FDA limits use of J&J COVID vaccines

Following an investigation into reports of rare blood clots, the FDA is restricting access to the vaccine.
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48 thoughts on “FDA limits use of J&J COVID vaccines

  1. Johnson and Johnson I never trusted after that whole scandal with powder cancer shower to shower , how did they fix that , I been Leary of them , seems unstable untrustworthy

  2. Exactly why I never took the "vaccine". My body my choice. We only warned you for months on end. 😂

  3. They used to deem this as "misinformation and anti-vax." They said all 3 vaccines were "safe and effective". They are wrong.

  4. So I guess this means we are no longer some tin hat wearing crazy conspiracy theorist for saying that these jabs could possibly be dangerous..SMH

  5. Here's what I know for certain. Scientists and the medical community don't actually know that much about the human body and we the people became the test subjects for this vaccine. Because of our limited knowledge and scientific ability some negative effects were overlooked and longterm effects may never be properly investigated or attributed. All this was made even worse due to the social and political climate surrounding the pandemic while news outlets and social media did everything possible to limit speech and communication. Crazy times.

  6. Oh wow only took 2-3 years to hit the media. 🙃While people were left with lies and told to get more. Biggest medical fraud ever committed and millions are suffering adverse reactions while media and politicians gets paid to endorse genocide. It will only take 50-75 more years for answers right? You suppressed al of this till it hits the payload right. This is not new, you just now want to slightly address the situation with new falsehoods.

  7. We can't fully understand our metabolism and than you think they can mix some magic Willy Wonka potion in less than a year? Haha no man, that was planned, thank you Mr. Gates.

  8. lolol but definitely still believe everything the MSM tells you and not the 'conspiracy theorists" who have been screaming this was a risk over a year ago. Enjoy the free VAIDS that's what's going to be finally admitted next.

  9. Hey, why does Pfizer have immunity? Why did they want to seal data from us for 75 years? Why did CDC admit a year after the fact that most at risk for severe complications have 2-3 comorbitities? Why did Moderna never prove how they solved their nanolipid toxicity issue? Why did Nordic countries ban Moderna for 30 and under? Why did media pundits and health officials say getting the shot stops the spread and you can then take off the mask and “go back to normal”?

  10. This is pure propaganda. Research who is at most risk from this pandemic vs risk of experimental treatments with 0 ability to sue in case of harm.

    Ask questions, don’t conform, they are lying to you.

  11. Big pharma has 0 liability in case of harm, and oh most people don’t need these treatments, CDC admitted most who did are old, infirm and have 2-3 comorbidities.

    Riddle me this, if everything is on the up and up, why did Pfizer fight to seal their documents for 75 years?

    That girl who got fucked by this experimental treatment and likely didn’t need to be inoculated, given the demographics of at risk groups will get $0.00 as she can’t sue big pharma for this. Think about that, and then question the narratives spun by the talking head stenographers to power.

    Wake up and think for yourself. This video isn’t a journalism piece it is pure propaganda from the corporate state.

  12. Way to go dummies (meaning media)!!! Lol you've just proven yourselves, the FDA, the CDC, dr Frankenstein Fauchi ect ect to be full on deceitful LIARS!!! Remember when this first came out and you F'ers said it was not true just minutes after it was coming out about blood clots and you MEDIA, caused the crazy 24/7 media watching ignorant people to freak out against anyone expressing concern over this??? And it was investigated then too (allegedly) and FDA/CDC said all is well its extremely rare just get the shot to help protect against a virus with a greater than 99.97% survival rate!!!

    Remember the myocarditis thing? where are all of the talking minions of hell at for that one huh? Children have a greater than 133 times not percent, TIMES risk of developing myocarditis after the MRNA vaccines, about 80 times for adults, oh and yes what these liars won't tell you is the MRNA vaccines create blood clots at about the same rate as j&j too and the spike in them are causing it. Only the MRNA vaccine is way more dangerous because of all of the true and factual information coming from multiple studies around the world!

    And how can we trust the FDA or the CDC for that matter because, hey they were caught red handed intentionally withholding vital information from the public, other doctors and scientists and Pfizer deliberately withheld a majority of their studies from everyone and only a court order that they initially refused to follow has only started to get bits a peices of the truth out the 1st day of every month. So how exactly were they able to get approval if not even the FDA had all of the information???

    In all honesty j&j was the safer of the options. The FDA knows this but it's all about money and control! Through freedom of information act it's been acknowledged that the government has paid out money to the media to restrict certain information about covid from getting out of the media. That's a dictatorship!

  13. Ok, it's really quite simple. The third dose increases immunity, so after the fourth dose you'll be protected. Once 80% of the population has received the fifth dose, the restrictions can be relaxed as the sixth dose stops the virus from spreading.

    I am confident that the seventh dose will solve our problems and we'll have no reason to fear the eighth dose. The clinical phase of the ninth dose will confirm that the antibodies remain stable after the tenth dose. The eleventh dose will insure that no new mutations will develop, so there is no longer any reason to criticize the twelfth dose.

    The "vaccine" was brought for 3 reasons:

    1. To take your money 2. To take your life 3. To condition you to take the microchip/ cashless currency aka mark, name or number of the beast. – J.V.

  14. So happy that i HAVENT had any covid shots. I was disheartened by just how many people got so quickly duped into it with zero research. Funny thing is i havent had covid but EVERYONE i know that has had covid, had the shots 😂🤣 at least a few co wirkers wised up and never bothered to get the (booster 3rd jab)
    And 1 is retiring early and says since his 2nd dose he has had loads of problems.
    Funny how my vax's i had in the 70's as a kid STILL WORK but this covid vax is going on 4th dose in a few countries already.

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