age 26, History teacher Morar Ashburner, Megan Reid, 17.… RIP.

    Essex high school student Ryan Heffernan, age 12, Firefighter Kenneth Enright, footballer Red Og Murphy age 21, officer Joseph Kabungo, Kim Lockwood 34, Kasey Turner 18, Rugby player Maddy Lawrence 20 yrs old, footballer Christian Eriksen, footballer Sergio Aguero age 33, John Paul Viggiano 45, Mary Jane Thomas, director Uwe Bohm 60, 14 yr old Aaron Vasquez, … RIP

    Scottish parliament official David Hill, Irish UN Jim Kelly, 16-year-old Welsh football player Elgan Jones, cyclist Tomas Walsh 43, cyclist Andrew Oliver 36, Edinburgh dad Darren Dickson, Ryan Lerkee age 33, NI businessman Ciaran McGuran age 43, Christopher Crisler age 38, Tomas Walsh age 43, footballer Thomas Rankin age 26, Robert Doogan 33, Rutgers U student Ronald Anthony Croce 24, St Louis County executive Cora Faith Walker, PLYMOUTH – Town Clerk Pearl Sears, vocalist Keaton Pierce, country singer Jeff Carson, Zarife Imeri, 23, Cedric baekeland 28, Helena de Marco Lavalle- 5 Year Old Girl From Brazil, math and science teacher Amy Depp, footballer Jorge Salmerón Mezcua age 13, Gregory F. Scelzi, "Greg" age 17, journalist David McKechnie age 45, Michael 'Mikey' Hynes, 22, Jody Keenan 39, Michael Hynes 22, Emily Louise Throckmorton 44, musician Simon Clulow 39, Allen Ray Grimes, II 32, Adam John Ocker, 35, Dru Curtis Gladney 65, Maria Cristina Taralli 45, Cuban Judo champion Estela Rodriguez 54, John Paul (JP) Ramel, bass player Tim Feerick age 34 yrs, 20 yr old softball player Lauren Bernett, Amanda McManus 36, Robbie Roper 18, Julian ‘Jools’ Sweeney 14, Layth Maumoniat 12 yrs old, Neil Campbell 45, Rachel Quinn 27, Sushant Singh Rajput 34, Karly Scott, 24, Mary Frances Cronin, 23, Oliver (Ollie) Heimreich 12, principal Philip Carollo 56, Lazar LaPenna 10, Emma Horrell age 31 … RIP.

    RIP to Petra Mayer (NPR), and Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial, both JUST had their booster days prior.

    Kim Mi-Soo and Brittany Lauderback , Marvelous Marvin Hagler, rapper DMX, Alexandros Lampis… RIP.

    Eric Blumreich, Coach Ron Frederick, EMT Matthew Clancy, Bradley Bowman, Serbegeth Singh, Breck Denny, TikTok creator Candice Murley.. RIP

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